Chapter 230: Group Beast Battle: Source of Calamity

“Sorry, everyone. The treasure is already in our hands. You better leave. Nothing good will come out of a conflict between us,” said Bai Xiaofei as he hopped onto the shoulder of the stone monster. He was hoping he could use his silver tongue to fight for more time. Unfortunately, the three King Rank beasts were having none of it.

“Any natural treasure here is jointly owned by all the magical beasts of the Infinite Mountain Range. Even if you are here, that does not mean that the treasure is yours. If you don’t want to die, hand over the treasure!” said the Steel Rhinoceros with a deep and loud voice. Each word he spoke was like a thunderclap that rumbled right beside Bai Xiaofei’s ears. As he was speaking, he had also started gathering his strength. Steam billowed out his massive nostrils, creating a dust of cloud all around him. At the same time, the Toxic Overlord Butterfly and Draconic Man went fully on guard, preparing to attack at any moment.

“Hmph. You don’t realize it even when you are about to die. If you are really capable of snatching the treasure, come get it!” Bai Xiaofei replied after snorting coldly. As usual, he demonstrated no fear whatsoever. With his words, he successfully infuriated the Steel Rhinoceros, causing the rhinoceros to charge straight at the stone monster. The Steel Rhinoceros took heavy steps, yet for some reason, he was also extremely nimble.

In the span of less than two breaths, the Steel Rhinoceros reached the stone monster. Facing the stone monster’s raised fist, the only thing he did was lower his head and tackle the stone monster. A rumbling sound rang out, and the stone monster’s body was crushed into pieces before his punch could land. Fortunately, Bai Xiaofei was witty enough to jump high into the air right before the collision. Otherwise, he would have been sent flying. However, surviving that attack wasn’t exactly good news for him.

The Draconic Man, who had been waiting at the side, followed closely with his own attack. He erupted with a terrifying speed that was even faster than a transformed Hu Xian’er. His target was Bai Xiaofei, who was currently still airborne. Right at this moment, a stone fist stretched up from the ground and slapped the Draconic Man into the ground.

Attacking was also a form of defense! Although the stone monster had never studied military strategy, he had sufficient combat experience to understand this fact. And it was this experience that had saved Bai Xiaofei’s life.

Bai Xiaofei finally landed; his heart was much more at ease with his feet on the ground. Unfortunately, before he could even stabilize his footing, a new attack arrived. The Toxic Overlord Butterfly started flapping his wings, sending a cloud of dust with an odd smell toward Bai Xiaofei. A wall of earth rose up, once again blocking an attack from reaching Bai Xiaofei. From the other side of the wall, the stone monster’s face slowly appeared.

“Can’t you try hel—”

Before the stone monster could finish his complaint, a sharp rhinoceros horn pierced the wall, and the entire wall crumbled apart as the Steel Rhinoceros charged through it. By reflex, Bai Xiaofei rolled and managed to avoid the second attack of the Steel Rhinoceros with great difficulty.

Before Bai Xiaofei could even get back on his feet, the Steel Rhinoceros raised its front limbs, which were as big as pillars, and slammed the ground. A terrifying shockwave started spreading. When the shockwave reached Bai Xiaofei, he was sent flying, and he felt as if his chest had been smashed by a sledgehammer. Before he was about to crash on the ground, the stone monster appeared nearby and formed a massive palm to grab at him. Bai Xiaofei had still been coughing blood while in the air.

Bai Xiaofei immediately noticed that something was different with the stone monster. His voice was filled with anxiety as he asked, “Why have you become smaller?”

“Cut the bullshit. Release my companion. Or else, we will all die here,” said the stone monster. Bai Xiaofei took a glance at the three aggressive-looking King Rank magical beasts, and he released the radish after half a second of hesitation. After regaining his freedom, the first thing the radish did was jump into the stone monster. Next, the earth around them started gathering around the stone monster. Because of that, the stone monster started growing larger and larger.

“I knew it. An Earth Infant would never work alone. So it turns out you got yourself captured? You are a disgrace of a magical beast!” said the Steel Rhinoceros furiously.

“We have our own way of survival. It has nothing to do with you!” the brand new stone monster replied. Then, the stone monster raised his massive fists and slammed his fists down at the rhinoceros.

“Wide Shock!”

Again, the Steel Rhinoceros raised his limbs and slammed them into the ground. Again, a shockwave spread, but this time, the shockwave was much stronger than the previous shockwave. The Steel Rhinoceros let the stone monster’s fists land on him. He did not even bother trying to dodge.

What happened next proved that there was no need to dodge. Right before the fists had landed on the Steel Rhinoceros’s body, a crack appeared in the ground and spread from the stone monster’s legs to his entire body in a split second. In less than a second, the stone monster turned into a pile of pebbles that crumbled apart, creating a rain of pebbles. Due to that attack, the two Earth Infants were exposed at the same time.

As that happened, the Toxic Overlord Butterfly, who seemed to have seen it coming, flapped his wings again, sending numerous blades of wind toward the two Earth Infants. It seemed that with the weak main bodies of the two Earth Infants, they would probably be torn into pieces. The two Earth Infants hugged each other, awaiting their death, but something they never expected happened.

After landing on the ground, Bai Xiaofei leapt and hid the two of them into his embrace. He used his back to take on the blades of wind from the Toxic Overlord Butterfly and was sent flying like a ragdoll. More than ten sinister wounds appeared on his back, which was now covered in blood.

That was not the end of the attack. The moment Bai Xiaofei landed on the ground, the Draconic Man charged over and clawed at Bai Xiaofei’s head. However, Bai Xiaofei had not rescued the two Earth Infants for nothing. Numerous rock thorns shot up from the ground, forcing the Draconic Man to give up on his attack and deal with the thorns instead. He had no intention of sacrificing himself just for victory.

“You can’t die. Otherwise, I won’t be able to last any longer either,” Bai Xiaofei muttered with an extremely weak voice. He was assaulted by an intense pain in his back, and his face was completely pale. He took out the shabby map he had obtained at a cheap price from his storage ring.

“Let us go, or I’ll tear this thing to shreds!” declared Bai Xiaofei as he struggled to his feet and stared straight at the Steel Rhinoceros. The eyes of the two Earth Infants and the three magical beasts all lit up when they saw the map. Everyone stopped attacking at the same time.

“You are in no shape to talk terms with me. Give it to me!”

Again, a deep voice rang out. This time, a trace of anxiety could be heard within the Steel Rhinoceros’s voice. If this persisted, more magical beasts would arrive. When that happened, things might get out of control.

“Since you want it so badly, there, take it!” Bai Xiaofei grinned and under the alarmed gazes of the magical beasts, he tore the map into three before tossing each to a magical beast.

Fight for it! The more intense your fight, the better!


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