Chapter 232: At the Moment of Crisis, the All-Powerful Mouth Saves the Day!

The current Hu Xian’er was already in her transformed mode, and the magic core was nowhere to be seen. Since she was still alive, it also meant that the magic core was fine. However, the injuries on Hu Xian’er were too heavy. The first aftershock had already nearly killed her. And the latest aftershock was much stronger than the first.

“Wake up! Don’t you dare fall asleep!” Bai Xiaofei shouted as he shook Hu Xian’er wildly, but she did not react. Upon realizing how serious things were, he did not hesitate and directly wrapped the fingers of his right hand with his origin energy before slicing through an artery in his left wrist.

“Stay alive! You have to stay alive!” Bai Xiaofei shouted, tears streaming down his cheeks uncontrollably. His gaze blurred with all the tears, and he could no longer see Hu Xian’er clearly. Even so, he still rested his left hand on Hu Xian’er’s mouth, feeding her his blood like his life depended on it.

Fortunately, Bai Xiaofei’s blood seemed to be working. In her daze, Hu Xian’er reacted when her instincts caught on to a hope of survival. She started sucking Bai Xiaofei’s blood. And because she was also sucking on his wrist, Bai Xiaofei was losing blood at a rapid rate. In less than five seconds, he started losing focus.

That amount of blood was still not enough for Hu Xian’er, but Bai Xiaofei would never move his hand away. Thus, he decided to do something stupid. The Blood Zoysia with a bad stench appeared in his palm. Without blinking his eye, he took a bite off the Blood Zoysia. An ingredient that could be used to refine a resurrection medicine would most likely have some sort of healing properties.

What happened next proved that Bai Xiaofei had made the correct choice. The Blood Zoysia was indeed capable of healing, and the effect was incredibly strong as well. After only a single bite, a surging energy started spreading all over his body. Under normal circumstances, this energy would act to strengthen his body. But now that he was on the verge of death, this energy had naturally acted to repair the injuries on his body instead.

At the same time, the fruit was also replacing the blood Bai Xiaofei was losing. And thus, a cycle was formed. He would take bite after bite off the fruit, and the fruit would immediately replace the blood he lost. At the same time, Hu Xian’er devoured his blood, which was filled with vitality.

The whole process sounded simple and also looked simple. But in truth, this was an extremely brutal ordeal for Bai Xiaofei. The pain one might suffer from being an energy transfer station was incomparable to what Bai Xiaofei was currently feeling. Both the surge of the Blood Zoysia’s energy and the loss of blood were giving him extreme pain, as if he was being subjected to a terrible torture.

Even so, Bai Xiaofei did not care about himself. When he saw that Hu Xian’er was slowly healing, a blissful smile surfaced on his face. However, the joy did not last long. The world was not content with watching him rescue Hu Xian’er just like that.

The second aftershock had also reached the three King Rank magical beasts that were in battle. They realized that they had been tricked and immediately stopped fighting for the fragmented maps. Instead, they rushed back to Bai Xiaofei at their top speed. At the same time, the two Earth Infants were already right next to Bai Xiaofei. When they saw Hu Xian’er in her transformed mode, a terrified expression covered their faces.

“R-royal clan?” the two Earth Infants stuttered, feeling like they were losing their minds.

“That’s right. This is a royal clan member. What do you intend to do now that you know the truth?” Bai Xiaofei looked at the Earth Infants coldly and asked. He did not react to the term “royal clan” even though this was his second time hearing the term. Rather, he waited for the Earth Infants to reply.

Although Bai Xiaofei looked calm, he was already prepared for the worst. If the Earth Infants decided to set their eyes on Hu Xian’er, his only option was to fight them with his life before escaping with Hu Xian’er. But if that was not the case, he would be in a much better situation.

“We are both neutral magical beasts. We are not willing to be caught up with the conflicts between the royals, and we have no intention to be entangled with any royals. We will leave right now,” they replied. The fear was still apparent on their faces, and they had decided to pull out of this.

“Hmph. Easy for you to say that. Nobody will be truly safe from the conflict. You guys should know more about the current situation of the royals than a human like me. Do you think you can truly stay peacefully out of the conflict?”

As of this moment, Bai Xiaofei’s mind was the sharpest it had ever been. By combining what he knew and the information he had just obtained from the little these Earth Infants had said, he was able to make a rather accurate guess at the Infinite Mountain Range’s situation.

Although Bai Xiaofei knew nothing, the words he had just uttered did not seem like it. In fact, they wouldn’t even suspect anything from his words. Instantly, the two Earth Infants froze right where they stood.

“Now, a chance to follow a royal is lying before you. So long as we survive this, Xian’er will obtain the power to forever protect those close to her. To leave or to stay, decide!” Bai Xiaofei spoke again, further breaking apart the wavering minds of the two Earth Infants. Their current situation did not allow them much chance to think. 

Right this moment, the Steel Rhinoceros and the other two magical beasts returned. Without a doubt, the transformed Hu Xian’er was immediately exposed before them. When they sensed the unique aura Hu Xian’er was emanating, shock surfaced on all their faces.

“A royal?”

The three magical beasts were frozen for a few seconds, numerous thoughts surfacing in their minds. The first reaction of the Toxic Overlord Butterfly was to flee. As for the Draconic Man, he merely frowned and sank into deep thought. As for the Steel Rhinoceros, intense joy surfaced on his face.

A seriously wounded royal! After eating her, I will be able to grow even stronger! I will be able to break through the shackles stopping my progress, and I might even be able to turn into a high-tier magical beast! A chance! This is a chance the heavens have given me!

At this thought, the Steel Rhinoceros lifted his heavy legs and stepped forward. With his full strength, he charged toward Bai Xiaofei and Hu Xian’er. This action provoked the Draconic Man, who was in deep thought, stirring the same intense greed also in him. The Draconic Man reached the same decision as the Steel Rhinoceros, but he did not immediately act on his thoughts. The “Man” in Draconic Man did not refer only to the shape of this species. They were also capable of crafty thoughts like humans.

And at this moment of crisis, the two Earth Infants reached a decision as well. Their tiny bodies immediately sank into the ground. And immediately after, numerous beams of stone shot up from the ground and blocked the Steel Rhinoceros’s path. But they were only able to slightly lower the rhinoceros’s speed. Right as the rhinoceros was about to reach Bai Xiaofei, a brand new stone monster rose from the ground.

Different than the previous shabby looking stone monsters, this stone monster appeared incredibly delicate. Although it was of a much smaller bulk, it was much denser than before. The clearest indication of the difference between this stone monster than the previous stock was the fact that it was able to stop the Steel Rhinoceros’s advance.

“The royals are inviolable!”

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