Chapter 240: Recruiting Four Beasts: A Royal Contract

The shock caused by Huskie slowly calmed down, and eventually, apart from the odd gazes they were still shooting him, nobody insisted on sticking to this topic. But due to Huskie, they started paying attention to Blackie as well. Huskie was not the only unknown beast here. Blackie was also completely unknown.

From the unique ability Blackie had granted Bai Xiaofei, she did not look like an ordinary cat at all. Unknowingly, they started labeling Blackie as a cheat-like existence akin to Huskie. Nonetheless, this was not their next focus.

Hu Xian’er was their next focus. She was a royal magical beast, and this was also the first time Bai Xiaofei had the chance to understand what that term represented. That was a promise Hu Xian’er made him previously. But before doing that, she had to first handle some other things: what to do with Xiaoluo and Xiaobu.

Tricked by Bai Xiaofei, the two were made to fight with their lives on the line to buy time for Hu Xian’er. In the course of doing that, they had offended the branches of two different royal clans. Although they had only dealt with the Steel Rhinoceros, what they did had also clearly made their position known.

Nobody knew if the Berserk Gorilla or the golden wolf had transmitted the information of what had happened before they had died. If that had indeed happened, the two Earth Infants would no longer stay neutral like the past.

The Earth Infants might be an extremely unique species, but being killed was only a matter of time after offending a royal clan. Thus, solving this predicament was their utmost focus. And the so-called solution here was an act of making a stand.

“Are you sure you want to join my fox clan?” Hu Xian’er asked in astonishment as she stared at Xiaoluo and Xiaobu. It was not that she was unwilling to accept them, but she was truly astonished by the request.

Presently, there were eight branches of royal clans within the Infinite Mountain Range. But of the eight, only seven of them were with actual territories. The fox clan Hu Xian’er came from was the branch on the verge of destruction.

“We have no other options. You are the only royal we actually know, but if we do not swear fealty to a royal, even surviving will be hard from now on…,” Xiaobu said as he blinked his innocent eyes. The Earth Infant was a species birthed by the earth itself. The moment they opened their hearts to someone, that person would be able to see their purest side.


“Sigh, what is there to hesitate? Why do you have so little confidence in yourself? Think about it. If you end up dominating the Infinite Mountain Range, Xiaobu and Xiaoluo would have made the correct choice today,” said Bai Xiaofei while Hu Xian’er was still hesitating. He could see the reason for her hesitation. Although he did not know any specifics, he still knew that increasing the number of experts around Hu Xian’er would never be something bad.

Xiaobu and Xiaoluo would absolutely be excellent helpers. Thus, with Bai Xiaofei here, even if the two wanted to leave, they would have no way of leaving. In any case, they had already decided to follow Hu Xian’er. After hearing Bai Xiaofei’s words, Hu Xian’er still hesitated. But she made up her mind shortly. She agreed with his words. In the past, she had the mindset of a gambler when thinking about her future in the Infinite Mountain Range. But after absorbing the power of the Saint Rank magic core, she saw a bright path ahead of her, a bright path Bai Xiaofei brought her.

Suddenly, Hu Xian’er turned solemn. Bai Xiaofei blanked out when he saw the sudden change. “I, Hu Xian’er, as the current leader of the fox clan, ask you two, are you willing to represent your branch family and swear fealty to my fox clan, to become a subsidiary clan, to never abandon us?”

Word by word, Hu Xian’er finished what she had to say. At the same time, a fanatical light lit up within the eyes of Xiaoluo and Xiaobu. Next, a purple formation spread from below Hu Xian’er and enveloped her, Xiaobu, and Xiaoluo.

“I am willing!” the two replied in unison. The formation below them seemed to have detected something. It immediately closed in on Xiaobu and Xiaoluo, and after a slight delay, the formation vanished. Both Xiaobu and XIaoluo now had a unique imprint on their foreheads. Hu Xian’er slit her wrist, creating an opening on her fair wrist. Two drops of blood glowing with a purple radiance floated out. Bai Xiaofei could clearly sense that after pushing out the two drops of blood, Hu Xian’er’s aura weakened by a third.

Under Hu Xian’er’s control, the two drops of blood slowly entered the imprints on Xiaobu and Xiaoluo. Then, an intense energy undulation spread out from Xiaobu and Xiaoluo. At the same time, the aura they emanated rose at a rapid speed. In the span of several breaths, Xiaobu and Xiaoluo reached the peak of King Rank, and they were even on the verge of breaking through into the Monarch Rank. If their cultivation levels hadn’t been too low before this, they would have entered the Monarch Rank. After the ceremony, Xiaobu and Xiaoluo opened their eyes, which were filled with astonishment.

“Xian…Lord Xian’er…why…is it a royal contract?” they asked sheepishly. Xing and Hong swallowed. When swearing fealty to a royal clan, a contract was required. But there were two types of contracts. One was an ordinary contract that only acted to restrict the loyalty of the party swearing fealty. The other contract was the royal contract, the same one Xiaobu and Xiaoluo had just received.

The number of royal contracts a royal magical beast could assign was limited. The benefit of this contract was the ability to allow the party swearing fealty to purify their bloodline. With that, they would be able to break the existing shackles in their bloodline, allowing them to reach an even higher height. For example, a Berserk Gorilla could cultivate as hard as possible, but his limit would still be the King Rank. But if he was assigned a royal contract, he would be able to reach the Monarch Rank, and might even reach the Emperor Rank in the future. That was why the royals had such esteemed status among magical beasts.

“The two of you are the first to swear fealty to me. Moreover, you have contributed greatly to my survival earlier. This contract is my reward for your help,” Hu Xian’er said with a smile on her face. In truth, she left something out. The other reason she had given them that contract was because they were Bai Xiaofei’s recruits.

“Um, boss, is Lord Xian’er the one who sent you to help us previously?” Xing swallowed again before asking Bai Xiaofei.

Hu Xian’er frowned and asked, “Hel—“

“Ah! Yes! Of course! Do you think I know any other royal magical beast?” Bai Xiaofei said and interrupted what Hu Xian’er had to say.

“If so, can we—”

“Of course you can!” Bai Xiaofei grinned and interrupted Xing.

“Xian’er, accept these two as well!” Bai Xiaofei said, causing everyone to stare at him in stupefaction. If someone else was to speak these words, everyone would have thought that the person had gone crazy.

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