Chapter 214: Get Your Ass Out Here!

By the time Bai Xiaofei gazed upon the sky outside, he felt incredibly relieved. The atmosphere in there with the others was too stifling. He felt like if he continued staying there, perhaps even his bones would be devoured by Lei Min and the others.

It would seem like this was a trap they had prepared just for him. Sure enough, when one became popular, one would attract too much attention. This was the first time in Bai Xiaofei’s life that he felt frustrated due to fame. He also finally understood why Revelation acted in a completely unrestrained manner whenever there were no outsiders around. That was simply an act of venting his frustrations.

Bai Xiaofei could no longer return to his dormitory as Yun Sheng and Liu Ying were already there. Although he had no idea how they were going to pack his stuff in that messy room, from the certainty in their voices, Bai Xiaofei was sure that they were going to do it.

The two had even promised that they would take care to not hurt the feelings of Mo Ka and the others. With this, the only misgivings Bai Xiaofei had about moving in with them was dispelled as well. Thus, he was free to do what he needed to do. But before that, he first went over to the Fist of the Beast, the faculty nearest to the Demon of Illusions.

One whole day had passed. Bai Xiaofei was sure that the Fist of the Beast had turned completely chaotic due to the arrival of Hu Xian’er. It was impossible for him to not be worried about her. Regardless of how powerful she was, she was still a Master Rank. In the Fist of the Beast, even Grandmaster Rank puppet masters existed.

“Junior, are you here for registration? It’s too late for that…”

Since Bai Xiaofei had yet to receive his first-year uniform, he still looked like a new student. And thus, a loitering senior immediately approached him with the smile of someone harboring bad designs the moment he arrived. The other faculties were different than the Demon of Illusions. The seniors there would never be unconditionally kind towards their juniors.

“Oh…I overslept. Can I still go in now?” Bai Xiaofei said with a begging tone and an awkward expression.

“Sure you can, but it will be difficult…,” said the senior as he rubbed his palms. Bai Xiaofei immediately understood his meaning.

“Senior, I don’t have much money on me, but why don’t you take these two Starnet Stones and get yourself a cup of tea.”

The senior’s eyes lit up. One had to know that Starnet Stones were very valuable at the moment, and these two Starnet Stones were sufficient for him to live in luxury for a while.

“Come with me, and remember to smarten up next time,” said the senior with a smile as he accepted the two Starnet Stones.

“Weird, why do you look familiar?” On their way, the senior kept looking back at Bai Xiaofei. Fortunately, Huskie and Blackie were both not around. Otherwise, the senior would have realized his identity.

“Perhaps my face is a very common face. A lot of people have told me that I look familiar,” Bai Xiaofei said with a silly smile as he scratched his head.

“By the way, senior, I heard that Hu Xian’er is already here. Can I see her later?” The moment Bai Xiaofei asked this question, a perverted smile appeared on the senior’s face.

“I have been hearing this question a lot today. But since you are quite smart, I shall tell you about it. After Hu Xian’er arrived, she was immediately summoned by the director of faculty. He gave an excuse that she needed special protection or something, but our director is an old pervert. I reckon he is trying to have the fox lady all for himself instead.”

When Bai Xiaofei heard this, he lost his cool.

“Director of faculty? Where is he currently?”

As Bai Xiaofei had cried out suddenly, the senior was given a fright. A displeased expression crossed his face.

“What are you doing making a fuss over nothing? Is the director someone you can meet anytime you want? What’s even the point of telling you where he is?” the senior berated.

“If you can take me to the director, these five Starnet Stones will be yours.”

After hearing about Hu Xian’er’s circumstance, Bai Xiaofei was no longer in the mood to put on a play. When he spoke, his voice carried a trace of frost. The senior blanked slightly, and when his gaze landed on the Starnet Stones, he gulped.

“Brat, don’t blame me for not reminding you that the director has a bad temper,” said the senior fiercely, seemingly trying to regain his dignity as a senior after accepting the bribe. Bai Xiaofei did not seem to care.

“Just take me to him. What’s the name of the director?” asked Bai Xiaofei, his tone still frosty. At the same time, he summoned both Huskie and Blackie. The connection between animate puppets and the puppet master had no limitation in terms of range. That was why he had always allowed them to freely roam around.

“Di Jiang…,” the senior said, his voice growing weaker and weaker. For some unknown reason, when Bai Xiaofei turned frosty, all his courage seemed to vanish. 

Under the lead of the senior, Bai Xiaofei arrived at a building soon after. Since there were a lot of new faces coming in and out today, the two weren’t stopped on their way.

“This is it. All the teachers of our faculty are here. The director is on the highest floor. But without a teacher leading the way, no students will be allowed entry,” said the senior with a look of contempt, seemingly jeering at Bai Xiaofei for doing this for nothing.

But right after he said that, two crisp barks sounded in the air. Then, Huskie leapt into Bai Xiaofei’s arms while Blackie appeared soundlessly on Bai Xiaofei’s shoulder.

“I’ll be relying on you this time. If you mess this up, I will cut your supply of dog food!” Bai Xiaofei threatened while channeling his origin energy into Huskie’s body. Animate puppets all had their own energy within their body, and even without their owner’s origin energy, they would still be able to operate. But the natural recovery of animate puppets was rather slow. And thus, their own energy would normally be saved for emergencies.

That did not matter for now. With the senior looking at them, Huskie slowly transformed into a human, ultimately taking on the appearance of Jing Cheng. Jing Cheng was the vice principal in charge of discipline in the academy. He had always been known as someone strict, and because of that, he was also a person many people in the academy feared.

“You…you are…” the senior senior stuttered, his eyes wide, unable to complete his sentence.

“Senior, I have not given you the Starnet Stones for nothing. I don’t want to hear any rumors lingering around after this. I will remember your face,” Bai Xiaofei said coldly. Then, he started walking towards the teacher’s building, following behind Huskie. The senior who was left behind gulped before fleeing like his life depended on it.

I saw nothing! I saw nothing! He kept reminding himself. He seemed to have been scared out of his wits. 

As for Bai Xiaofei, he walked toward the building without fear, entering in a rather tyrannical fashion by kicking the door open.

“Where is Di Jiang? Get your ass out here!”

Bai Xiaofei’s crisp voice reverberated in the first floor. The teachers around were all stunned.

This…what’s going on?

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