Chapter 209: Promise of a Lifetime! (2)

“I suppose it’s our turn next?” With a silly smirk on his face, Shi Kui stood up and made Wu Chi to do the same. “We are very bad with our words.”

“Yeah,” Wu Chi said.

“But I swear, I will definitely do right by this badge on my chest. I will become a top-tier Puppetsmith who will shock the entire continent!”

“Yes!” Wu Chi continued after Shi Kui, “And I will definitely become the best martial artist in existence!”

“I will not remain an unimportant individual anymore!”

“Yes! I will definitely be someone helpful to you in the future, Big Brother Fei!”

Then, the two raised their wine. With a smirk on his face, Bai Xiaofei raised his wine as well, and the three drained their drinks.

“So when did the two of you started behaving like Ming One and Ming Two? Have you two turned into twins?” Xing Nan remarked. She took the words right out of Bai Xiaofei’s mouth. However, the two did not care.

“What do you know?”

“This is us being unique!”

They were definitely keeping to it until the end…The two sat down, and next, it was the turn of the actual twins to stand up. After being together for three months, everyone in the Savage Class had obtained a special ability: to differentiate the Ming brothers from each other!

“Big Brother Fei!”

“A toast from us brothers.”

“We don’t have much to say.”

“Just wait for us to be great.”

“Call for us anytime.”

“We’ll be there anytime.”

Then, they drained their wine. In the Savage Class, the Ming brothers had always been the ones who were the most willing to undertake any task despite any criticisms they might receive. Regardless of how tiring or dirty the task was, they would not reject it. In terms of being simple and honest, these two brothers were the best representatives of this trait.

“That day will come. And on that day, you two will still remain the sturdiest shield under my command!” declared Bai Xiaofei before draining his glass of wine. After draining the glass, he turned it upside down to show that the glass had been emptied.

“We will be waiting!”

“For that day to come!”

After that, the brothers sat down. Next, Chen Hui, the only male in the class who had yet to toast Bai Xiaofei, stood up.

“In truth, I was the one who was the most unconvinced of you in the beginning,” Chen Hui announced, grabbing the title of “Bai Xiaofei hater” from Xu Chen. Of course, that was no secret. In the beginning, his distaste for Bai Xiaofei had never been hidden.

“I grew up bearing the hope of everyone around me. To speak the truth, in the past, I had never thought of that as a tiresome burden. But the time I spent in the Savage Class taught me how badly mistaken I was.”

Chen Hui paused and took out his Snowfreeze Pearl.

“My mother used to be a puppet master of a decent fame. But she had decided to marry my father, a commoner. I could never understand her decision. But now, I can. No matter how strong a puppet master becomes, only when the people he cares about are happy will his strength have a meaning to it. Perhaps protecting those I love was the reason my mother had passed me this Snowfreeze Pearl, not so I could shoulder the so-called hope the people have for me. That was something I had realized after following you, Big Brother Fei.”

Chen Hui then wrapped his fingers around the pearl and stared straight into Bai Xiaofei’s eyes, his own eyes filled with gratitude.

“Oh…though I don’t know how you learned all that from me, I am still happy for you. I trust a day will come when you become an excellent puppet master!” Bai Xiaofei replied, his voice filled with conviction. This time, he was the first to drain his wine.

“Big Brother Fei, I don’t know where I will go in the future, but I am the same as Mo Ka and the others. So long as you need me, I will be there!”

Then, Chen Hui drained his wine. The wine was so strong he felt like crying. As he was never a drinker, he sat down with his face flushed red.

“Don’t be in a rush to sit down. It’s not over!”

Bai Xiaofei was about to sit down as he thought this was it. After all, only the females were left. However, Qi Wei stood up before he could sit down.

“Compared to the others, I am the one with the happiest past. Although my family isn’t very wealthy, but I have always been able to get the things I want. Despite that, I grew up feeling like something was missing from my life. And thus I came here,” Qi Wei started telling her story, her voice turning emotional.

“Then, the Savage Class told me the answer. What I lacked is friendship…”

Abruptly, she started sobbing. She looked at every single face around the table, unable to bear with the thought of parting with them. It was as if she was trying to carve every single one of these faces into her brain.

“Hey, hey, hey, you are overreacting! It’s not like we will never meet again,” Bai Xiaofei promptly remarked as he feared Qi Wei would suddenly start crying.

