Chapter 210: New Student Registration

Book Two—Thunderstorm Bandits

Bai Xiaofei did not know how much he drank, and the only thing he remembered was being carried back to his room. He had no idea who was the one who had carried him either. By the time he opened his eyes, the sun was already high up in the sky. He was instantly hit by the awful hangover.

When Bai Xiaofei scanned the room, he found that Mo Ka and the others were no longer in the room. Only a note and a set of cold breakfast were left on the table. An awkward expression and a joyful smile surfaced on his face when he recalled what happened last night. After stretching lazily, he picked up the breakfast with one hand and the note with the other. Before he could start eating, however, he froze.

“Big Brother Fei, today is the day all the new students are reporting to their various faculties. The registration will last until noon. Be sure to check the time when you wake up.”

When Bai Xiaofei read the note, he jumped off the chair like an electrocuted bunny. In a frantic manner, he put on his clothes and rushed out the room with the breakfast still in his hand.

“Shit, Huskie, why didn’t you wake me up? What are you good for, you stupid dog?” Bai Xiaofei patted Huskie, who was in his arms, and blamed the dog for everything.

“Woof! Woof!”

“What? You tried?” Bai Xiaofei cried out in astonishment before he recalled the certain wet dream he had…

Shit! Holy shit! Luckily, it’s a good thing that wasn’t my first kiss!

Bai Xiaofei consoled himself and ran even faster. Every year, today would be the day the Starnet Academy officially got a change of blood. The fourth-year students who met the requirements to graduate would leave while those who did not meet the requirements were given the options to either stay or leave. For those who decided to repeat the year, the difficulty of their lessons would double. Therefore, not many would be willing to endure the humiliation of being a repeat student.

In any case, if they hadn’t been able to gather sufficient points to graduate after spending four years at the academy, one extra year would not help much either… At the same time, the students who had passed the recruitment through the New Student Tournament would enter the academy as new blood. They would be separated into the various faculties, becoming the new foundation of the academy.

In Starnet Academy, apart from the School of New Students, there were eleven faculties the new students could pick from. The Sword of Assault was the top choice for those in the Onslaught and Blitz Streams. This was also the faculty with the highest number of students in the academy. Both Qin Lingyan and Bai Ye were members of this faculty.

As for the Shield of Defense, as the name implied, this was a faculty those in the Defense Streams like the Ming brothers would normally select. The Eye of Hawks was paradise of Ranged Stream puppet masters, also a faculty many people who were a mixture of Energy and Ranged Streams would select.

Fist of the Beast would be the first choice of Transformation Stream puppet masters. This was also the faculty known for having the highest number of wild but beautiful girls. Any random senior sister there could be a cat-woman or something. The senior sisters here were so seductive the mere sight of them would cause one to bleed from the nose. And this year, Hu Xian’er’s entry into this faculty also filled the male students with excitement. Having the first place beauty of the Blossom Ranking in their faculty was a source of pride for them.

Light of Protection was the main faculty for the Support Stream puppet masters. At present, the Support Stream puppet masters were separated into three classifications, consisting of strengthening, healing, and control. As a vast majority of Support Stream puppet masters were female, the Light of Protection was a place many male students yearned for, as this was the faculty with the highest number of beauties.

Body of Steel was the place of congregation for martial artists. Although the Starnet Continent was a place where puppet masters reigned supreme, the Starnet Academy had not neglected the strength possessed by the martial artists. In a sense, one could say that martial artists were the main bulk of the continent’s strength.

After all, only about one in a thousand people would be a puppet master while anyone could be a martial artist. 

Gods Amongst Men was the main faculty for Energy Stream puppet masters. The performance of the Energy Stream puppet masters during the New Student Tournament had already given ample proof of their strength. They would always be the main wide-area damage dealers in any group. This was also why the Energy Stream had such a prestige. For any group, the persistent area damage dealt by Energy Stream puppet masters was invaluable.

Blade of Concealment was the holy temple of the Assassin Stream puppet masters, also known as the most mysterious place in Starnet Academy. A vast majority of those opting to be an assassin were individuals with a dark side. And thus, this faculty was the place the masses were most unwilling to visit in the Starnet Academy. One could accidentally touch someone’s taboo at any moment and earn an enemy out of nowhere. After all, the people here all operated differently from normal people.

Hammer of Refinement was the main source of puppets in the Starnet Academy, also a place the likes of Shi Kui could grow. On the continent, only those from Starnet Academy’s Hammer of Refinement and Ethereal Pavilion’s Puppetsmith Holy Mountain were acknowledged as Puppetsmiths.

Likewise, Starnet Academy’s Furnace of Agarwood shared similar status with Infinite Mountain Range’s Alchemist Pavilion. The Furnace of Agarwood was responsible for all healing tasks in the academy. Apart from the ten faculties mentioned, there was an additional faculty in the academy, an extremely special faculty, the Demon of Illusion. Why was it special? We would know soon. Bai Xiaofei was heading there right this moment.

“Boss Liu Yun, are you sure that Bai Xiaofei brat will come? Why have I heard from the Sword of Assault that Bai Xiaofei might join them due to his close combat prowess?”

Six people were standing outside the entrance of Demon of Illusion. One of them was at an age where a single glance was all one needed to know that she was not a student. She had appeared once before, the beautiful middle-aged woman that Lei Shan had previously tried his best to flatter.

Of the remaining five, four of them were women with flowers in their hands. The sole man of the group was holding a scroll, showing what they were doing here: welcoming the new students. Alas, they had been standing here for an entire morning yet not a single new student had joined them. The only reason they were still waiting here was the faith in their heart, the faith given by Bai Xiaofei.

“What are you worried about? We still have three minutes left for registration,” Chu Liuyun said with her teeth gnashed. Anxiousness covered her delicate face. But even after the three minutes passed, Bai Xiaofei, who they were waiting for, was still nowhere to be seen.

“Sigh, I told you, he is the champion. How will he come to our Demon of Illusion?” said one of the women in a dispirited manner. Standing to her sides were two other women who looked exactly the same as her. They were triplets! If Bai Xiaofei was here, he would definitely recognize them as they were extremely unique existences in the Blossom Ranking: Iceberg Snowlotuses.

The iceberg part of their name referred to their character, while snowlotuses referred to their appearances. All three of them came from a tiny country called the Kingdom of Snow. The people there had a skin that was of a much fairer shade than normal. As for the three sisters, they were among the fairest of their people. Coupled with their tall, slender-yet-curvy body and their temperament, it was hard for them to remain unknown in the academy.

After giving the street one last glance, the pretty middle-aged woman said in a dispirted manner, “Ok, let’s go. Time to go back to class.” 

The triplets and the man had already started putting their stuff away. Only Chu Liuyun was still staring ahead with hope.

“Someone is coming!”

With this cry, everyone turned their heads with a look of pleasant surprise on their faces.

Is he really here?

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