Chapter 217: Four Trillion, Here I Come!

Pulling Hu Xian’er by her hand, Bai Xiaofei walked in a spirited manner toward the Babel Merchant House. After working so hard, it was time to reap his harvest! He had initially planned to call Fang Ye along because back then when he had placed the bet, Fang Ye had also been present. But when he thought of how even Lin Li was not here to receive their prize, he decided to let Fang Ye suffer the same fate as well.

Nothing is more important than my wifey!

Although Bai Xiaofei was still in a secret relationship with Hu Xian’er, he was playing the role of a husband. At times, how a man treated his woman was not related to his upbringing. Some things would always be innately etched in a man’s character, and Bai Xiaofei’s character was one to not mistreat anyone.

Along the way, Hu Xian’er never stopped smiling. The words Bai Xiaofei had spoken earlier were still replaying in her ears, and a blissful expression covered her face. Bai Xiaofei had imagined that he would be the center of attention when walking while holding Hu Xian’er’s hand like this, but that did not happen as everyone was too busy with the new student registration and the numerous associated tasks and events. After all, no other faculty was as free as the Demon of Illusions.

The two passed by one building after another and finally arrived outside the lavish Babel Merchant House. Most of the people who had won something from their bets had essentially redeemed their prize shortly after winning. Not many people were as carefree as Bai Xiaofei, who had waited one whole day before coming to redeem his prize. Then again, it was understandable why Bai Xiaofei was not worried. The money was there waiting for him and would be his sooner or later. There was no point to being in a rush.

“Hello, fellow students. Are you here to redeem your prize or for some other business transaction?” asked the hostess as friendly as usual. In truth, her attitude was even better compared to the last time Bai Xiaofei was here. Rui Mengqi’s transformation had served as a lesson to everyone here. None dared to look down on any customers anymore.

“Redeem my prize,” Bai Xiaofei replied, his mood incomparably good. But at the same time, he also braced himself for any mishaps that might happen.

Four trillion Amethyst Coins would probably not be so easy to redeem.

“Sure, please come with me,” said the hostess with a smile. She turned and started leading the way.

“Can I have a look at the receipt? Depending on the amount of the prize, we will be redeeming it at a different location,” asked the hostess routinely as they walked through the spacious and cold lounge. Bai Xiaofei’s reply stunned her.

“There’s no need to look at the receipt. I am Bai Xiaofei. You are familiar with this name, right?”

Bai Xiaofei?!

The name resounded in the hostess’s ears like a thunderclap. She was stunned for five seconds before she quickly turned around in panic.

“Sorry. Sorry, I was not aware that you were…”

“Don’t worry about it. Just tell me where to go. Don’t be sorry. I’m not so easily angered,” Bai Xiaofei replied with a bright smile, placating her at the same time. Inwardly, Bai Xiaofei was feeling very helpless.

What the hell? Since when am I a demon? Why are you so scared?

Bai Xiaofei was busy cussing in his heart. Little did he know that he was more than a demon to the Babel Merchant House. He was a nightmare! Since the previous incident with Sister Lin and her getting defamed and losing the favor of the higher ups, all the hostesses started praying to never encounter Bai Xiaofei.

Slowly but surely, a certain image of Bai Xiaofei had formed in their hearts: he was an extremely difficult customer, one who was extremely shameless and terrifying.

Thus, the hostess’s reaction was understandable. Bai Xiaofei was merely unaware of it.

“This way. The deputy president has already told us about it. The moment you come, we need to bring you to the VIP room at the top floor,” said the hostess, fear in her voice. Of course, she was trying hard to control her facial expression so she did not look too abnormal. After all, she was completely terrified of Bai Xiaofei.

“Lead the way. If I go up without you, it will adversely affect you, right?” Bai Xiaofei said as he shook his head helplessly. He gave up on placating this hostess, who – for some reason – was so terrified of him. Why did he give up? He himself was afraid! He was unsure if Hu Xian’er would get jealous when he talked to other woman.

With the hostess leading the way, they reached the VIP room shortly. Compared with the room Bai Xiaofei was in previously, this room was even more luxurious. From the large window, the setting sun could be seen, giving one a lazy feeling.

“Please take a rest. I will contact the deputy president,” said the hostess. She felt a sense of relief for finally being able to leave Bai Xiaofei. The moment the hostess left, Hu Xian’er who had remained silent all this while pushed him down on the soft sofa and stared straight into his eyes with an odd glint in her eyes.

One second, two seconds…this lasted five seconds before Bai Xiaofei gulped by reflex.

“Xian’er…it’s not proper to do it here, right? Someone is still coming…,” Bai Xiaofei said. His wild thought caused Hu Xian’er to roll her eyes.

“You wish. Tell me. What have you done to the people here? Why was that hostess so terrified of you?”

It’s over…I have still failed to keep the secret…

But Bai Xiaofei truly did not know what to say. In all honesty, he himself was clueless why the hostess was so terrified of him.

“If I say I have no idea, would you believe it?” Bai Xiaofei asked after gulping. The wronged expression on his face amused Hu Xian’er enough to cause her to burst out laughing. But she did not seem to have any intention of letting this go.

“Hmph! Don’t think I don’t know what place this is. If I found out you have done something you shouldn’t, you will have to start watching your back!” Hu Xian’er warned while making a slicing gesture, terrifying Bai Xiaofei so much he shivered.

Oh heavens, this is totally uncalled for!

“I swear it will never come to that!”

Heavens: I will pretend I heard nothing since you are being wrongly accused here. Kid, watch your steps!

Hu Xian’er snorted again before getting off Bai Xiaofei. She sat down beside him but hadn’t decided to spare him. She had merely heard footsteps outside. Indeed, right after she sat down, someone knocked on the door.

“Student Bai, can I come in?” Zhuang Ming’s cautious voice sounded. Bai Xiaofei immediately cleared his throat and shifted into a proper state of mind.

“Come on in,” said Bai Xiaofei. Zhuang Ming entered with a hostess following behind him carrying a luxurious-looking fruit tray. The tray was nearly entirely filled with Crystal’s Longings, with only the decorations being regular fruits. Zhuang Ming was clearly giving his all here.

“Brother, it has been a while since we last met. We have recently stocked up on our Crystal’s Longings, and I have not sold a single one of them. They have all been reserved for you. Once you leave, I will get someone to pack them up and deliver them to you. Come anytime you finish eating what you have.”

From his very first word, Zhuang Ming’s attitude was clear. He was trying to get on Bai Xiaofei’s good side. A knowing smile appeared on Bai Xiaofei’s face. Sure enough, the four trillion Amethyst Coins wouldn’t be so easy to redeem!

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