Chapter 235: Energy Collision, Arrival of the Monarch!

With Xing here, everything was under control again. Bai Xiaofei returned to Hu Xian’er and once more slit his wrist. Hong also rushed over and quickly checked Hu Xian’er.

“Not only is she injured, but within her body is a clump of extremely powerful energy. Without a similarly powerful energy to contend against that clump of energy, she will remain unconscious for a very long time.”

Hong was indeed knowledgeable. With a single look, she was able to see the reason Hu Xian’er had remained unconscious. Otherwise, Bai Xiaofei would have ended up having his blood sucked dry by Hu Xian’er without her even waking up.

“Energy…,” Bai Xiaofei muttered to himself before his eyes suddenly lit up.

“Will this work?” Bai Xiaofei asked as he took out the red fruit he bought from Zhuang Min. He looked at Hong, his eyes filled with hope.

“No problem at all. This fruit is more than enough,” Hong replied. She had been slightly stunned when she saw the fruit. She had only proposed a solution, but she had never expected that Bai Xiaofei would have something like that in his possession. After all, the energy within Hu Xian’er was truly very powerful.

“What do I need to do?” Bai Xiaofei asked. Holding the fruit in his hand, he sank into doubt. Even with a top-quality Firesmith Stone acting as the container, he still felt the fruit’s intense heat. He truly had no idea how to use the fruit.

“Just feed her the fruit,” Hong replied, causing Bai Xiaofei to be astonished.

“Feed? This thing is edible?” Bai Xiaofei asked, disbelief in his voice. As far as he was concerned, eating this fruit was no different than suicide.

“It won’t be a one-sided energy eruption. Don’t worry. The energy within her body will fight this fruit by itself. She won’t be harmed!” Hong said with absolute certainty. After three seconds of hesitation, Bai Xaiofei clenched his teeth and made up his mind.

I’ll listen to the expert!

Fortunately, this expert truly knew her stuff. Otherwise, Bai Xiaofei would have regretted it badly. The red fruit had only approached Hu Xian’er’s lips when the fruit seemed to have sensed something. Without Bai Xiaofei doing anything, the fruit automatically turned into a gush of red liquid and rushed into Hu Xian’er’s mouth.

Next, Hu Xian’er’s body started hovering in the air. Her skin turned completely red, but this did not last long. Soon, a multicolored energy erupted from Hu Xian’er’s body, and the two energies each conquered half of Hu Xian’er’s body.

“This…,” Bai Xiaofei asked anxiously when he saw what was happening.

“This is a normal reaction. The only thing you need to do now is keep watch on her,” Hong replied, slightly placating Bai Xiaofei’s anxious heart. 

Meanwhile, Xing and the bear were in an intense battle, and it was progressing favorably for Xing. Xing had no injuries whatsoever on him whereas the bear had had one of his hands disintegrated.

“Tsk, tsk, we are both King Rank beasts. Why are you so weak? Have you been slacking in your cultivation?” Xing’s mocking voice rang out again. The bear, gasping for breath, was being tortured both mentally and physically in this battle. He no longer believed he could survive.

“Cut the nonsense. End the fight as soon as possible,” Bai Xiaofei said. Xing, who was in a joking mood, immediately grew serious.

“Sorry, my boss is angry. I will have to say goodbye here,” Xing said and immediately erupted in speed. And with Hong’s enhancement, the bear was no longer capable of matching Xing’s speed.

“Just kill me! All of you will die anyway! I have already spread the news…”

At the bear’s final moments, he seemed to have turned completely insane. However, Xing did not intend to let him finish his words. From a tricky angle, he shot out his Light of Obliteration and directly killed the bear. Now, only Bai Xiaofei and his group of magical beasts were left.

“Do you know this area well?” asked Bai Xiaofei. Although the bear was not able to finish his words, what he had spoken was enough information for Bai Xiaofei.

“Kind of. We have already patrolled the surroundings. Why?” Xing slithered toward Bai Xiaofei and asked. He was finally speaking solemnly again, behaving how a rare beast should have behaved all along.

“How far away is the nearest Monarch Rank magical beast?” Bai Xiaofei asked, but Xing had no idea why.

“Quite far.” Xing shook his head like a human and asked, “Why are you asking, boss?” But before Bai Xiaofei could answer, Hong whipped Xing’s head with her tail.

“Are you stupid? Do you have shit for brain? Did you not hear what the bear had said? He has already spread the news. And apart from Monarch Rank magical beasts, who else could be a threat to you? Would he instead call for more King Rank beasts to come and die?”

This was what Bai Xiaofei had wanted to say as well, albeit in a different manner.

“Pfft. As if I can’t deal with a Monarch Rank magical beast. With my wife here, even Monarch Rank magical beasts will die!”

A man would always bluff before his woman, and magical beasts were no exception to this.

“Can Xian’er be moved in her current condition?” Bai Xiaofei asked. He was in no mood to talk nonsense with Xing. The only thing he had in his mind was to keep Hu Xian’er safe.

“It’s better to not move her so easily. If we move too quickly, the battle between the energies within her might be affected. At that time, we will lose more than we will gain,” Hong said after thinking about it.

“And Xing is also right. If we work together, we can battle even Monarch Rank magical beasts. She won’t remain in this condition for long, anyway. When she wakes up, everything will be fine,” Hong continued speaking, displaying an intelligence that caused Bai Xiaofei to look at her in a brand new light. The Lunapython species wasn’t known as the best support for nothing. And the so-called support here was not limited to only abilities. In terms of intelligence, Lunapythons were much smarter than Ruindemon Flood Dragons. Xing and Hong were the perfect example of this.

“I will have to rely on the two of you then,” Bai Xiaofei said with no hesitation. Those words were also what Xing had been waiting for.

“Don’t worry, boss. Your problem is our problem. Just sit tight and wait. I will kill all the enemies for you!” Xing replied with a silly smile.

Bai Xiaofei shook his head helplessly. Once again, he called Huskie and Blackie over. At the same time, the two Earth Infants also gathered near him. Everyone stared at Bai Xiaofei, waiting for Bai Xiaofei to tell them the plan.

Although Bai Xiaofei was relying on Xing and Hong, he would not sit by and do nothing. With the rare break without any interruptions, he would definitely take the opportunity to arrange some plans. It would not be like Bai Xiaofei if he did not exploit any openings he found to the fullest.

“You better not come. But if you do come, we will have to slaughter some Monarchs.”

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