Chapter 238: Permanence!

Hu Xian’er had in fact awakened, and her senses had also returned with her consciousness. The voice Bai Xiaofei heard was indeed hers. The only reason she had not moved was because she still had to complete one final step. And the final step was completed right as the golden wolf’s claws were about to land on her.

“Permanence!” Hu Xian’er muttered, causing a bizarre undulation to spread around her. Instantly, the undulation covered the entire ruin, and it continued to spread for about five hundred meters. Anything the undulation touched entered an extremely bizarre state. From outside the zone, one could see that everything within the zone of undulation had slowed to a crawl: a bee’s wings could be seen slowly flapping, the tree leaves swayed an inch at a time, and anything that moved slowly seemed immobile.

Within the ruin, panic was still on Bai Xiaofei’s face. He was currently midair, and as the undulation hit him, he seemed to have been frozen. Xing’s Light of Obliteration had just been launched, and this Light of Obliteration was probably the fastest moving thing in the zone. However, it currently looked as slow as a snail.

As for the golden wolf’s claws, they hung suspended above Hu Xian’er’s head. The excitement in his eyes were clear in this frozen state, but unfortunately, his claws were now descending at a speed so slow they were almost not moving.

Simply put, the flow of time within this zone had slowed. As for the culprit of all this, it was Hu Xian’er. She was the sole being unaffected by the zone. She was still in her transformed form, but she looked completely different than how she looked before. The past her almost looked crude compared to the current her.

A thin layer of radiance swirled around her body, and her shaggy pair of ears had turned from a faint purple to a deeper tone of purple. Even the fur on her arms had changed color. On her left arm was a layer of unreal silver energy, and on her right arm was a layer of flame that changed color in accordance to the flame’s temperature.

On her back were now three tails. Apart from the original purple tail, the two new tails were the same color as her arms. The tails swayed around slowly, clearly demonstrating how extraordinary their existences were. With a flicker, Hu Xian’er left the golden wolf’s attack range. As she moved, her right claws, wrapped in a layer of flame, sliced through the golden wolf’s soft belly.

The flow of time recovered within the zone, yet everything had changed. Hu Xian’er’s attack brought with it a rumbling sound of explosion. The golden wolf, who was initially in a position of absolute superiority, was instantly blown away. Bai Xiaofei was still rushing toward Hu Xian’er’s previous position with all his might, and Xing’s Light of Obliteration successfully pierced through the golden wolf’s leg. Everyone could clearly see the sudden comeback, stupefying them all.

What…happened earlier?

This question would remain unanswered for now. The golden wolf crashed on the ground, and the sound woke everyone from their daze. The golden wolf quickly scrambled to his foot, but he was completely filled with fear. He was also clueless as to what had happened, but he could clearly see Hu Xian’er’s current condition. She was a royal magical beast who had completely absorbed a Saint Rank magic core. Just that fact alone crushed all of the golden wolf’s confidence to face her.

The golden wolf turned and immediately started fleeing.. He had no hesitation whatsoever, and the speed at which he reacted caused Bai Xiaofei, Xing, Hong, and the others to be stunned once again.

A Monarch Rank magical beast running with his tail between his legs without bothering to try fighting? Where is his self-respect? Bai Xiaofei thought, seemingly forgetting all the numerous tricks he himself had previously pulled for the sake of survival. The so-called self-respect was nothing compared to the golden wolf’s life. Alas, Hu Xian’er had no intention of allowing the golden wolf to flee.

“Since you are already here, stay.” The moment those words were spoken, Hu Xian’er’s purple tail flickered, and she transformed into a sort of phantom. She was already very fast before this, but now, she was so fast it was unreal. Her speed was completely above the Monarch Rank golden wolf’s.

Yet another rumbling explosion sounded as a slap slammed the golden wolf to the ground before he could even move ten meters. The golden coat of fur on his back was a burnt mess, and his aura started dropping.

“Killing me is a declaration of war against Lord Yelu. Are you sure your weak fox clan can survive that?” The golden wolf knew he was no match for Hu Xian’er, so he tried using a different method to survive.

“Even without killing you, Yelu would have never considered sparing the fox clan. You know that very well,” Hu Xian’er mocked, a sneer on her face. A child might fall for that lie, but the golden wolf was too wishful trying to fool Hu Xian’er, who was already aware of what was happening. After she said that, the golden wolf’s final hope was extinguished. And at that realization, a fanatical light lit up in his eyes.

“The fox clan will never rise! Your clan will never rise! Lord Yelu is the true king of the Infinite Mountain Range, and my name will be forever etched into the history of Infinite Mountain Range!” The wolf howled in laughter as a berserk energy started pouring from his body. The distant Hong immediately widened her eyes when she saw that. Fear was the only emotion she felt at what she saw.

“He is exploding his magic core!”

The destruction of a Monarch Rank magic core’s explosion was sufficient to destroy everything within three kilometers. Hu Xian’er might be able to survive that, but not everyone else.

“Permanence!” Right this moment, Hu Xian’er’s tail flashed with an unreal glow. What happened earlier repeated. This time, Hu Xian’er stabbed the golden wolf’s head with her claws and directly pulled out his magic core. Then, using the flame on her arm, she severed the connection between the golden wolf and his magic core.

Everything happened in a split second. Xing, Hong, and the Earth Infants, who thought they were going to die, again witnessed something beyond their comprehension.

How had she stopped the explosion of a Monarch Rank magic core? And why can’t I remember anything I saw?

Shock filled their faces, and Bai Xiaofei was the only person with a different expression.

“Holy shit, it seems like I have gotten myself a massively powerful backer?” Bai Xiaofei said with a smirk. He felt completely at ease, and suddenly, he collapsed onto the ground. He had been forcing himself to last this long, and as he eased up, he could no longer stay awake. With a flash, Hu Xian’er reappeared beside Bai Xiaofei and grabbed his falling body.

“Good thing you can no longer hear me now. Or else, you would be so angry to hear these words…” Hu Xian’er paused and smiled sweetly before she continued, “Thank you…”

Bai Xiaofei was already unconscious and had no idea what was happening, but he still had a gratified and blissful smile on his face.

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