Chapter 216: None Is Worthier Than Me!

“I hope in the coming four years, everyone present will shine brightly at the Fist of the Beast. I trust a day will come when all of you become the source of pride for our faculty!” Di Jiang was giving his speech before the new students, completely oblivious to what was happening in his office.

Below the stage, Jing Cheng was listening to the speech with all his attention. He was here as an official representative of the academy. Right this moment, a teacher hurried over and whispered something to Di Jiang’s ears, causing Di Jiang’s expression to shift.

“Next, let us welcome the representative of the new students to make a speech!” said Di Jiang when he faced the audience again, the smile reappearing on his face. At the same time, the student that had long been prepared for this walked up the stage and took Di Jiang’s place. After leaving the stage, Di Jiang immediately looked for Little Guo who had rushed over.

“What’s going on? What happened at my office?” Di Jiang asked coldly with a frown.

“Vice Principal Jing went there looking for someone, Hu Xian’er, I think. He doesn’t look very happy. Director, you better go back now!” Little Guo explained in agitation, his face filled with anxiousness.

“Bullshit! Vice Principal Jing is right there below the stage. Are you telling me he has a clone?” Di Jiang denied and slapped Little Guo’s head, causing a wronged expression to appear on Little Guo’s face.

Although the slap caused Little Guo to lose his bearings, he still explained what happened. “But there really was a Vice Principal Jing there! Everyone on the first floor saw him! Teacher Guan was the one who told me to come call you!”

“The person below the stage is definitely Vice Principal Jing. I am sure of that,” Di Jiang said with unwavering conviction. He was sure because he was the one who had personally invited Jing Cheng over.

“Then the one in the office…”

“Apart from Vice Principal Jing, who else did you see?” Di Jiang had plenty of experience with the ways of the world and was able to quickly ask a crucial question.

“Ah, right! There’s a new student as well! He seems to be wearing the badge the principal had given him!” Little Guo said as he palmed his head as he recalled Bai Xiaofei.

“Badge…Starnet Brilliance?” Di Jiang spoke in astonishment after a slight pause.

“Yes! I am sure of that! He said something about touching someone that shouldn’t be touched…,” Little Guo said as he tried his best to recall the earlier scene. He had been paying most of his attention on Huskie when that had happened.

“Badge…new student…” Di Jiang started organizing all the information in his brain, and slowly, the figure of a person that had been the subject of conversation for all the directors surfaced in his mind.

“If Vice Principal Jing asks where I went later, tell him I have to deal with something at my office. If he asks for more information, just say you don’t know,” Di Jiang said and started running towards his office.

Meanwhile, in Di Jiang’s office, Di Hang was already badly bruised up by Bai Xiaofei.

“He hasn’t done anything to you, right?” Bai Xiaofei asked anxiously after he put down Di Hang, who now looked like a dead pig.

“If he had tried anything, you would have seen a corpse here instead,” replied Hu Xian’er with a smile brimming with happiness. For a woman, nothing could make her happier than having her boyfriend’s care. 

Bai Xiaofei heaved a sigh of relief when he heard Hu Xian’er’s reply.

“I think we should leave quickly. If my guess is correct, the person standing there is the silly dog, am I right?” Hu Xian’er reminded before Bai Xiaofei could say anything. No matter what, this was the turf of the other party. If they dallied around, they would suffer the consequences.

“There’s no rush. I still need to get some payback,” Bai Xiaofei said as he walked towards Di Hang. Then, a tool that looked like an eyeball flew out of his storage ring. That was a commonly used white-grade puppet, the Recording Eyeball.

Simply put, it was a camera. Fang Ye was extremely attentive and had prepared one of all common puppets for Bai Xiaofei. And situations like this were when these common puppets would come in handy. After taking a bunch of pictures, Bai Xiaofei put the Recording Eyeball away in satisfaction and walked towards the window with Hu Xian’er.

He channeled his origin energy into Blackie. Then, numerous beams of stone started growing from the ground, eventually turning into a flight of stairs connecting the window and the ground. With Huskie, who had reassumed his true form, and Hu Xian’er, Bai Xiaofei leapt out the window, and Blackie solidified each beam they stepped on.

After landing on the ground, they started running madly. No matter what, the faculty director was an Exquisite Rank powerhouse. If he returned, they would suffer greatly. Reality proved that they had been correct in their decision.

Not long after they had left, Di Jiang arrived at the top floor. When he saw the mess outside the room, fury filled his face.

“Hang, my son!” Di Jiang called out, his voice filled with worry. The response he received was a soft sound coming from the cupboard in the office. He walked over, and the instant he opened the cupboard, Di Hang fell out from within. Di Hang was no longer capable of standing on his two feet, and his condition was shockingly miserable.

“Who is it? Who did this to my son?” Di Jiang’s roar filled the entire building. Unfortunately, nobody could answer this question of his. However, Di Jiang already knew the answer. The culprit was too fast in fleeing.

“Where should we go?” Hu Xian’er asked softly after leaving the area of the Fist of the Beast. Her was filled with expectation. Although they had been together for a while, they had never been in any operation or mission with only the two of them.

Bai Xiaofei initially wanted to suggest that they go looking for Lin Li. After all, Bai Xiaofei was unsure if the same would happen to Lin Li as well. But when he saw Hu Xian’er’s expecting gaze, he could no longer bring himself to say it.

“You must be worried about your Little Li again, right? Don’t worry. With her identity, who in Starnet Academy dares to touch her? In any case, the director of Gods Amongst Men is a newly promoted young lady. She won’t do anything unfavorable to your Little Li.”

It was as if Hu Xian’er had been preparing for this all along. Each word she spoke left Bai Xiaofei unable to retort. The intelligence of a fox could never be underestimated! Without some level of intelligence, Hu Xian’er would not be brave enough to roam the human society alone.

It was truly unexpected that she had encountered Bai Xiaofei while in her travels, ultimately reaching a point where all her wits were only focused on Bai Xiaofei the womanizer.

“You are right. I do not need to worry about Lin Li. Let’s go. I will bring you somewhere fun!” Bai Xiaofei said as he held onto Hu Xian’er’s tender hand with a smirk on his face, causing a blush to cover her face.

“Wait, I’ll put on the veil.” Hu Xian’er stopped Bai Xiaofei and was about to take her veil out before Bai Xiaofei stopped her.

“I had let you put on a veil previously to avoid gossip, butut now, things are different. I am Bai Xiaofei. Even if you are much prettier, there is still no one else in the academy worthy of being by your side.” Bai Xiaofei paused. “Therefore, the time has come for me to declare my sovereignty over you!”

A single sentence from the man caused a smile to bloom on the woman’s face. What a beautiful sight that was.

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