Chapter 231: Third Phase, Another Shockwave!

The three King Rank magical beasts quickly caught the maps thrown at them. When they sensed the faint undulations the maps were emanating, they were overjoyed.

This is indeed a treasure!

They quickly put away their respective maps and started focusing on each other. As for Bai Xiaofei and the Earth Infants, they had been completely forgotten.

“Hand them over. Or else, both of you will die!” The Steel Rhinoceros was as forceful as ever. He spoke with a deep tone laced with threat.

“Yes, you are strong. But if the two of us work together, you might not be able to emerge victorious!” said the Draconic Man, who was already standing beside the Toxic Overlord Butterfly. The Toxic Overlord Butterfly was not attacking him either. Instead, he was eyeing the Steel Rhinoceros aggressively. The strong would dominate while the weak would converge. This was something unchanging since times immemorial, a choice even magical beasts would make.

“Since you guys don’t want to play nice, I will have to show you the gap between us!” said the Steel Rhinoceros before he charged them. With each step he took, his massive limbs would create a shockwave that would attack both the Toxic Overlord Butterfly and the Draconic Man. But the two were no pushovers either. If they were not capable of contending against the Steel Rhinoceros, they wouldn’t have bothered facing him.

The Toxic Overlord Butterfly started flapping his wings rapidly. The rapid speed created a vacuum around his wings. Shockwaves were essentially created from vibrations, and vibrations required a medium for them to pass through. Thus, the vacuum was a counter for the Steel Rhinoceros’s shockwaves.

As for the Draconic Human, his solution was even simpler. His entire body turned smaller. He was able to reduce the size of his body to become faster and stronger. And essentially, by doing this, he was increasing the density of his body.

The destructiveness of a vibration depended on the density of the object. The smaller the density, the larger the gap between the molecules. And because of that, the object would be torn apart much more easily by vibrations. On the contrary, the higher the density, the weaker the effect of vibrations. Although this was not complete immunity like the Toxic Overlord Butterfly’s vacuum, it was sufficient to protect the Draconic Man.

Thus, the Steel Rhinoceros approached them, and the three King Rank magical beasts started battling each other. As for Bai Xiaofei and the Earth Infants, they were reduced to mere spectators. But even so, Bai Xiaofei was getting more and more anxious. The range of their battlefield was too wide. Hu Xian’er wasn’t very far from them. The moment any aftershock hit her, the illusion he had on her would disperse. When that happened, he would be completely helpless. After thinking about it, he clenched his teeth and gazed at the two Earth Infants.

“Do you see the boulder there?” Bai Xiaofei asked as he pointed at Hu Xian’er.

“Why?” asked the Earth Infant who was captured by Bai Xiaofei earlier. It was obvious this was the leader among the two.

“That is an illusion I created. Now, I need you to create another layer of stone around the illusion to protect it from any aftershocks from their battle. Can you do that?”

The Earth Infant wanted to refuse, but when he saw Bai Xiaofei’s pale face and the pool of blood beneath him, he changed his mind.


Right after saying that, the Earth Infant placed both his palms on the ground. A layer of solid earth slowly converged around Hu Xian’er and protected her. Right after that action was completed, an aftershock arrived. Fortunately, the barrier was able to block the aftershock. If Bai Xiaofei had asked one second later, or if the Earth Infant had hesitated longer, Hu Xian’er would have ended up exposed.

At times, coincidences were extremely important. This was a coincidence that had only appeared after Bai Xiaofei put his life on the line for it.

The three beasts continued battling, and one aftershock after another arrived at where Hu Xian’er was. The Earth Infant was consistently repairing the barrier, and eventually, the three beasts finally distanced themselves from Bai Xiaofei’s group with Hu Xian’er unexposed.

It was only now that Bai Xiaofei heaved a long sigh of relief. He could finally take a breather.

“That map is not what you’re protecting, right? Should I ask what it is that you are making me protect?” asked the Earth Infant as he gazed at Bai Xiaofei with his green eyes. When Bai Xiaofei heard that, he became anxious again.

“You are very smart. But I dare promise that if you dare hurt that person, I will dedicate my entire life to hunt you,” Bai Xiaofei replied, his voice turning completely frosty. It was as if he had completely forgotten his current circumstance. Fortunately, the Earth Infant did not have any intentions of making things difficult for Bai Xiaofei.

“From the moment you blocked the blades of wind for us, we will no longer act against you. I am merely curious,” said the Earth Infant. With his tone turning amicable, Bai Xiaofei eased up as well.

Damn it, can’t you get straight to the point? If I was stronger, I would have slapped you to death before you had the chance to explain yourself!

Bai Xiaofei grumbled in his heart, yet a joyful smile formed on his face as he said, “The person inside is the most important person to me. She is currently at a critical juncture.. I just want her to be safe.”

The two Earth Infants could clearly sense Bai Xiaofei’s sincerity. The reason for that was because Earth Infant was a species of magical beasts that cherished affection greatly.

Earth Infants would always be born in pairs. And from their birth, they would never separate from each other. The moment one died, the other would follow. That was why at certain places, the Earth Infant was a symbol of unwavering devotion.

“She is a very lucky person. You have successfully protected her.”

Although they were not the same species, certain emotions were shared across species. And this kind of deep sharing was the most effective method of improving the relationship between strangers.

“There’s nothing I want to do more than that,” Bai Xiaofei replied with a smirk before gazing at Hu Xian’er again. But with that gaze, he saw something that caused him to despair. A shockwave that was at least two times stronger than the first shockwave spread out. The barrier around Hu Xian’er was instantly destroyed, while the two Earth Infants immediately reacted and created numerous walls of earth before them. But with the powerful shockwave, the walls were useless.

After the aftermath, Bai Xiaofei crawled up on his feet again before rushing toward Hu Xian’er. His wounds that had just closed up opened again. Blood poured out as Bai Xiaofei ran. When he saw that Hu Xian’er was still breathing, he was relieved. But his relief was short lived, as Hu Xian’er seemed to be in dire straits.

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