Chapter 211: Is This Even a Faculty?

Bai Xiaofei rushed along, and by the time he saw the signboard of the Demon of Illusions, the registration time was already over. While approaching the Demon of Illusions’ place, doubt surfaced in his heart.

Weird, why is it so dead here? Along the way, for the other faculties, even if they were not packed full with people, there were still large crowds everywhere. Is it because the registration is ending? Um, that must be the case!

Bai Xiaofei consoled himself, yet he couldn’t avoid having a bad premonition. He felt like he had been tricked or something… And his suspicion was confirmed when he saw Chu Liuyun and the others who were so happy to see him.

“Fellow student, you must be Bai Xiaofei. I finally have the chance to see you in person. I have been watching all your matches. By the way, I am Yun Sheng, student of batch 197. My main puppet is a flute, I’m good at creating illusionary lands, and my hobby is singing. Of course, if you have any other hobbies, I am willing to learn them as well!” blurted Yun Sheng the moment he rushed toward Bai Xiaofei. The sudden overdose of information caused Bai Xiaofei to be stupefied.

Bai Xiaofei wasn’t able to remember much of what Yun Sheng said, but what he said gave Bai Xiaofei a feeling that it had been decades since this person had a chance to converse with anyone.

“Yun Sheng, don’t overdo it!” Chu Liuyun remarked coldly. This gave Yun Sheng a fright, causing him to quickly take two steps back.

“Junior, don’t mind me. It has been a very long time since I’ve seen someone new. I got carried away,” Yun Sheng promptly explained himself after being rebuked by Chu Liuyun. Bai Xiaofei broke out in cold sweat.

Sure enough… But even if there haven’t been many new people joining, you don’t have to be so excited right? I have met many seniors but none of them were this excited!

The doubt in Bai Xiaofei’s heart increased.

“It has been a while, my guardian,” said Chu Liuyun. She leisurely walked towards Bai Xiaofei and flashed him a sweet smile, a smile that put him in a short trance. Fortunately, he was able to immediately recover from the trance.

Illusion technique? Holy shit, this is quite strong! I didn’t even see her using her puppet!

“Oh…sorry, seniors. My celebration with my classmates went too late last night…”

“Don’t worry about it. You are not late at all. In fact, you arrived just in time. Don’t feel bad,” said the triplets, who had been incomparably dispirited when they thought Bai Xiaofei wasn’t joining. Even Bai Xiaofei’s apology was pushed away. Once again, Bai Xiaofei was stunned.

Such easygoing seniors?

Bai Xiaofei began, “Then—”

“You’re here to join the Demon of Illusions, right?”

Again, Bai Xiaofei’s words were interrupted. This time, it was the pretty middle-aged woman who had interrupted him. Her deep voice gave Bai Xiaofei a jolt, while the passionate seniors all turned nervous at the question. Everyone fixed their gazes at Bai Xiaofei.

A gaze was definitely something with a destructive power. At the very least, right this moment, these gazes were causing Bai Xiaofei to be flustered. He had a feeling that if he said “no”, something bad would happen. He gulped, and for the sake of his personal safety, he nodded with a soft “um”.

“Sign this then. After signing it, you will officially be a part of the Demon of Illusions,” said the pretty middle-aged woman as a form appeared in her hand. All the blanks in the form had already been filled; the only thing left was for Bai Xiaofei to sign it.

After reading through the form several times, Bai Xiaofei confirmed that this was a regular registration form. Thus, he picked up the pen and signed his name. But for some reason, he felt like he had just sold himself into slavery…

“Welcome, Student Bai Xiaofei. From today, you are a member of Starnet Academy’s Demon of Illusions!”

A second ago the pretty middle-aged woman still had a solemn face, but now, a wide smile spread across her face. The joy of it was comparable to the joy of a child who had gotten to eat a piece of candy. As for Chu Liuyun and the others, they were even happier. They cheered in excitement, and it seemed like the only thing lacking for this celebration was to toss Bai Xiaofei high up into the air.

“Come, junior, let us give you a tour!”

“Yes, feel free to ask us anything. We will give you a satisfactory answer!”

Two of the triplets surrounded Bai Xiaofei on both sides, completely treating him like family. They each hung an arm around Bai Xiaofei’s arm and started heading towards the Demon of Illusions’ faculty district. The faint fragrance of women drifted into Bai Xiaofei’s nose, penetrating deeply into his heart, sending him into a short trance again.

I thought you are Iceberg Snowlotuses? Why do I feel like you are hot spring lotuses instead? Is this the treatment all new students get? Where’s the so-called ragging? Also, you are all overlooking my tardiness just like that?

Numerous questions popped into Bai Xiaofei’s head. He felt like he was in a dream, yet the warmth he was feeling from both his arms reminded him that this was reality. Along the way, the five seniors talked without stop. They introduced the faculty with such eagerness that it felt like they were wishing they could tear the faculty apart to show everything to Bai Xiaofei.

They took their own sweet time introducing everything to Bai Xiaofei, and by the time they reached a classroom fit for two hundred, it was only an hour away from dinner. After the tour, instead of gaining more understanding of the Demon of Illusions, he gained a question that he could not understand.

Where are the people? Where are the students of the Demon of Illusions? Have the students been borrowed by some other faculty? But that’s not possible! Or maybe the others are arriving even later than me? Or are they out on a mission? But what mission would need so many of them to the point only a few people are left?

Filled with questions, Bai Xiaofei sat down. Once again, he enjoyed the treatment of having the universe revolve around him. The five seniors surrounded him, each of them gazing at him with an incomparably loving gaze. Even the pretty middle-aged woman was staring at him like he was some treasured object.

“Junior, do you have any other questions? I am an old student from batch 196. There is nothing that I don’t know here,” Chu Liuyun said as she winked at Bai Xiaofei. She was sitting on the desk before Bai Xiaofei, and with the wink, she caused Bai Xiaofei to gulp.

Holy shit. What is this leading to? She’s even more destructive than Big Sister Xue!

“Oh, senior—”

“Don’t call me senior. It sounds like we are strangers. Just call me Liuyun or Big Sister Liuyun,” she said tenderly with her finger on Bai Xiaofei’s lips, causing Bai Xiaofei’s heart to race.

Um, you are indeed an old student. Your ability to flirt with a junior is simply off the charts!

“Ok, Big Sister Liuyun. I have a question. Where are the other members of our faculty?”

This question caused the room to fall into a temporary absolute silence, so silent that even a needle falling onto the ground could be heard.

“There are no other members. You are looking at everyone from the Demon of Illusions here,” Chu Liuyun answered, maintaining her smile with great difficulty. This was something she had never dared mention to Bai Xiaofei during the tour.

And thus, Bai Xiaofei was thoroughly dumbstruck.

All…members? Six people? Including the teacher? This…f*ck…is this still a faculty?

In his shock, Bai Xiaofei came to a realization. He understood why he had been having an odd feeling.

Demon of Illusions my ass…more like a Demonic Scam!


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