Chapter 246: The Conversation With Lei Min

Bai Xiaofei walked with his mind still dazed. Everything Yun Sheng had done had been too shocking for him.

“Hehe, big sister, see who is back with me!” As far as Yun Sheng was concerned, Bai Xiaofei was the guarantee that he could once again stand here in this room with the others. Without Bai Xiaofei, Chu Liuyun would probably stay upset with him for a very long time. Chu Liuyun and the others were pleasantly surprised when they heard Yun Sheng. They turned, and the moment they saw Bai Xiaofei, joy filled their faces. Of course, they quickly hid their joy.

“On your first night here, you slept outside. Tell me, what is the meaning of this?” Chu Liuyun asked, immediately behaving with the bearing of a big sister.

“Big Sister Liu Yun, you can’t be unaware of my current situation, right? The students from the Fist of the Beast are already here at our doorsteps looking for me. I am merely—“

Before Bai Xiaofei could finish his words, Chu Liuyun jumped and interrupted him, “At our doorsteps?”  Her face, which still had the same big sister look, was now covered in frost.

“Big sister, calm down. I have already taught them a lesson. They have each left behind an arm. Even after the Furnace of Agarwood reattaches their arms, they will still be as good as half-crippled,” Yun Sheng quickly explained. Without his explanation, he couldn’t predict what Chu Liuyun would do next.

“Fist of the Beast, I will remember this!” Chu Liuyun grumbled coldly. It seemed like even losing an arm each wasn’t enough for her.

“What did you do? How have you offended the Fist of the Beast?” Lei Min, who had been sitting upright behind them, asked. Compared to Chu Liuyun and the others, she was much calmer. Naturally, she did not consider what Yun Sheng did to be overboard. Taking the arms of those people seemed to be a completely insignificant matter for them.

“I am going to bring Di Jiang down!” Instead of explaining himself, Bai Xiaofei made a shocking declaration, astonishing Lei Min and the others.

But they were only slightly astonished. This had completely surpassed Bai Xiaofei’s expectation.

What’s up with these people? Why are they so jaded with everything?

“Reason,” Lei Min gave a simple reply. She did not bother giving Bai Xiaofei a lecture. The Demon of Illusions had always been run in an extremely democratic manner. After all, there were only a few of them…

“He’s scum,” Bai Xiaofei gave a simple reply as well. His reply was simple, but his intense expression and tone of voice stunned Lei Min. That expression was one normally reserved for one’s greatest enemy.

“This reason is acceptable. However, even if I trust you, others might not. Do you have any proof for your words? And what do you plan to do? Di Jiang has been acting as a faculty director for over twenty years. Back then, he had made great contributions to the academy. Do you think you can bring him down with some words?”

Lei Min considered this from an entirely different angle than Bai Xiaofei. Bai Xiaofei only knew how much of a scum Di Jiang was, but Lei Min was aware of how tricky an opponent Di Jiang was.

“That was why I’m back here. I need your help, Big Sister Lei. As for the proof, I believe you will be satisfied with what I have,” Bai Xiaofei said as he took out a Recording Eyeball he got from Yun Jingshuang. Within was the secret Yun Jingshuang had kept hidden all this while.

“If possible, I hope Big Sister Lei can open it alone. It will be a sign of respect for some information to not be known by too many people.” Bai Xiaofei stopped Lei Min as she was about to open the Recording Eyeball the moment she got it.

“Go, we will wait outside,” Chu Liuyun said tactfully. She turned and took the lead to leave the room. As for the others, despite their curiosity, they did not dare disobey Chu Liuyun.

After everyone left, Lei Min waited for a bit before channeling her origin energy into the Recording Eyeball. Within the eyeball were the records of the scenes where Ling Luo wept pitifully, with the final recording being an audio recording. The content was too cruel to be mentioned, but Lei Min could hear that the male voice belonged to Di Hang. After putting the Recording Eyeball away, Lei Min’s face was already twisted in fury. Bai Xiaofei did not need to bother asking for her decision. Her expression made everything clear.

“I remember this girl. Back then, Di Jiang claimed that she was unable to bear the teasing of her classmate and decided to commit suicide. The so-called classmate had also admitted to it and had been punished. After that, the entire incident was forgotten,” Lei Min said, her voice trembling from anger.

After taking a long time to finally calm herself, Lei Min finally asked the question Bai Xiaofei had been waiting for, “Tell me, what do you need me to do?”

“I need you to go look for the principal and explain everything to him. Without him, nothing we do will matter,” Bai Xiaofei said as he gazed at Lei Min resolutely. This was an additional plan he had thought out. If he wanted to merely teach Di Jiang a lesson, he alone could accomplish it. But if he wanted to help Yun Jingshuang punish Di Jiang as well, this was necessary.

“No, I will never take the initiative to go look for him!” Lei Min roared without hesitation.

“No, you must look for him!” Since he was already here, Bai Xiaofei did not intend to give up. “Big Sister Lei, I don’t know what the issue between you and the principal is, but I am sure about one thing. You love Starnet Academy, just like you love staying at the Demon of Illusions. Di Jing is akin to a cancer within the academy. Will you really allow this cancer to continue existing?”

That sent Lei Min into silence as she hesitated and struggled. Bai Xiaofei was correct. For her, Starnet Academy was her second life. She would be willing to trade her life for the continuation of the academy. But whenever she entertained the prospect of seeing Lei Shan, a deep sense of disgust rose within her.

“He attaches a lot of importance to you. If you tell him instead, it won’t be any different than me telling him.” Lei Min tried avoiding her fate. If there was a tiny chance she did not need to meet Lei Shan, she would grab the chance.

“What I need is a hundred percent certainty of success, and you are the only person who can give me that! You don’t want to see Di Jiang survive this and double down on his bad habit, right? By the way, I forgot to tell you that the only reason the Fist of the Beast is hunting me is because I had rescued a student ranked on the Blossom Ranking from Di Hang. So long as Di Jiang stands, similar things will continue happening.”

Lei Min had a good idea, but Bai Xiaofei would not allow her a chance to escape meeting Lei Shan. Again, she sank into silence. The atmosphere within the room turned odd, with Lei Min hesitating and Bai Xiaofei waiting. No matter what she did, Bai Xiaofei had already decided that she would either agree or he would keep pestering her until she agreed.

“Tell me, what do I need to tell him?” After a long while, Lei Min finally spoke. The anxiousness in Bai Xiaofei’s heart was alleviated when he heard those words.

Another step completed!

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