Chapter 233: Destroying the Steel Rhinoceros, Dissolving the Draconic Man

“Do you think trash like the two of you are capable of stopping me?”

The Steel Rhinoceros was infuriated upon finding out that the stone monster was gripping his horns. He raised his head, along with the stone monster, before slamming both his front limbs onto the ground again. A terrifying shockwave immediately spread from the stone monster’s legs to its entire body.

However, the shockwave that had been able to instantly destroy the stone monster previously seemed to have failed this time. The stone monster was still standing tall. After landing on the ground again, numerous beams of stone shot up to support it as it pushed the Steel Rhinoceros back step by step.

“We are the Earth Infants! We are the sons of the mother earth!” two voices rang out in unison as the stone monster erupted with even more strength and raised the Steel Rhinoceros by his head. Countless stone spikes rose from the ground, stabbing toward the rhinoceros. The spikes all broke when they landed on the scales, yet some of the spikes that stabbed the rhinoceros’s abdomen were able to pierce into the rhinoceros’s flesh.

“You have a weak point as well!” a pleasantly surprised voice rang out as the stone monster slammed the Steel Rhinoceros to the ground, creating a massive impact that felt like an earthquake. The rhinoceros even started to grow dizzy from that one slam.

That was not the end of the stone monster’s attack. After slamming the Steel Rhinoceros down, the stone monster raised its right hand. The right hand turned into a sharp stone spike before the stone monster stabbed the right hand straight at the Steel Rhinoceros’s abdomen.


With no suspense whatsoever, the stone monster’s right hand stabbed right into the weakest part of the Steel Rhinoceros. Blood sprayed out, and a miserable screech rang. Still, this was not the end. With the right hand arm still in the Steel Rhinoceros’s abdomen, the stone monster transformed its right arm into countless stone spikes that ground the innards of the Steel Rhinoceros into mincemeat. And just like that, the Steel Rhinoceros, who had still been incredibly cocky earlier, had been killed.

In clashes between magical beasts, they would rarely explode their magic core upon death. That was a common understanding between all magical beasts and was also a way of respecting their opponents. They abided by the concept of “everything mine is yours since you win”. That was also a good way of ensuring that the magical beasts would not be driven to extinction by humans.

After defeating the Steel Rhinoceros, the stone monster collapsed. From within, two Earth Infants appeared. At present, they looked incredibly weakened. The Steel Rhinoceros’s earlier shockwave had worked after all. Even the Earth Infants within the stone monster had been seriously injured. If the stone monster’s final attack had failed, they would be the ones lying dead on the ground now.

But now was still not the time for celebration. Although the Steel Rhinoceros was dead, the Draconic Man was still at peak strength. And for him, this was a prime opportunity. And of course he would not let go of this opportunity. With no hesitation, he charged straight at Bai Xiaofei’s group at his top speed.

Bai Xiaofei could clearly see everything that was going on. He could no longer rely on the Earth Infants. Thus, he had to deal with the Draconic Man himself. He stared straight at the incoming Draconic Man, his concentration stretched to the limits.

No matter how fast you are, at the instant of attack, you will definitely slow down!

That one instant when the enemy slowed down was what Bai Xiaofei was waiting for. The draconic claws were aimed straight for Bai Xiaofei’s head. When everyone thought that Bai Xiaofei’s blood was about to be splattered all over, a golden barrier appeared over Bai Xiaofei’s body. At the same time, Bai Xiaofei crushed a pill made of stinky grass while his body, half squatting, bounced up. All his strength converged into his right leg whipping towards the Draconic Man’s head at a speed comparable to even the Draconic Man’s speed.

All that had read like a long explanation, but it had all happened in the blink of an eye. It was the only chance Bai Xiaofei had.

An equally complicated sequence of actions had also occurred to the Draconic Man. His claws had indeed landed on Bai Xiaofei’s head, but the golden barrier stopped him from crushing the head. Next, an intense stink rushed into his nostrils, causing him to be in a momentary daze. The five senses were interconnected, especially the nose and the eyes. When one of them was hit badly, the other would temporarily stop functioning as well. And since the senses of magical beasts were much sharper than humans, the Bai Xiaofei’s stinky pill was extremely fatal for them.

After the stinky pill was crushed, Bai Xiaofei’s leg followed. By the time the Draconic Man recovered from his temporary daze, everything was already over. 

With a bang, Bai Xiaofei’s leg landed on the Draconic Man’s head. Like someone hit by a truck, the Draconic Man was sent flying away.

Bai Xiaofei immediately dashed forward. The speed of one being sent flying through the air would not be comparable to the speed of one dashing on the ground. There were also no stepping points for the Draconic Man to shift his position while flying through the air. Thus, he was unable to do anything even if he was a King Rank magical beast. So long as the person flying through the sky couldn’t actually fly, that person would have to helplessly take on whatever was coming.

After Bai Xiaofei caught up to the Draconic Man, he did not do anything unexpected. As the three seconds duration of Starnet Brilliance was still active, he directly pulled a petal off the Nightcharm and slapped the petal on the Draconic Man’s body.

Bai Xiaofei did not dare to use Nightcharm right in the beginning because he was afraid it would somehow hit Hu Xian’er. He was unable to gauge how toxic that flower would be. And what happened next proved him right. The moment the Nightcharm’s petal touched the Draconic Man’s skin, it melted the skin before dropping into his body. A look of intense fear surfaced on the Draconic Man’s face – the fear of encountering one’s ultimate nightmare. The fear only lasted three seconds because, in those short three seconds, the Draconic Man had been reduced to a puddle of blood on the ground.

Nothing was left behind. Not even a magic core. Everything had been dissolved. Watching on as it all had happened, Bai Xiaofei was stunned. When he stared at the lightly swaying Nightcharm again, he broke out in cold sweat.

Holy shit! I actually have something like this on me at all time!

Bai Xiaofei was so shocked his body shivered. He immediately kept the Nightcharm back into his storage ring before rushing over to Hu Xian’er. His job was not over. At this moment, the two Earth Infants and the Toxic Overlord Butterfly were already completely terrified. They had always thought that Bai Xiaofei was completely useless, but the fact was that they had completely underestimated this human.

Bai Xiaofei was not bothered by what they were thinking. The only thing he needed to do now was to keep chewing on the Blood Zoysia. Unfortunately, the sacrifice he and the Earth Infants had made had failed to buy them much time. Two roars rang out, and the silent forest was filled with clamor once again. Shortly after, a massive gorilla and a brown bear arrived. From the aura they were emanating, these two were even stronger than the Steel Rhinoceros. They were the beasts that had been attracted by the second aftershock.

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