Chapter 237: Instant Kill and Helplessness

The two silver wolves howled, and crisis descended upon Bai Xiaofei’s group, but this did not matter. It was within Bai Xiaofei’s expectation. In fact, what was happening was what he wanted to see happen. The moment the two silver wolves started howling, Bai Xiofei’s response arrived.

Three stone arms shot up from the ground, blasting toward the belly of the three wolves. The golden wolf was on guard all along, so he immediately dodged the moment the arms appeared. But the two silver wolves were not as lucky. With no suspense, the stone arms smashed into their bellies, causing the two silver wolves to cry out in pain. It was an extremely miserable cry.

Of course, the Earth Infants were not capable of very destructive attacks, but the Nightcharm was extremely destructive, and Bai Xiaofei had learned his lesson from his earlier usage of the Nightcharm. He split one petal into three parts to save up on the petals. Even so, the petal was still as destructive as ever. In less than three seconds, the two silver wolves turned into two puddles of blood.

They were completely dead. The Earth Infants weren’t the only attackers. The golden wolf was able to dodge the attack from the Earth Infants, but before he could even land on the ground, Xing’s Light of Obliteration arrived. The golden beam of light shot straight at the golden wolf’s head. However, the golden wolf was no pushover. Even in such a situation where he shouldn’t have been able to avoid the incoming attack, he was able to twist his body and avoid his vitals being hit. However, he still failed to completely avoid the attack. The attack destroyed half his tail.

“Hehe, a Monarch Rank magical beast? Doesn’t seem like anything special,” Xing said with a grin on his face, seemingly having completely forgotten about his past experience of a King Rank magical beast chasing him into exile.

“Ruindemon Flood Dragon?” the golden wolf cried out in astonishment when he finally landed on the ground.

“F*ck. Why is that the reaction everyone has whenever they see me? Am I just too shockingly handsome?” Xing grumbled. It would seem his temperament was very similar to Bai Xiaofei’s. The saying birds of a feather flock together was indeed true.

“An ancient magical beast is actually willing to slave for someone else? You are an embarrassment to all Ruindemon Flood Dragons!”

Ancient magical beasts referred to magical beasts with a long history, such as the Ruindemon Flood Dragon. The term ancient magical beast was in a way a symbol of strength, and in certain ways, the status of an ancient magical beast was no lower than that of a royal magical beast.

“Why is everyone such a busybody? Are you the one I’m embarrassing here?” Xing grumbled and sent another beam of Light of Obliteration toward the golden wolf. With only one attack, Xing could deal with all enemies. Xing did not know other attacks, but this one attack was enough for him.

Unfortunately, Xing’s plan failed. The golden wolf was already prepared for him, and with an extremely nimble speed, the wolf vanished. When Xing saw that, the same type of fear he felt when the Heart Devourer hunted him rose in his heart. If Xing had a weakness, speed was definitely it. And sure enough, before Xing could react, the golden wolf swiped his claws across Xing’s head. Hong, who was hidden somewhere, was able to place a golden barrier over Xing to protect him, and she saved him from the fate of death.

“There is a Lunapython here too?” asked the golden wolf in astonishment. After missing the attack, Xing’s figure reappeared. Hong became his new target. It was common sense to first deal with the supports.

Suddenly, Bai Xiaofei showed himself and yelled, attracting the wolf’s attention, “Hey, do you want a Saint Rank magic core?” 

Saint Rank magic core, these four words were too shocking. The golden wolf was about to kill Hong, but he changed his mind and stepped on Hong instead. His eyes were filled with excitement.

“Human, what did you just say?” asked the golden wolf, his voice shivering from excitement.

“Saint Rank magic core, something that will help you reach the heavens with a single step. Where else did you think the two shockwaves came from?” Bai Xiaofei said, stunning all the magical beasts. They thought they heard him wrong, or perhaps Bai Xiaofei was merely trying to shift the golden wolf’s attention. But when they heard Bai Xiaofei’s serious tone, it seemed like he was speaking the truth.

“If you don’t want her to die, hand over the magic core. I will allow all of you to leave alive,” said the golden wolf with a deep tone. He applied some force to his claws, causing Hong to cry out miserably. Xing wanted to charge him, but he had just started moving when the golden wolf glared at him and applied even more force.

“Why, are you not willing to part with the magic core?” asked the golden wolf with a sneer when he saw Bai Xiaofei staying silent.

“No, that’s not the case. But there is a tiny complication here, and this complication is quite tricky…,” Bai Xiaofei quickly said, his face filled with hesitation.

“Human, don’t think of playing any tricks. Even if there is a complication, I want to see the magic core. Otherwise, she will die right now!” said the golden wolf. He was already sensing that there must be some problem, but the Saint Rank magic core was too attractive to the point he would even willingly step into a trap. But of course, the golden wolf’s absolute confidence in victory was also the reason he was willing to take the risk.

“Ok, calm down. I’ll show it to you right now,” Bai Xiaofei said after a deep breath. He first called the two Earth Infants out. And under control of the two radishes, a lump of earth about five square meters in size rose from the ground. The golden wolf’s gaze immediately landed on the lump of earth.

Bai Xiaofei swallowed and waved his hand at the Earth Infants. After a short hesitation, the lump of earth seemed to have turned into a clump of liquid as it drained to the ground bit by bit. Slowly, Hu Xian’er, who was hidden within, was revealed.

Currently, Hu Xian’er was still hovering in the air. The two energies within her body seemed to have been completely mixed together, and she looked to be in an extremely bizarre state. When Bai Xiaofei saw her current state, shock filled his face. He had clearly heard her call earlier. That was why he had decided to take the risk of revealing her. But what he saw when she appeared caused him to be at a loss.

Did I hear wrongly? This is not a good time for that to happen!

Different than Bai Xiaofei’s shock, when the golden wolf laid his eyes on Hu Xian’er, he was filled with excitement. He instantly dashed toward Hu Xian’er with a terrifying speed. He could see that Hu Xian’er was in the process of inheriting the power of a Saint Rank magic core. So long as the process was not completed, he had the chance to plunder the power for himself.

When that happened, he would be able to reach the heavens with a single step. At the same time, everyone also charged forth, trying to put up a last minute struggle. Unfortunately, none was as fast as the golden wolf. Bai Xiaofei was the nearest to Hu Xian’er, but he hadn’t taken even two steps before the golden wolf’s claws appeared above Hu Xian’er’s head.

In a second, or to be precise, in half a second, the golden wolf would destroy all Bai Xiaofei had worked for thus far.

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