Chapter 212: The Demon of Illusions That Is on the Verge of Disbandment

After the initial shock, Bai Xiaofei decided to accept the Demon of Illusions for what it was. What could he do when he had already signed the slave contract?

Damn it, it turns out to be a slave contract after all…

The somewhat distressed Chu Liuyun continued her introduction, and Bai Xiaofei finally gained clarification on the actual circumstance of the Demon of Illusions and the reason for the warm welcome he had received.

Apart from Chu Liuyun and Yun Sheng, the other members were the triplets, respectively called Leng Liuli, Leng Liushuang, and Leng Liuying. As mentioned by Chu Liuyun, these five were all the students of the Demon of Illusions. As for the pretty middle-aged woman who Bai Xiaofei thought to be a teacher, she was the one and only member of the teaching crew in the Demon of Illusions, also the director of faculty, the deputy director…and so on. Simply put, she alone occupied all positions here.

Perhaps this was the only faculty where a teacher could have a promotion unhindered. But Bai Xiaofei was quite surprised to find out the pretty middle-aged woman’s name and identity. She was Lei Min, Lei Shan’s granddaughter.

Of course, that was something Chu Liuyun had secretly told Bai Xiaofei. Lei Min and Lei Shan had a bad relationship for an unknown reason. But no matter what, everyone acknowledged the fact that the Demon of Illusions had been able to remain a faculty even in their current state because of Lei Shan shouldering all the pressure for them.

During the academy meetings, it had been suggested many times that the Demon of Illusions be disbanded. As a faculty with only a few members, they occupied a space comparable to any other faculty in the academy. It was understandable that they had become a source of contention.

Recently, there were indications that Lei Shan was no longer able to hold the pressure back. As a solution, Lei Min made a bet with the directors of the other faculties. During the next grade evaluation between the faculties, the Demon of Illusions would no longer be at last place. Everyone immediately agreed with the bet the moment it was proposed.

As far as they were concerned, the Demon of Illusions had zero chances of winning the bet. The grade evaluation was the final grade obtained after taking into account various factors. Among them, three particular factors had the greatest weight on the grade.

The three were respectively making profits for the academy, the points their students had on the Starnet Ranking, and the yearly martial arts competition between the faculties. With the current state of the Demon of Illusions, they were undeniably the weakest in all three aspects.

The Furnace of Agarwood and Hammer of Refinement had always been the main wealth generators among the various faculties. As for the other faculties, they each had several stores they relied on. On the other hand, the Demon of Illusions was the poorest of the faculties and did not even have a store. In other words, the Demon of Illusions had zero income. In fact, after deducting the expenditures of the five students, they would at times have negative income.

There wasn’t even a point mentioning their points on the Starnet Ranking. With the few students they had, even if the students were exhausted to death, they would not be able to get points comparable to the other faculties that had hundreds or even thousands of students. The other faculties only needed each student to contribute one point each, and they would already be able to defeat the Demon of Illusions.

As for the martial arts competition, it was even more pointless. Forget about them having insufficient students. Even if their students were several times larger in number than the other faculties, they still wouldn’t be a match. From Master Rank onwards, the mental strength of puppet masters would start giving them resistance to illusions.

In short, the Demon of Illusions was on the verge of disbandment. In such dire straits, an opportunity appeared for them in the form of Chu Liuyun’s first meeting with Bai Xiaofei. From when Bai Xiaofei first started making money through the Blossom Ranking, Chu Liuyun had been paying attention and had gained an understanding of him through Yun Jingshuang.

During the second time Bai Xiaofei used the Blossom Ranking to make a profit, Chu Liuyun realized how resourceful this new student was. The creation of the New Student Mutual Aid Community and the blossom ticket reinforced Chu Liuyun’s confidence in her judgment. That was why Chu Liuyun had selected Bai Xiaofei as her blossom emissary during the Blossom Banquet. This was so she could introduce herself to Bai Xiaofei and get a chance to know him more.

When Chu Liuyun found out that Bai Xiaofei’s first puppet was actually an Illusion Stream puppet, she could no longer stay calm. If it wasn’t for Yun Sheng and the others stopping her, she would have charged to Bai Xiaofei’s dormitory to recruit him long ago.

Now, the person Chu Liuyun so longed for had finally arrived. She looked forward to Bai Xiaofei creating yet another miracle. Although it seemed like wishful thinking, apart from thinking wishfully, she had no other options. Although the Demon of Illusions was essentially dead, this faculty held an extremely unique meaning to her.

“This is the situation we are in. You are now one of us. Don’t think of retreating,” Chu Liuyun said with her gaze locked on Bai Xiaofei. She wore the expression of one who would not take no for an answer. After the truth had been revealed, Chu Liuyun had instantly transformed into a ferocious wolf.

“Is this me jumping into a trap all by myself?” Bai Xiaofei asked with a helpless smile.

“That’s right. This is a heavenly trap, one with no escape. Of course, you are free to express your thoughts, but it’s not like we will care,” Chu Liuyun said as she raised her brow playfully. It turned out that she was better at playing the role of a vixen than a ferocious wolf. Even Bai Xiaofei, who was already used to facing vixens, nearly lost control facing her.

“What if I do manage to win the bet for the Demon of Illusions? Will there be any rewards?” Instead of expressing his thoughts, Bai Xiaofei revealed his trademark grin of an unscrupulous merchant. Whether he was part of their faculty did not matter. Only the benefits he stood to gain mattered!

Beyond Bai Xiaofei’s expectation, his simple question stunned all of them, Lei Min included.

Is he really capable of winning the bet for us?

After a moment of stupefaction, a look of pleasant surprise appeared on their faces.

“I heard you have many beauties around you. If you don’t mind getting another four obedient senior sisters, all of us will be your rewards,” Chu Liuyun said, holding Bai Xiaofei’s shoulder and forcing him to stay seated in the chair. She stared straight at Bai Xiaofei with her seductive eyes and lightly nibbled her lips. Bai Xiaofei gulped.

That was not all. Right after Chu Liuyun said those words, the triplets came over as well. All four of them surrounded Bai Xiaofei in the middle. Bai Xiaofei’s mind went blank, and he couldn’t even determine whose hands were roaming his body anymore. After all, all three of the triplets looked the same.

“As Big Sister Liuyun said, we are all very obedient,” said Leng Liuli, the eldest of the triplets.

“Um, as for me, I can cook, do your laundry, massage, and everything else!” declared Leng Liushuang. Her tone of voice was slightly different from her elder sister’s – as in she sounded rather obedient.

“I am not as great as my second sister, but I can warm your bed. Is that fine?” Leng Liuying was incredibly straightforward. She was also the bravest with her hands, as one of her hands had already slipped through Bai Xiaofei’s collar. With her slender fingers, she clawed Bai Xiaofei’s chest.

Oh shit, oh shit!

Any healthy man would have a “reaction” towards this. Despite his body’s honest reaction, inwardly, Bai Xiaofei was extremely nervous. He truly wanted to eat them up, but it was obvious these four would not be a free meal. The consequence of this meal would definitely be extremely difficult to deal with.

“Give me some space to clear my mind,” Bai Xiaofei gulped and uttered the words he did not want to say. But he had no options. He could not eat them up right then and there, right?

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