“Yes, yes, yes, we need to meet each other frequently in the future! Class monitor…no, Big Brother Fei, hee hee, I have been wanting to call you that for a very long time,” Qi Wei said and stuck her tongue out, showing her mischievous side even while her eyes were still wet with tears.

“Sure, call me anything you want. You are the boss.”

“Um, thank you, Big Brother Fei. Thank you for turning the Savage Class into a class filled with friendship. Thank you for not abandoning any of us. A toast to you!” Qi Wei raised her head and downed her wine as well. She wanted to act in a carefree manner for once, but unfortunately, she choked on her wine while downing it, causing her to keep coughing.

“Why would anyone love drinking something like this?” Qi Wei complained with a frown. Everyone roared in laughter at her. In the Savage Class, the males would not give the females any special treatment. Then again, Wang Hang was extremely nervous seeing Qi Wei choking. With Qi Wei taking the lead, Zhu Nuo and Duan Yiyi summoned their courage to stand up as well, with Zhu Nuo being the first to speak.

“Big Brother Fei, I will be calling you this in the future. In truth, I feel like I don’t deserve this badge. I know my limits. Without you guys, I won’t even survive the first round,” Zhu Nuo said. She had always been someone who conducted herself in a free and unrestrained manner, but today, she was behaving timidly, completely different from her usual self. Fortunately, this did not last long.

“However, I, Zhu Nuo, swear that a day will come when I can stand by everyone’s side and prove myself worthy of this badge with my own strength!” Zhu Nuo declared with an unwavering resolution.

“Don’t get overly excited. Relax. Even if you are not a puppet master, we can still stand together,” Bai Xiaofei said with a laugh before he downed his wine. As for Zhu Nuo, like Qi Wei, she forced the wine down her throat. She did not care what Bai Xiaofei said. Since she had decided on it, she would stick to it until the end.

After Zhu Nuo sat down, Duan Yiyi stood up. In terms of change, Fang Ye was the Savage Class student who had changed the most, with Duan Yiyi being a close second behind him. In the beginning, even speaking a full sentence had been extremely difficult for her. But now, she was capable of holding normal conversations with others. The shameless and unrestrained attitude of the Savage Class students had played a big part in this change.

“Class monitor, I am not good with my words. But I will never forget any single one of the people here. In the future, I will also work hard. I won’t bring shame to the Savage Class!” As expected, Duan Yiyi’s speech was the simplest. But for her, this was already a great feat.

“I won’t forget you as well, you lucky charm who blushes all the time,” Bai Xiaofei said with a laugh and downed another glass of wine. The saying of Duan Yiyi being their lucky charm originated from their first training at the Infinite Mountain Range. Whenever they encountered any difficulty, Duan Yiyi would unintentionally solve the problem. From then on, she had been known as their lucky charm.

Sure enough, Duan Yiyi blushed again when she heard Bai Xiaofei’s words. And after she drained her glass of wine, her face became even redder. She then sat down, leaving Lin Li as the only one who had yet to toast Bai Xiaofei. But this time, Bai Xiaofei spoke before she could stand up.

“Lin Li can skip this. She is oversensitive to liquor. Everyone here knows that.”

The moment he said that, everyone started jeering and gazing at him with a hidden meaning.

“I will drink on her behalf, how about that?” Bai Xiaofei said and poured himself another glass of wine and drained it. After drinking this much, even if he had a good capacity for liquor, he was feeling tipsy. But this was not the end. After placating everyone, he poured another glass of wine and slowly turned to face Xue Ying.

“On behalf of everyone in the Savage Class, let me toast the greatest contributor of our accomplishments. The Savage Class would not be the Savage Class of today without you.”

Bai Xiaofei did not say too much. After all, everyone knew Xue Ying’s contributions.

“I should thank all of you as well. If you guys did not get first place, I would have been forced to resign.” It was quite rare for Xue Ying to be so polite. Nevertheless, she deserved this toast. She drained her glass of wine, and this was the happiest glass of wine she had ever drunk. After toasting Xue Ying, Bai Xiaofei poured himself another glass.

“And this is a toast to the three months we have been together, to thank the previous us. May all of us be like the wine within this glass – something that time will not spoil, only making us grow better.”

Then, Bai Xiaofei drained his glass. Sounds of gulping resounded through the room as everyone drained their glasses with him. From the start till the end, not a single one of them had spoken anything about their separation. They knew the separation would still come no matter how much they talked about it. 

And thus, on the same day the Savage Class students left their mark in the history of Starnet Academy, the Savage Class became history as well.

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