Chapter 244: The Scummy Father and Son Pair

Bai Xiaofei placed the notebook down, but he was unable to calm his mind even after a long time. He had expected that Di Jiang’s reaction would be intense, but the degree of intensity had still gone beyond his expectation. That fellow had actually offered a bounty for Bai Xiaofei. The bounty was so high even Bai Xiaofei himself was moved. But of course, he would never give himself up. Rather, he was now busy thinking of a countermove.

“How is it? Isn’t it exciting?” Yun Jingshuang asked. He felt extremely good looking at Bai Xiaofei’s troubled expression.

“On the very first day of the new student registration, you have provoked a director of faculty. You are truly a record setter. Something like this has never happened before. I am curious. What did you do to him?” Yun Jingshuang said with an expression that made it clear he wouldn’t help if he was not given the truth. He was currently filled with curiosity.

“Nothing, really. I had merely beaten up his son in his office,” Bai Xiaofei said uncaringly. He did not feel like he had gone overboard at all. If murder wasn’t such a big deal in the academy, Di Hang would be a corpse by now. A terrifying fate awaited all who dared to touch Bai Xiaofei’s woman.

“Haha! Good! Splendid!” Yun Jingshuang roared with laughter. The gratified expression on his face stunned Bai Xiaofei.

Holy shit, how big of a grudge do you have against them?

“Why? Have they offended you as well?” Bai Xiaofei asked sheepishly, but the question immediately caused Yun Jingshuang’s face to turn frosty.

“Offended me? More than that. If I wasn’t capable enough, I would have been destroyed by this shameless father and son pair!” Yun Jingshuang clenched his teeth with a sinister look on his face. It was as if he wanted nothing more than to tear them apart.

“When I first took over the Blossom Ranking, a junior sister from the Fist of the Beast placed thirty-sixth on the ranking. But the moment she entered the faculty, she ended up being raped by Di Hang. After that, she was threatened to not speak of it, and she could only accept some compensation to drop the matter. Even after that, instead of controlling himself, Di Hang started going hard on her in the following half year. In the end, she committed suicide…” Yun Jingshuang’s eyes turned red as he spoke. The image of that junior sister weeping bitterly appeared in his mind again.

“In short, those two deserve death?” Bai Xiaofei’s expression turned cold after hearing Yun Jingshuang’s words. He had initially thought that Di Jiang and Di Hang were only using their power to get close with Hu Xian’er. But it seemed they had intended to do far more than that. Bai Xiaofei did not even dare to imagine what would have happened if they had succeeded. At the same time, an intense killing intent surged in his heart. Since those two were the scum of society, he would have to deal with them like the scum that they were.

“Even death is too kind for them. They deserve to be torn apart alive!” Yun Jingshuang yelled before heavily slamming his fist on the table before him.

“Is Grandpa Lei not aware?” Bai Xiaofei asked, and along with this question, a sense of anxiousness rose within him. If Lei Shan was also aware of it, Bai Xiaofei would be thoroughly disappointed with the academy.

“Apart from me, nobody else knows this. I have been keeping silent as I am unable to do anything, and I wish to protect the final bit of dignity of that junior sister.”

This was a pain Yun Jingshuang had been keeping to himself for more than two years. Now, he told Bai Xiaofei everything.

“Why did you tell me then?” Bai Xiaofei asked after blanking out momentarily.

“Because I believe you can avenge Ling Luo!” Yun Jingshuang said with a strong certainty in his voice, his eyes resolutely gazing at Bai Xiaofei. He was already a fourth-year student, yet he had never been able to think of a way to give that incident a closure. If that persisted until his graduation, he would be forever living in guilt. Bai Xiaofei’s appearance had given him hope. That was also why the moment he found out that Di Jiang was making a move against Bai Xiaofei, he started gathering information about it.

“I will!” Bai Xiaofei promised solemnly.

“I want them to pay with their lives!” Yun Jingshuang had no intention to spare them lightly. Even after Bai Xiaofei promised to help, he still voiced what he wanted.

“I promise they will suffer a miserable death!” Bai Xiaofei promised. At the same time, he gave up on the original plan he had. Now, he needed to ensure that Di Jiang and Di Hang suffered a loss of their reputation, to lose everything and to never be able to rise again.

“Spread something for me at the highest speed possible. If you can let the entire academy know within half a day, it will be even better. This won’t be hard for you, right?” Bai Xiaofei went to business, and the anger on Yun Jingshuang’s face dissipated somewhat.

“I will do it even if I have to go yelling on the streets!” Not to mention spreading some news, Yun Jingshuang was presently willing to run naked if he had to.

“No, you don’t have to personally do it. Contact Fang Ye, the New Student Mutual Aid Community, and those on the Blossom Ranking. That will be enough. All we have done previously wasn't for nothing. If required, you can even look for Xie Guangyun and the others. They will be happy to help,” Bai Xiaofei gave a long suggestion. He had been working hard for three months, and his hard work was now paying off. The foundation he had laid was now a reliable aid for him. Xie Guangyun’s group in particular would be extremely eager to help since they still owed Bai Xiaofei some money.

“Sure. I’ll handle it. But what do you need me to spread?” Yung Jingshuang calmed down, and curiosity surfaced on his face.

“The more explosive the news, the better it is. What do you think about ‘Son of Faculty Director Beaten up After Using His Father’s Power to Oppress a Blossom Pavilion Beauty’ and ‘The Unrestrained Private Life of a Faculty Director’? Are these two headlines good enough?” Bai Xiaofei said as he took out his Recording Eyeball and passed it to Yun Jingshuang.

“Yes, that’s enough. We have Qianye at our side as well. She is a master of disguise. Just wait for my good news!”

With hope in reach, a smile formed on Yun Jingshuang’s face. Bai Xiaofei could always give him a pleasant surprise beyond his expectations.

“I will let you handle the task then. I need to go invite a few big shots as well. Without them, we won’t be able to do anything to that big shot,” Bai Xiaofei said with a smile, and he stood up. He was now racing against time, to see if Di Jiang would capture him first or if he would pull Di Jiang off his pedestal.

After leaving the Blossom Pavilion, Bai Xiaofei ran to the Demon of Illusions. Although he was very confident in himself, if he wanted a hundred percent rate of success, he still needed the help of one other person: Lei Min! If he could get her involved, it would be over for Di Jiang.

But of course, Bai Xiaofei was aware of the complication in realizing his plan. Persuading Lei Min wouldn’t be any easier than him going straight to Lei Shan instead. Meanwhile, Yun Jingshuang started carrying out his task. He did not need further motivation from Bai Xiaofei. After seeing hope, he became extremely proactive.

And thus, a grand play began.

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