Chapter 215: Let Me Teach You a Lesson

When they heard Bai Xiaofei’s voice and saw the new student’s uniform he was wearing, the teachers in the first floor wanted to teach him a lesson for his behavior. But when they saw Jing Cheng behind Bai Xiaofei, all their courage vanished.

“Vice Principal Jing, what brings you here?” asked a chubby teacher after he jogged over to them. Naturally, Bai Xiaofei would not allow Huskie to answer. After all, Huskie had yet to reach the level where he could speak human language.

“You’re asking me why I’m here? Don’t you know what that idiotic Di Jiang has done? He dares to lay hands on a new student that has caught the eyes of the principal? Tell him to get his ass out here!” Bai Xiaofei showed no fear before the chubby teacher. He had the Starnet Brilliance pinned on his chest, serving as a reminder to this chubby teacher of his identity. Just like that, borrowing the might of the vice principal, Bai Xiaofei frightened the chubby teacher so much his chubby body started trembling.

The chubby teacher gulped then explained, “About that…he had just left to give the new students a speech. It will be a while before he returns.”

“Giving a speech? An animal like him who abuses his authority for personal gain is worthy of giving a speech? Where is Hu Xian’er? Is she with him as well?”

Although Bai Xiaofei had never met Di Jiang, he trusted the words of the senior he met earlier. And thus, he directly labeled Di Jiang as a scum of society. And from how the chubby teacher had reacted, this label was not wrongly given…

Hesitation crossed the chubby teacher’s face when he faced Bai Xiaofei’s questions. But after he saw the frosty look on Jing Chen’s face, he gave in to his fear.

“That new student is not with him. She—”

“What the f*ck? Have you been eating shit instead of rice? Why is it so difficult for you to speak? What about her?” said Bai Xiaofei as he grabbed hold of the chubby teacher’s collar. The terrifying amount of strength Bai Xiaofei was capable of exerting shocked the chubby teacher.

Is this even a new student?

“Student, don’t get too agitated. She is well. Currently, she’s in Director Di’s office, which is on the top floor. The director’s son is keeping her company,” the chubby teacher spilt the beans, and Bai Xiaofei finally let go of his collar.

“Won’t things be much easier if you had said so earlier? What a trash!” Bai Xiaofei said and gave the chubby teacher a fierce glare. Then, he walked to the stairs, Huskie following behind him. All along, Huskie had not spoken a single word. But in this situation, not speaking would be much more effective than speaking. After the two left, the fear in the chubby teacher was immediately replaced by anxiousness.

“Little Guo, quickly go and notify the director. Tell him Vice Principal Jing is here investigating!”

A young teacher rushed away and had even used his transformation ability. It turned out that his puppet was the soul of a magical beast resembling a leopard. While the first floor was turning into chaos, things were completely calm at the office on the top floor. There were only two people within the large office: Hu Xian’er and a handsome fourth-year student.

The previous batch of fourth-year students had recently graduated. The current fourth-year students were newly advanced from the third year. Without fail, these newly advanced fourth-year students would be the cockiest during this time every year. After all, they had finally reached the peak of the “food chain” among the academy students. It was understandable that they would get lost in their excitement. Such behavior was even more pronounced among the well-connected students. They would start acting in an absolutely unrestrained manner.

“Junior, why are you not talking? Although I am not that big of a deal, I am still quite influential in the Fist of the Beast. Since my father had told me to take care of you, you can’t make me fail my mission, right?”

Di Hang was already out of ideas. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have threatened Hu Xian’er using his father. That seemed like a good idea, but Hu Xian’er did not seem to care.

“I promise you if you continue clinging on to me like this, you will suffer a miserable end,” Hu Xian’er suddenly said with a smile on her face. She finally spoke after a long silence, and this was a smile Di Hang had waited a long time for. Yet when it came, it gave him a deep sense of unease. Those words had seemingly come out of nowhere…

“Do you have any idea what you are saying?” Di Hang said, his voice turning frosty. Since being gentle would not work, he might as well…

“I’m telling the truth, that’s all. You have three seconds remaining,” Hu Xian’er said, the smile on her face growing wider.

“Don’t you think that I don’t dare—”

Before Di Hang could finish his words, the office’s door was smashed into pieces with a kick. Next, a furious Bai Xiaofei charged into the room. Bai Xiaofei’s anxiousness lessened considerably when he saw Hu Xian’er safe and sound. But when his gaze landed on Di Hang, his face twisted in anger.

F*cking asshole! You dare set your sights on my woman? And going about it in such an unconventional manner? If I spare you, I won’t be surnamed Bai anymore!

“Where did this fellow come from? Do you know what place this is?”

As this was his “turf”, Di Hang felt extremely conceited and had completely ignored the fury on Bai Xiaofei’s face. Of course, his calm vanished before long since Jing Cheng was standing behind Bai Xiaofei.

“V-Vice Principal Jing?” Di Hang blanked out slightly before he immediately behaved himself. That was not the case for Bai Xiaofei, as he was still showing his fury. Bai Xiaofei charged straight at Di Hang before taking a step to the left, and he punched Di Hang’s nose.

The sensation of pain occupied Di Hang’s entire consciousness. At the same time, a thick smell of blood filled his mouth. The strength behind a punch comparable to a Martial Master was no joke. With a single punch, Di Hang was incapacitated.

“You can’t hit me! My father is a faculty director! You will never leave this building alive after touching me!” Di Hang was completely shocked and forgot to even put up a fight. His entire mind was filled with the thought of his father coming to rescue him. This was a perfect example of the difference between a trash and an elite. A true elite would never think of relying on others in such a situation.

“Who do you think he is? You are making out your father to be more important than he is, right? Do you think he’s the boss of Starnet Academy?” Bai Xiaofei dragged Di Hang up and pointed at Jing Cheng as he spoke. To completely crush a person like this, destroying his backer was the best method.

And how best to destroy the backer of a person like this? – by looking for an even more powerful backer! For example, Bai Xiaofei had “Jing Cheng” standing there. That was sufficient to plant so much fear in Di Hang that he did not even dare to fart.

“I…that’s not what I mean…” Completely terrified, Di Hang wanted to explain himself. What he received was a slap from Bai Xiaofei. How strong was this slap? The tooth flying out his mouth was a good indication for that…

“I know that’s not what you mean. You are merely using your father’s authority to take advantage of girls,” Bai Xiaofei explained on Di Hang’s behalf, speaking Di Hang’s thoughts.

“Trash, if you have done this to someone else instead, I don’t care. But you are stupid enough to touch a Newcomer King. That’s really so stupid I don’t even know what to say to you. The only thing I can do is this, in hopes of teaching you a lesson,” Bai Xiaofei said as he immediately started raining punches on Di Hang again. All the punches were aimed straight at Di Hang’s face.

Indeed, this was a lesson Di Hang would not be able to forget.

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