Chapter 241: Aftermath and Hu Xian'er's Story

Under Bai Xiaofei’s persuasion, Xing and Hong became Hu Xian’er’s subordinates as well. As expected, Xing immediately reached the Monarch Rank upon receiving the contract. That caused him to be incomparably excited, and he did not even feel bad that he would be under Hu Xian’er’s control from now on. As for Hong, she reached the peak of King Rank. Although that was not comparable to Xing, this was still a rank that was extremely hard for her to reach.

One ought to know that Hong was not a freak like Xing who would reach the Monarch Rank given enough time. If Hong wanted to reach peak King Rank, she would need at least eighty, or even a hundred, years of cultivation. As for the Monarch Rank, she had no hope of reaching that height. But now, even Monarch Rank was within her reach.

That was probably one of the reasons why Xing had selected to accept Hu Xian’er’s contract. He was doing it for the sake of Hong. But this possibility was immediately discarded the moment Bai Xiaofei thought of it. Xing was currently in too much joy, to the point Bai Xiaofei started wondering if he had simply been overthinking it.

“Lord Xian’er, since I am now a part of the fox clan as well, shouldn’t you tell us the location of our headquarters?” Xing said, his eyes filled with expectation. But surprisingly, this question caused an awkward look to appear on Hu Xian’er’s face.

“We are temporarily without headquarters…”

Those words stunned everyone. Bai Xiaofei was the one who responded the fastest. He quickly slapped Xing’s head and berated, “Why are you asking that? Are you thinking of meeting some beautiful fox beasts? How are you going to face Hong?”

Those simple words pushed Xing into a deep abyss he couldn’t escape. By the time he reacted to Bai Xiaofei, Hong was already glaring at him coldly.

“Wife! That’s bullshit! I swear I have never thought of that!” Xing pleaded his innocence. If Xing had already reached the level he could morph into human form, his expression would definitely be amusing. This was the very first time he had a taste of Bai Xiaofei’s malice, and this was the mere beginning. They still had a long future together.

“You better prove you’re not lying to me!” Hong said coldly. Xing felt like crying when he heard that. Bai Xiaofei felt no guilt whatsoever. He believed it was Xing’s punishment for asking the wrong question.

“What should we do in the future?” Xing, who was still in crisis, tried shifting the topic by asking a different question. This time, he asked the correct question. Although the golden wolf was not the possessor of a royal contract, he was still a Monarch Rank magical beast. His death would have a rather large effect on the Infinite Mountain Range.

With the fox clan’s current strength, it was simply impossible for them to contend against Yelu. This question stumped Hu Xian’er. She sank into long thought but still failed to come up with an answer. Thus, she gazed at Bai Xiaofei. Others might not be able to think of anything, but that would never be the case for Bai Xiaofei. This was already common knowledge for the people around Bai Xiaofei. And so far, Bai Xiaofei had never disappointed them.

“Just live your life like nothing has happened. Even if Yelu decided to investigate this, the blame will fall on the fox clan. He has already thought of exterminating the fox clan anyway, but the fox clan is still surviving. As for the four of you, it is very unlikely that you will be caught. Sure, you might not be a match for that Yelu. But hiding won’t be hard for you, right?” Bai Xiaofei said before shrugging uncaringly. Everyone blanked out when they heard his words. But when they placed more thought to it, Bai Xiaofei was right. Why had they not thought the same?

“What about Lord Xian’er? She won’t be able to hide herself as easily as us,” asked Xiaobu with doubt in his eyes. His innocent face was so adorable it gave one an urge to pinch his face.

“You don’t have to worry about her. Don’t forget, she’s now a Starnet Academy student. I doubt those magical beasts will have the nerve to invade Starnet Academy, unless they have a death wish,” Bai Xiaofei said with a smile, dispelling their final misgivings.

“How long do we need to stay in hiding?” asked Hong. Of the four magical beasts who had accepted the contract, she was the only one who was still using her brain. Xiaobu and Xiaoluo had the intelligence of children. As for Xing, he was not even comparable to a child…

“That will depend on your Lord Xian’er,” Bai Xiaofei said with a smile, shifting the attention back to Hu Xian’er.

“It won’t be long. When I regain the strength of Monarch Rank, the fox clan will return to power!” Hu Xian’er declared resolutely. The first ray of the sun shone upon her solemn face, forever imprinting her current look into the brains of the four beasts.

“Alright, you asked all you want and the sun is out. Time for us to return to our respective homes. We will talk about the future when the time comes,” Bai Xiaofei said with a lazy stretch, ending their discussion. They had already spent an entire night outside the academy. If they did not return, a ruckus would be created.

The farewell of magical beasts was simple and straightforward, unlike humans and their endless ceremonies. Xing and Hong slithered away and vanished amid the woods. Xiaobu and Xiaoluo directly pounced into the ground and vanished as well. Bai Xiaofei had not claimed that they could easily hide themselves for nothing.

“Alright, it’s only us now. Shouldn’t you fulfill your promise now? Let’s talk as we walk,” Bai Xiaofei said while holding Hu Xian’er’s hand with a blissful smile on his face.

It feels so good being able to stay beside you like this! Bai Xiaofei thought, and Hu Xian’er shared the same thought.

“It’s a long story. Be sure to pay attention,” said Hu Xian’er. She smiled and started telling her story.

It was common knowledge that the Infinite Mountain Range was the paradise of magical beasts, but few people knew that the world of magical beasts was not a world of harmony. The open and hidden conflicts of the various beasts were no less in number than the conflicts between humans. The main characters of these conflicts were the eight royal clans.

The fox clan Hu Xian’er belonged to was one of the eight. But in the recent hundred years, the fox clan had declined to the point they were on the verge of extinction. Sensing the end of her clan, the daughter of the clan leader, Hu Xian’er, stepped up and used one of the fox clan’s secret techniques to abandon her beast form. She forced herself to morph into a human, a unique human.

That’s right. Strictly speaking, Hu Xian’er was no longer a magical beast as the transformation brought by this secret technique was irreversible. The only way Hu Xian’er could fully transform back into a magical beast was through Divine Beast Transformation, but that was something only puppet masters at Exquisite Rank and above could do, a rank equivalent to a magical beast’s Monarch Rank.

“But magical beasts have stronger bodies than humans. Why did you take this risk and abandon your strength of Monarch Rank to become a human?” Bai Xiaofei couldn’t hold in his question. Hu Xian’er stopped walking, and when she looked at Bai Xiaofei, a solemn light appeared in her eyes.

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