Chapter 208: Promise of a Lifetime! (1)

After shifting their focus back to why they had come here in the first place, their mental state went through a complete shift. The incident with Rui Mengqi had not affected any of them as they started feasting, laughing, and joking. Everything returned to how it had always been. But as time passed, they exhausted their topics of conversation, and slowly, the atmosphere turned solemn.

“Big Brother Fei, a toast for you!” Mo Ka stood up, and with his body swaying about, he toasted Bai Xiaofei. He wore a solemn face, which Bai Xiaofei couldn’t say no to, and when Bai Xiaofei stood up, words burst from Mo Ka’s mouth.

“Big Brother Fei, although you are usually so lazy you don’t do anything, although you want us to wake you up every morning but will still beat us up afterward, although you would always force me to bring you meals whenever you’re hungry, although you would use us as scapegoats every single time there’s trouble, although you have caused us to be beaten by the seniors and be placed under observation by the teachers…”

Bai Xiaofei nearly dropped his glass when he heard that.

“However, Big Brother Fei, you have given me a new life! I am a nobody from a small town. I had only joined the academy because of a bet. But now, a trash like me has actually received the highest glory a Starnet Academy student can receive. I have even reached the peak of the Proficient Rank. I now have a violet-grade puppet and can afford eating the most expensive food in Starnet Academy every single day. All these are what I have never dared imagine having before. Thanks to you, all this has turned into a reality for me. You have transformed a trash into a hero!”

As Mo Ka spoke, tears dripped down his eyes. When his classmates heard his words, their eyes reddened as well. Bai Xiaofei was the only one still holding his tears in with great difficulty.

“If possible, I, Mo Ka, will follow you, Big Brother Fei, my entire life. But I know that I’m not qualified to follow you yet. But don’t worry, Big Brother Fei. A day will come when I, Mo Ka, become someone useful to you!”

Then, Mo Ka drained his glass of wine in one gulp. Bai Xiaofei did the same as well.

“That day will definitely come,” Bai Xiaofei said, staring straight at Mo Ka.

“Heh heh, if you truly believe that as well, I won’t be as anxious anymore,” Mo Ka grinned with tears still dripping down his face. His current expression looked incredibly ugly, and with the ugly expression still on his face, Mo Ka plopped back down into his chair.

“Big Brother Fei, allow the two of us to toast you as well.”

Right after Mo Ka sat down, Xing Nan and Zhu Sisi stood up. During the past three months, Xing Nan had been free from Zhu Sisi’s control. Because of that, his real nature had been completely liberated. He now spoke mercilessly, and his shamelessness was now second only to Bai Xiaofei’s. Of course, his change had also caused him to be on the receiving end of his brothers’ beatings.

“In truth, us people of the south do not generally leave the south. Perhaps for you guys, becoming a student of the Starnet Academy is the best thing that could happen. But for us, the south will always be the best place,” Xing Nan spoke solemnly. The others were not used to this. However, everyone still listened seriously.

“Zhu Sisi’s mother had fallen sick, and she had required a medicine from our clan to cure her of the sickness. And it turns out that my clan was trying to gain outside knowledge for the clan. And thus, we both volunteered to join the Starnet Academy as part of the deal for the medicine. Therefore, we were initially unhappy that we had to come here.”

Xing Nan paused, the bleak expression on his face replaced by a smile.

“However, the Savage Class has changed our perception of the outside world. That is especially true for you, Big Brother Fei. You make us feel free and unrestrained, making us feel at home again. Moreover, you have helped us greatly. I am now looking forward to the day when we are back home. Everyone will be shocked to see our change. Thank you, Big Brother Fei!”

Then, Xing Nan and Zhu Sisi drained their glasses as well, followed by Bai Xiaofei who did the same.

“I trust the two of you will become more outstanding.”

“I do hope so. Big Brother Fei, remember to visit the south in the future. We will give you a good reception,” Xing Nan said with a smirk, shifting back to his usual temperament.

“Oh, by the way, our Holy Maiden is very beautiful!” Zhu Sisi said, seemingly wishing for the world to be in chaos. Bai Xiaofei broke out in cold sweat when he heard that.

“It’s my turn. My turn,” said Xu Chen as she stood up after pulling Zhu Sisi back to her seat.

“Class monitor, in truth, I couldn’t accept you in the beginning. You were obviously of the worst stream, the Illusion Stream. So what makes you worthy of being above us? But as time passed, my opinion of you changed. Combat power is not the sole way of measuring a person’s strength. You are the best example of that,” Xu Chen revealed. She had been hiding her initial dislike of Bai Xiaofei very well, as nobody had realized it.

“I don’t have a sob story to tell. I am an orphan, and my only goal is to become strong. You have helped me take the first step on my path of growing stronger. So this toast is for you!” Xu Chen spoke in a straightforward manner as usual. After she drained her glass, she immediately sat down. Bai Xiaofei paused awkwardly because he hadn’t been able to react before she had sat back down.

“What I have given you is not only a chance to become strong. I have even given you my brother,” Bai Xiaofei said with a smirk as his gaze landed on Fang Ye. Everyone revealed a knowing smile – a perverted knowing smile that caused both Fang Ye and Xu Chen to blush at the same time.

“Big Brother Fei, my turn to give you a toast,” Fang Ye stood up and said, seemingly trying to take this opportunity to cover his awkwardness. “I don’t need to say much. In the future, I’m yours. You have to take responsibility for me. Otherwise, I will truly be homeless in the future.”

After a simple and short sentence, Fang Ye drained his glass. He did not have much to say. Everything he had needed to say had already been said the other night.

“Don’t worry. Your future will be a wonderful one. Trust me, and trust yourself,” Bai Xiaofei declared, looking at Fang Ye with an assuring gaze.

“Me, Big Brother Fei. My turn to toast you,” Wang Hang stood up after Fang Ye sat down.

“In truth, I don’t have much to say. Big Brother Fei, your biggest favor to me is changing Fang Ye into an entirely different person. You are the one who has awakened his real nature. This is a change that I have awaited for a very long time.” Wang Hang then drained his glass before continuing, “In the future, feel free to tell me anything you need me to do. Even if you want me to assassinate an Exquisite Rank puppet master, I will do it without second thought.”

The current Wang Yang was the perfect embodiment of a resolute, confident, and outspoken person.

“I will keep that in mind. You are a future master assassin. I might need your help to deal with some of my enemies in the future.”

Bai Xiaofei spoke in a dramatic fashion, yet he did not feel like he was exaggerating at all. With puppets such as the Shadowflash Shoes and Dao of Assassins, Wang Hang was destined to have a great future. As Feng Wuhen had said, those two puppets were very rare even within the Ethereal Pavilion. With Wang Hang having both of them, he was in a sense incredibly lucky. Of course, whether the Ethereal Pavilion had been intentionally keeping those two puppets for Wang Hang would forever remain unanswered. 

Wang Hang sat back down. At this point, half of Savage Class had already toasted Bai Xiaofei.

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