Chapter 228: Attack of the Magical Beast, Stone Monster!

Time passed slowly, and after Bai Xiaofei lost count of how many times he had gulped, the silence was finally broken. At the edge of the zone of destruction wrecked by the shock wave, a green monster as big as a hill appeared. Why was the newcomer called a monster? Because Bai Xiaofei truly had no idea what a life form built entirely of stone with moss growing on its skin was.

“A human?” A deep voice rang out. The monster was speaking awkwardly in human speech. Evidently, the monster was also astonished by the sight of Bai Xiaofei here.

“This ruin has been discovered by the Starnet Academy. If you don’t want your long life to end now, you better piss off,” Bai Xiaofei berated coldly. He showed no anxiousness or fear. Through his words, he shifted the monster’s focus to the ruin. He had only mentioned the Starnet Academy as a probe.

Magical beasts capable of human speech would at least be a King Rank beast. And at King Rank, magical beasts were already capable of the refined thought processes humans were capable of. Simply put, they would know fear as well. Bai Xiaofei was betting that this monster would fear Starnet Academy’s name. Unfortunately, he had been too hopeful. Instead of being scared off, the stone monster sneered with a raging murderous intent.

“Is the Starnet Academy trying to break the agreement between us? When have they started to expand into the inner region of the Infinite Mountain Range? And they are only sending a new Master Rank trash like you?”

As the stone monster spoke, he started walking toward Bai Xiaofei. It was not possible that this stone monster was entirely unafraid of the academy. Therefore, the stone monster was approaching him slowly as a way of probing him as well. The stone monster was trying to see how much confidence Bai Xiaofei had.

Bai Xiaofei wasn’t too confident, but he had a reason to never back off.

“Looks like you are really tired of living!” Right after saying that, Bai Xiaofei advanced instead of retreating. Not only was he advancing, he was advancing quickly, as if he was going to kill the stone monster with a single attack. What happened next proved Bai Xiaofei’s decision was right. His illogical confidence caused the stone monster to feel fear.

Instead of facing Bai Xiaofei’s attack, the stone monster stopped right as they were about to collide. Instantly, the stone monster transformed into a lifeless boulder, allowing Bai Xiaofei’s punch to land on his body.

Although Bai Xiaofei had been holding back so that he would have enough energy to retreat, he was still able to display his terrifying strength of Master Rank. Without the support of the stone monster’s energy, the boulder was merely a regular stone. With a single punch, the boulder was crushed. This result caused him to blank out.

A King Rank magical beast that is so weak?

But the assumption was immediately overturned. The stone monster was not weak. Rather, it was acting intelligently. Where Bai Xiaofei stood previously, the ground clumped together to form a new stone monster. The moment the stone monster was formed, he took wide steps straight toward the ruin. Seeing that scene caused Bai Xiaofei to feel relieved. If he hadn’t done all that as a safety precaution, the stone monster would have been charging straight at Hu Xian’er.

“Trash! Stop right there!” Bai Xiaofei bellowed and started chasing after the stone monster. However, he was controlling his speed so that he would not be able to catch up with the stone monster, allowing the monster to enter the ruin.

Bai Xiaofei stopped outside the ruin and heaved a breath of relief. With the stone monster entering the ruin, everything would be much simpler. The ruin was in fact a labyrinth set up by Bai Xiaofei.

After the stone monster entered the ruin, he started his “treasure hunt”. Whatever treasure that had released the shock wave earlier was definitely no ordinary treasure. The stone monster had no choice but to move quickly to avoid encountering the reinforcements from the Starnet Academy or other magical beasts.

Unfortunately, it did not take the stone monster long to land into a crisis. He had gotten lost inside the ruin. And fortunately for Bai Xiaofei, the complicated labyrinth did not arouse the stone monster’s suspicion. Instead, the complicated route reinforced the stone monster’s conclusion that there was a great treasure hidden here.

“Good thing the ruin is formed of stones. Otherwise, it will be tough for me in here,” the stone monster muttered to himself before turning into a lifeless clump of stone again. An astonishing scene appeared before Bai Xiaofei who was observing all the changes within the ruin.

A little fellow about 30 centimeters tall and shaped like a radish leaped out of the stone monster. Then, the little fellow slowly blended into the solidified stone walls within Bai Xiaofei’s illusion. And next, under Bai Xiaofei’s stupefied gaze, the solidified illusionary stone walls came to life and started gathering where the little fellow was. In the blink of an eye, a brand new stone monster appeared, and nearly half of Bai Xiaofei’s ruin had been destroyed in the process. The remaining walls were pure illusion that had not been solidified. 

Cursing inwardly, Bai Xiaofei charged into the ruin.

“Fake?” the stone monster muttered doubtfully after being stunned for a short while. Immediately after, he started plowing his way through the ruin. Since the walls left were all fake walls, his advance was unobstructed. In less than a minute, he was done exploring the entire ruin. If even now he was still unaware of what was going on, he was definitely not worthy of being a King Rank magical beast.

“Human, you will pay the price for lying to me!” howled the stone monster before slamming his fists on the ground. A terrifying shock wave spread out from around him, and with the indiscriminate attack, Bai Xiaofei’s illusion was destroyed. At the same time, Bai Xiaofei was revealed from his concealment. He was presently standing before the illusionary stone that was Hu Xian’er, blocking the shock wave coming his way. Hu Xian’er’s position was the only place where the illusion was still maintained.

“Human, where had you hidden your treasure?”

The stone monster was sure that there was a treasure hidden here. And for the sake of the treasure, he was preparing to attack Bai Xiaofei.

“The treasure is on me, but I don’t think that is what you should be paying attention to right now,” Bai Xiaofei said then sneered and paused. He then continued, “Not many people know about your real body, right? What if I spread this? Will you die a miserable death?” Bai Xiaofei wore a sinister expression, causing the stone monster’s heart to jolt.

“Human, you will never leave this place alive!”

Once again, the stone monster howled furiously before charging straight at Bai Xiaofei. After successfully attracting the stone monster’s attention, Bai Xiaofei quickly left Hu Xian’er’s vicinity and started running in circles around the area, fully displaying the effect of the endurance training Xue Ying had given him.

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