Chapter 221: The Fall of Gods

“I’ll have to trouble Brother Feng for what I’m about to show next, but I trust you will be able to give me a fair price.” Zhuang Ming’s storage ring shone, and unlike the previous times, he took out seven items at once. There was a crystal with gorgeous colors, and when one paid close attention to it, one would be able to see faint rays of light swirling within it.

There was a purple flower the size of a palm, each of its seven petals shaped differently. The petals were surrounding five gently swaying stamens that, in turn, were surrounding three deep-purple cores. At the exact center of the flower was a glowing purple object that looked like a diamond.

There was an ancient looking map, but the content of the map had already faded. The map, however, was emanating a visible, unique undulation that proved it was no ordinary map.

There was an entirely red fruit, and the high temperature around it could be felt even from far away. It was placed in a case made of top-quality Firesmith Stone, a material capable of bearing extreme temperatures.

There was a seed the size of a fist. The seed looked incredibly common, with its large size being its only unique trait. The only reason it was even called a seed was due to its shape being similar to that of a melon seed.

There was a pair of wooden birds that looked incredibly lively. They were made of unknown wooden materials, and the exquisite artwork that went into sculpting these two birds was something not even the best sculptor of the current era could create.

Finally, there was a drop of an azure-colored liquid, kept in a transparent jade bottle. It looked pretty, but apart from that, it was hard to guess what was special about this liquid.

After the seven items were taken out, Bai Xiaofei’s group of three merely looked at them curiously. Hu Xian’er stealthily poked Bai Xiaofei and whispered something into his ears. As for Feng Wuhen, he gulped with great difficulty before looking at Zhuang Ming with shock.

“These are all…items from the vestige?” Feng Wuhen asked.

A smile formed on Zhuang Ming’s face. “Of course. Like I told you, never underestimate the prowess of gamblers.”

Although Zhuang Ming had a proud smile on his face, inwardly, he was crying tears of blood. These seven items were the wealth they had spent over thirty years accumulating with great difficulty. Now, he wasn’t even sure how many of them would be left by the time this was over…

“Vestige? What place is that exactly?” After hearing this term again, Bai Xiaofei could no longer hold in his curiosity. It seemed like no matter what item it was, so long as it was related to the vestige, it would be extremely valuable.

“It’s normal for you to not know about it. The last time the vestige opened was thirty years ago,” Feng Wuhen explained. He took in a deep breath as some memories in his mind resurfaced, but he only gave a simplified explanation to Bai Xiaofei.

He continued, “The vestige is essentially a space that existed in parallel with the continent. The only thing we know is that it is linked to the continent, but there are no fixed routes between the two. To summon a portal leading to the vestige, the thirteen Tokens of Heroes have to be gathered. It’s a pity that after the portal opening thirty years ago, the Tokens of Heroes have since been scattered everywhere.”

Hearing that, Bai Xiaofei’s face froze.

Isn’t the Token of Heroes a key to pass through the seals around the Gorge of Heroes? It has another function to it?

Fortunately, nobody here was aware of what Bai Xiaofei had in his mind. As for his expression, everyone thought it was because he was shocked by what Feng Wuhen told him. After all, Fang Ye, who was standing to the side, had the exact same expression…

“And within the vestige, there are many objects that are beyond our understanding. A random stone you pick up there might be an extremely valuable tool. Thirty years ago, the portal was opened. Eighty percent of the continent’s experts entered, yet less than twenty percent came out alive. But the survivors had also brought with them a large number of vestige items.”

“Wait a minute. Eighty percent entered and less than twenty percent returned?” Bai Xiaofei interrupted Feng Wuhen’s explanation, shock on his face. Fang Ye and Hu Xian’er were in as much of a shock as well.

“That’s shocking right? But that’s not the most shocking part of this,” Feng Wuhen paused. “Thirty years ago, the continent was filled with experts, and Legend Rank puppet masters were everywhere. Even Eternal Rank puppet masters weren’t rare. Battles between Transmogrify Rank magical beasts and Eternal Rank puppet masters were common occurrences. But after they departed for the vestige, everything changed.

“Nearly all the experts perished, while the few survivors refused to say anything about what had happened in the vestige. From then on, those apex experts became legends, and the event thirty years ago became known as the Fall of Gods.”

Feng Wuhen was not exaggerating while speaking, yet Bai Xiaofei felt like he was listening to an epic tale.

“It has been thirty years. Have none of the survivors spoken of what happened in there?” Bai Xiaofei asked, disbelief in his voice. How was it possible for everyone to keep their mouths shut so tightly? That was even more unbelievable than if he told someone he would never lie.

Feng Wuhen shook his head. “Not a single one of them has spoken about it, and the only thing they have told us was the fact that they are under some sort of restriction forbidding them from speaking about what they had experienced in there. The only proof that they had even gone to the vestige were the items they had brought back.”

Feng Wuhen pointed at the items on the table, disappointment in his eyes. Everyone who hadn’t entered the vestige wanted to know what was in the vestige – wanting to know what kind of place it was to have so many treasures and to reap the lives of so many apex experts.

Bai Xiaofei froze, staring at the items on the table while in deep thought.

What happened thirty years ago? What happened in the vestige? What does the Token of Heroes I have signify? Is my father one of the vestige survivors?

Numerous questions rose in his mind, but he could not find a single answer. Nevertheless, the information about the vestige had also successfully piqued his interest in the seven items before him.

“Since they are yours, you should know something about them, right?” Bai Xiaofei said, his eyes filled with expectation.

“Sure, I can tell you about them. But as usual, you are not allowed to reduce the price I quote if I have to introduce them to you.” No businessman would say no to profit. Zhuang Ming’s request was reasonable. The reason he had been at a disadvantage earlier was simply because they had known the items he had offered. Now, he was the proactive party, and they were the reactive party.

“So long as your price is fair, we will agree to it,” Bai Xiaofei said before standing there silently, waiting for Zhuang Ming’s introduction.

Zhuang Ming took in a deep breath and rearranged his thoughts. Whether he could settle the debt would now rely on his mouth.

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