Chapter 245: The Different Side of Yun Sheng

“Big sister, has the kid fled after seeing the condition here? It’s so late, and he is nowhere to be seen.”

At the Demon of Illusions, Chu Liuyun and the others were seated in a circle. A sumptuous breakfast was arranged on the table, yet none of them had any appetite.

“He has already filled the registration form. Where can he go? Have you not heard the rumors? He is probably hiding from the Fist of the Beast.” With her eyebrows knitted, Chu Liuyun placated everyone. But inwardly, she was feeling extremely nervous as well. She had no idea how Bai Xiaofei had caught the attention of the Fist of the Beast, and the rumors swirling outside were painting Bai Xiaofei in a very bad light.

What Bai Xiaofei said yesterday had already ignited the flame within Chu Liuyun. But now, the flame was seemingly under assault by a powerful gale. It was impossible for her to not feel anxious.

“But—” Yun Sheng was always the pessimistic one and wanted to say something, but Chu Liuyun’s glare stopped her immediately.

“Can’t you shut up when eating? If you can’t leave and wait outside. Nobody here wants to listen to your bullshit,” Chu Liuyun berated, and Yun Sheng quickly picked up a bun before running outside. This was Chu Liuyun’s way of saying, If you don’t leave, I’ll beat you up!

“Sigh, what kind of world am I living in? Why are the honest always the ones to suffer?” Yun Sheng lamented before looking ahead of him.

“Huh? Why is there a bird here?” Yun Sheng had barely muttered those words out before the bird suddenly grew bigger. When the bird got near, he finally realized that he had seen wrongly. That was no bird, that was a human! His first reaction was to run, but he was too slow. The newcomer crashed into him, making him a meat patty…

“God damn it, that stupid rhinoceros sure is strong. Good thing he is quite stupid. Otherwise, I won’t be able to return here.” A familiar voice travelled into Yun Sheng’s ears. He was supposed to be elated to hear this voice, but he just couldn’t bring himself to feel any joy. Being crushed by someone wasn’t a fun experience…

“J-junior brother…”

A stammering voice sounded from under Bai Xiaofei’s bum, shocking and causing him to jump.

“Holy shit! What the fuck?” Bai Xiaofei cried out in alarm. When he turned back, he finally saw Yun Sheng, who was nearly coughing blood after being crushed. Fortunately, Bai Xiaofei had landed on his bum, and his bum had not landed on a vital part of Yun Sheng. Otherwise, they could probably start preparing for his funeral…

“Junior brother, what happened? Why…have you arrived from the air?” Yun Sheng said as he gestured at Bai Xiaofei’s trajectory of arrival. The pain on his face was already replaced by curiosity and pleasant surprise.

“It’s the people from the Fist of the Beast. They blocked my path at the entrance. A rhinoceros puppet master sent me flying with a tackle,” Bai Xiaofei explained before pulling Yun Sheng into the building. But Yun Sheng did not budge.

“Are you telling me that the Fist of the Beast is now bullying our student in front of our faculty?” Yun Sheng’s voice turned frosty, his entire bearing going through a complete shift.

“Oh, yes, they are at the entrance…,” Bai Xiaofei answered by reflex. He was stunned to see Yun Sheng’s change.

“Looks like everyone has forgotten about the might of the Demon of Illusions.” Yun Sheng snorted coldly before walking straight to the entrance. He waved his right hand, and an azure flute appeared. At the same time, a tiny magical beast appeared from the thin air and landed on Yun Sheng’s shoulder.

This…is he starting a fight?

Bai Xiaofei gazed at Yun Sheng’s departing back and was astonished when he thought of what was going to happen next. There were two Master Rank and four Proficient Rank puppet masters there! He was facing them alone? Bai Xiaofei hesitated slightly before he quickly chased after Yun Sheng. Yun Sheng was obviously fighting for Bai Xiaofei’s sake. It would not do for Bai Xiaofei to leave him.

The person leading the Fist of the Beast group was a third-year student, also the so-called stupid rhinoceros Bai Xiaofei had mentioned. The student blanked out when he saw Yun Sheng, but he still braced himself and said what he had on his mind, “Your name is Yun Sheng, right? Get Bai Xiaofei out here, and we will leave immediately. We won’t waste your time.”

Bai Xiaofei was able to clearly see that there was fear on the face of that rhinoceros guy who was so cocky a moment ago.

“You know me, and you also know where you’re at. Looks like I have not blamed you wrongly after all.”

The frost on Yun Sheng’s face intensified. After saying those words, he lifted his flute and placed it in front of his lips. When he did that, an intense fear surfaced on the rhinoceros guy’s face.

“No, don’t be like that! We will le—” Before the rhinoceros guy could finish his words, a melodious sound rang out. Next, all six of the Fist of the Beast students started acting oddly. It was as if their bodies had turned into rusty machines.

“Interrupt…him!” shouted the rhinoceros guy as he immediately transformed and became at least two times larger. The five other students around him also transformed. Taking steps that looked incredibly odd, all six of them charged Yun Sheng. For some reason, not a single one of them could touch Yun Sheng. Yun Sheng walked among them casually, as if he was taking a stroll, playing the flute without stop.

The sound of the flute continuously sounded, and the six students’ movements started growing sluggish. Toward the end, they no longer moved awkwardly like rusty machines. Instead, they moved like broken robots. The bracelet on Yun Sheng’s right hand flashed a purple glow. A phantom appeared and started replaying the same song he had played earlier. As for Yun Sheng himself, he kept his flute and walked away.

“A few trashes dare to come create trouble here? If I don’t teach you a lesson, I might as well quit the academy right now,” said Yun Sheng as an exquisite sword appeared in his hand. He waved it around a few times before he walked toward the rhinoceros guy. Bai Xiaofei noticed that the sword was completely soundless. No matter how Yun Sheng waved it, the sword did not make any sound. And when Yun Sheng slashed the rhinoceros guy’s body with the sword, even the rhinoceros guy’s scream vanished.

“One arm per person. That should be enough of a lesson for you guys.”

In less than ten seconds, Yun Sheng travelled past all six of them and returned. His freakish speed left Bai Xiaofei stunned right where he stood. After Yun Sheng returned to where he was, he sheathed his sword. It was only then that six pillars of blood spurted out of the six students, and six miserable wails rang out. As Yun Sheng had said, they had each lost an arm.

Sinister, powerful, ruthless. Those three terms were the new labels Bai Xiaofei gave Yun Sheng.

“Let’s return. Big sister and the others are all getting anxious waiting for you,” Yun Sheng said with a foolish grin, turning back to his usual self. It was as if everything that had happened had nothing to do with him. It was at this moment that Bai Xiaofei realized something. The Demon of Illusions was not supported by Lei Min alone.

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