Chapter 222: Nearly Cleared

“Let’s first start with this crystal. Its actual function is still unknown, but we do know that it is extremely hard. After trying everything we could, we have still failed to leave a mark on it. That was also why we couldn’t figure out its actual function. But we are sure it has an extremely terrifying energy contained within.” Zhuang Ming tried his very best to exaggerate how special the crystal was. Unfortunately for him, Bai Xiaofei was his current opponent…

“Simply put, this is a stone not even the Babel Merchant House can figure out the function of? What price do you intend to value this stone at?” Bai Xiaofei asked coldly. He did not name a price, but he had described the crystal like it was completely worthless. Even so, Zhuang Ming had no way of countering his words. After all, at present, the crystal was indeed useless.

“26 billion!” Zhuang Ming named a price nervously, and even he himself wasn’t confident the crystal was actually worth that much.

Spending 26 billion for a useless item…

“Deal! It’s mine!”

Before Zhuang Ming was done with his inner monologue, Bai Xiaofei had already taken the crystal and kept it away. This stunned Zhuang Ming.

What’s going on? Was the price too low?

“You know that thing?” Zhuang Ming asked sheepishly. He swallowed, a light of expectation surfacing in his eyes. At the same time, a trace of regret also appeared on his face. The contradiction in his emotions was understandable. He wanted to know the function of the crystal yet was worried he would feel extremely regretful once he found it out.

“You are overthinking, Vice President Zhuang. How can I know an item not even you and Brother Feng know? I only bought it because I thought it looked good and would serve well as an ornament,” Bai Xiaofei said cheerfully, but Zhuang Ming did not believe a single word of his.

Spending 26 billion for an ornament? Who do you expect to believe that? A person like you that will argue endlessly over even several billions will be so generous?

Nevertheless, Zhuang Ming did not continue asking. Rather, he started introducing the purple flower. From his expression, it was clear he was extremely fearful of it.

“I named it Nightcharm, as it is truly too beautiful. Every single part of it is extremely poisonous. The outermost layer has the least toxicity, and further inward, the toxicity becomes higher. The centermost core is the most toxic part of it. Even the petals of the outermost layer are toxic enough to instantly kill someone with a tiny graze. 100 billion for this flower. This price is non-negotiable. This flower is one of the rare items capable of threatening even Legend Rank puppet masters.”

After hearing that, Bai Xiaofei frowned. In truth, although he was extremely skilled with using Stinky Grass and other plants, he had no interest in such destructive poisonous plants. But after thinking about it, he decided to take the flower. The only reason he did was so that others couldn’t use it against him. After all, his current relationship with Zhuang Ming was very bad.

After selling the second item, Zhuang Ming eased up. Although he really liked Nightcharm, he did not dare to use it. Even extracting the poison from the outermost layer was an extremely difficult task. One ought to know that many of their people had died testing this flower back then, some important individuals included.

“As for this map, I have nothing to say. If it wasn’t for the fact that I’m sure it came from the vestige, I would have decided to sell it as some junk item. But some people suggested that this map will only work within the vestige.” As Zhuang Ming spoke, he lowered his voice, feigning mysteriousness.

“You are forcibly creating a reason to buy this map out of thin air. You’re even claiming it to be a map of the vestige? Sure, out of respect for our friendship, I offer 10 billion. If you disagree, keep it for yourself. You can use it when you enter the vestige in the future, I suppose,” Bai Xiaofei offered coldly. An awkward look surfaced on Zhuang Ming’s face as he handed the map over to Bai Xiaofei.

Sigh, this kid is indeed not so easy to scam.

“As for this fruit, I believe it doesn’t need much introduction, right? You guys can all sense the terrifying fire element energy within. During testing, we were able to extract energy as powerful as the origin energy of a Legend Rank puppet master, but we have yet to discover how to make use of this fruit. 200 billion for it, non-negotiable.”

This time, Zhuang Ming was filled with confidence. Although they had yet to figure out the fruit’s usage, the mere fact that it was a source of such powerful energy made it worth the quoted price. 

Again, Bai Xiaofei frowned, as he felt that this fruit was useless for him. He decided to skip it. “Let’s move on to the next item. I will think about it.”

Zhuang Ming became visibly dispirited. That fruit was one of his highest valued items. If it was rejected, how was he supposed to settle the remaining debt?

“This is a seed. That’s the only thing we know…” Zhuang Ming braced himself and gave such an explanation. He did not even bother to exaggerate the seed’s function. After all, he had no idea what he could say about it. They had already tried all methods they could think of during testing, yet the seed had remained the exact same from the day they had obtained it.

“Fine, I’ll take it with the price of 10 billion for the sake of our friendship,” said Bai Xiaofei. He couldn’t even be bothered to argue much about this item. The only reason he had even offered 10 billion for something like this was out of respect for the vestige. 

They reached an agreement, and Zhuang Ming moved on to the two wooden birds.

“Doublet Birds, an extremely interesting tool. Regardless of how far they are separated, so long as you release one of them, it will fly at an extremely terrifying speed toward the other bird. A day later, it will automatically fly back to the user. It is extremely suitable for transmitting information.”

This time, Zhuang Ming was very confident on the usage of the item he offered. It was also worth noting that they had expended great effort to discover the actual usage of this pair of birds.

“If it’s only good for transmitting information...there are many other methods one can use to do the same. Vice President Zhuang, you won’t be quoting a price of several tens of billions for it, right?”

Zhuang Ming hadn’t even stayed smug for long before Feng Wuhen said those words, causing his face to flush red from embarrassment.

“Don’t worry, make it 10 billion, then. I’ll take it.”

Before Zhuang Ming could answer, Bai Xiaofei offered with a wave of his hand. He was behaving like a tycoon. In fact, the moment he heard the name of the birds, he had decided to buy it. And the only reason he wanted the birds was because of the auspicious sounding name.

“Let me talk about the last item,” Feng Wuhen said. “If I’m right, it is the Goddess of Life’s Favor, right?”

Zhuang Ming’s face fell as Feng Wuhen took the initiative from him.

Shit, they are going to reduce the price!

“The Goddess of Life’s Favor is similar in function to the Rebirth Pill. However, it is only useful on those who are still alive, and it is capable of healing everything. It is much worse than the Rebirth Pill. The last time it appeared, a single drop was sold for 500 billion.”

When Feng Wuhen was done, Bai Xiaofei gazed at Zhuang Ming.

“Vice President Zhuang, do you have any objections on Brother Feng’s price? If not, I will accept it together with the fruit earlier. In any case, there are still about 600 billion left in the debt,” Bai Xiaofei offered generously. 

After hesitating for a long time, Zhuang Ming finally nodded. He had no choice. And with this, they were nearly done with the debt, with only a tiny portion remaining. By the way, the tiny portion of the debt was equivalent in value to a single Brightmoon Merchant House.

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