Chapter 220: The Power of Curse! Illusionary Saber and Mind Sunder!

A pained look appeared on Zhuang Ming’s face when Bai Xiaofei took the Blood Zoysia. That’s right. Pain. But he still had to move on with the deal. Since he had already started it and Bai Xiaofei had already accepted some of the items he offered, he could no longer back out on his plan.

After a long hesitation, Zhuang Ming took out another item from his storage ring. This time, he took out an ancient-looking, rectangular case, and within was a pitch-black saber that looked incredibly sharp. The body of the blade was emanating an odd aura, and although this saber wasn’t very long, its design was very pleasing to the eyes. This time, Feng Wuhen was not able to recognize the saber with a single glance.

“The Illusion Stream was once great, and this saber was an artifact from that era, a violetgold-grade inheritance puppet, an illusionary saber, Mind Sunder.”

The moment Zhuang Ming spoke the saber’s name, a shock that was even more intense than when the Blood Zoysia was shown surfaced on Feng Wuhen’s face.

“Impossible! Illusionary sabers have gone extinct for over sixty years! How can you have one in your possession?” Feng Wuhen screamed, but he did not seem to have any plans of studying the saber in detail despite his disbelief. He appeared terrified of something. And if one had been paying attention, one would notice that Zhuang Ming had not touched the saber either. Even the case storing the saber was promptly placed on the table the moment he took it out from his storage ring.

“Never underestimate the addiction of gambling. We obtained this saber thirty years ago when a gambler pawned it at our place for some gambling funds. At first, we did not believe his words, but after some tests, we were able to verify that this saber is indeed the Mind Sunder. Ultimately, that person lost all his money, and this saber became ours. But not a single branch president was willing to accept it. In the end, it arrived at the Starnet Academy’s branch.”

Zhuang Ming narrated with a deep voice, and in his voice, there was an undisguised fear toward this saber. As for Bai Xiaofei and co, they were completely puzzled.

It’s just a saber, right? Why are two big shots like you so scared?

Feng Wuhen saw their reactions, and thus, he resumed his role as a dedicated narrator.

“Based on the ancient records, Mind Sunder was the main puppet of a legendary puppet master from over three hundred years ago. The name of that puppet master has been lost to history, but the name of the puppet, Mind Sunder, has been preserved through the generations of people who had the chance to own this saber.

“Why was this saber so well known? Apart from its freakish power, it was also known as a curse!”

Feng Wuhen paused, seemingly trying to dig out some memory from deep within his mind.

“Since the passing of the saber’s first owner, every single person who has obtained Mind Sunder all longed for its heaven-defying ability. They had all tried to make it their puppet, yet of the people who had tried, most of them had died the instant they formed a mental connection with the saber. As for the few lucky ones who had been able to form the mental connection without dying, most of them died not long after.

“Ultimately, the puppet masters who had actually owned this saber number only five. And none of them had a good ending, either. Since then, everyone has found out that this is a cursed saber and that anyone who has made contact with it will be devoured. Those who could survive being devoured would gain the privilege to wield it but would also be subjected to misfortune.

“Thus, this saber turned into a legendary puppet occupying an odd status. Everyone longed after it, but none dared to wager their life to attempt gaining control over it.”

At this point, Feng Wuhen focused his gaze at Bai Xiaofei, his face solemn.

“Brother Bai, I urge you to not accept it. It is truly an ominous object.”

“What exactly is its ability?” Bai Xiaofei asked, his eyes sparkling. It was as if he had heard none of Feng Wuhen’s words. The initial introduction Zhuang Ming had made had already been etched into Bai Xiaofei’s mind. This was the saber from the era when the Illusion Stream was still great! What introduction could be more perfect for the current Bai Xiaofei?

“Nobody knows exactly what its ability is, but it is rumored that a puppet master wielding it will gain the ability to tamper with the memories of those struck by it.”

The moment Bai Xiaofei heard that, his eyes lit up.

“Say the price,” Bai Xiaofei said firmly under the shocked gazes of Fang Ye and Feng Wuhen. On the other hand, Hu Xian’er was still as calm as ever. One could say that this was a couple in perfect harmony with each other in terms of thoughts.

“Brother Bai, with your aptitude, you don’t really need this weapon, right? Don’t waste your bright future!”

“Yeah, Big Brother Fei, with your capabilities, something like this is not required. Please think it through!”

The two seemed so anxious that they were about to press Bai Xiaofei on the ground to stop him. But Bai Xiaofei had no intention of changing his mind.

“Don’t worry. I am not stupid. Before I have sufficient confidence, I won’t lay my hands on it. Moreover, what if a day comes when I am forced to an impasse? Perhaps this saber will be my lifesaver instead.”

Comforting words came very easily for Bai Xiaofei. With some simple words, he caused both Fang Ye and Feng Wuhen to be at a loss for words.

“One trillion! No bargains will be accepted. This thing is priceless!”


This time, Bai Xiaofei was straightforward. But of course, this was a deal that had dug deeply into Zhuang Ming’s reserves. Although the Mind Sunder was an ominous object, if it was discovered that he had decided to sell something like this without first reporting to his superiors, Zhuang Ming and his colleagues would be punished.

After accepting the wooden case, Bai Xiaofei immediately stored it into his storage ring. He still had the will to resist the temptation of opening the case right here. After all, he had just given his promise to both Fang Ye and Feng Wuhen, and he still treasured his life, which one must not forget he greatly valued.

“Brother Bai, I have a feeling you will definitely become the next owner of the illusionary saber.” For the first time, a heartfelt smile appeared on Zhuang Ming’s face. He felt that it was a great profit to use something useless to them as a substitute for a debt of one trillion. Of course, that was without taking into consideration the fact that he had violated the rules of the merchant house. As for the matter of the exposure of this deal, that had been completely ignored. Everything would be fine so long as he could quickly replenish the one trillion that was now missing from their accounts.

“Deputy President Zhuang, I don’t know where your confidence comes from. Based on what I know, using an important item as substitute for a debt is a taboo in the Babel Merchant House. Are you sure there won’t be any problems doing this?” Feng Wuhen asked instead of Bai Xiaofei. In his opinion, Zhuang Ming was simply tricking Bai Xiaofei using that saber. Therefore, to stand up for Bai Xiaofei who he regarded as a friend, he said those words to put Zhuang Ming in his place.

Zhuang Ming laughed lightly and gave a vague reply, “Don’t you worry, Brother Feng. We will naturally have a way to deal with that.” 

Bai Xiaofei’s eyes lit up as he committed this very scene into his memory.

This is information I can make good use of! Hah, I love nothing more than collecting the secrets of others so that I can blackmail them, especially the secrets of important individuals!

“826 billion left. Let us continue, Deputy President Zhuang,” Bai Xiaofei said, pulling the topic back on track. Nobody would ever dislike having too many treasures!

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