Chapter 205: Generous Rewards!

“First, let us welcome class 56, placing fifth in this tournament!”

When the group of students led by Zhao Ziyun heard Lei Shan’s words, they had pleasant surprise on their faces. They had never expected to receive the additional rewards, as they had placed last during the final round.

“Although your class has the lowest number of points among the top five, everyone can see that all of you have performed splendidly. Placing last is not a disgrace, as you are all still the elites of your generation.”

This was Lei Shan’s sincere acknowledgement of their strength. For Zhao Ziyun and his classmates, even if they received no other rewards, just these words were already a sufficient reward.

“As an acknowledgement to your strength, each of you will obtain a reward of five thousand Starnet Stones.”

Some were happy with this reward while some were disappointed. This wasn’t exactly a small sum of money, but it wasn’t a large sum of money either. Then again, this was a pretty good reward for a fifth-place holder, and it was much better than getting no reward.

“Next, class 147. Your class has the lowest number of students, yet you have performed exceedingly well. The indomitable spirit displayed by your class is something everything in the Starnet Academy can learn from. You will be rewarded with a one-use core of the violet grade.”

When Yan Suzi and her classmates heard that, they were all elated. Although this was a one-use consumable, it was a violet-grade item and was quite valuable. Even if they decided to not use the reward themselves, they could still sell it for a large sum of money.

After giving Yan Suzi’s class their reward, Lei Shan looked at Luo Han’s class.

“Next, the third-place holder, class 121. I have to admit that you guys have performed remarkably. The strength your class has demonstrated so far is absolutely sufficient for you to reach all the way to the top if you had appeared in any previous year instead. I hope all of you can learn from your mistakes – and to reach an even higher height.”

Then, numerous puppet cores with a violet glow flew out of Lei Shan’s palm.

“You will also be rewarded with cores, but these cores are inheritable. Although I don’t know if this is what you want, I believe these cores will definitely be helpful for all of you.”

Lei Shan’s words sent everyone into shock. The ten-plus violet cores he had rewarded were worth several dozen millions of Amethyst Coins. Everyone started looking forward to Lei Shan’s upcoming rewards. After all, if even the third place class members could get a violet core each, the rewards for the first- and second-place classes should be even better. It did not take long for everyone to have their curiosity answered.

“Class 21 students, in all honesty, you need to be thankful that you have a good class monitor. Hu Xian’er is definitely one of the top students even in the entirety of Starnet Academy. Without her, it would have been very hard for your class to get this result.”

Lei Shan was ruthlessly honest to the point Bai Kai and the others felt embarrassed when they heard his comment.

“But do not be unduly humbled. I trust all of you have obtained sufficient experience from this tournament. Study hard in the academy. I look forward to the day all of you become an elite like your class monitor.”

Then, numerous pieces of golden tickets flew towards the class 21 students.

“These are the vouchers for Ethereal Pavilion. With them, each of you can freely redeem one violet-grade puppet. You can even request a custom-made puppet.”

That stunned everyone. They had already expected the second-place reward would be great, but this had still surpassed their expectations.

Each year, the Ethereal Pavilion would put some of these vouchers out for sale. And each year, they would sell not more than five hundred of these vouchers, with the five hundred vouchers being spread among their various branches throughout the continent.

Even getting one of these vouchers required immense luck. Yet Lei Shan was here giving away more than ten of them at once. The strength of the Starnet Academy was indeed something nobody could see through. 

After seeing the vouchers, the spectators all held their breath in nervousness. Was there anything more valuable than Ethereal Pavilion’s limited vouchers? Nobody dared to imagine what the next reward would be. They were afraid that the thought of that would cause them so much envy they wouldn’t be able to sleep tonight.

“And next, let us move on to the people who have created a miracle today.”

Finally, Lei Shan arrived before the Savage Class students.

“The Savage Class has existed as long as the Starnet Academy itself. This class has always been a class where the worst students congregated. Nearly two hundred batches of students have been recruited in the history of Starnet Academy, yet less than twenty Savage Class students have managed to successfully graduate. Today, all of you have breathed new life into the Savage Class.”

Lei Shan seemed to have transformed into a radio, talking without stop.

“I don’t know what word I can use to describe your achievement. Therefore, I will give this to you as your reward for creating a miracle.”

Sixteen golden badges appeared in Lei Shan’s palm. Everyone stopped breathing when they saw what he had in his palm.

Luo Xi had remained silent throughout the rewards, but she couldn’t help but cry out in alarm when she saw what Lei Shan had in his hand. “Principal, this—” 

“Since I have already taken them out, are you guys trying to make me put them away?” Lei Shan interrupted Luo Xi with a slight smile on his face.

“Take it!” Xue Ying quickly poked Bai Xiaofei and whispered to him, her voice filled with surprise and anxiousness. She was afraid that Lei Shan would really put his rewards away. What he was rewarding was too precious: Starnet Brilliance!

This was an item that was unranked but known as a divine tool in the continent. Firstly, this item represented supreme glory in Starnet Academy. Since the establishment of Starnet Academy, only twenty-three Starnet Brilliances had been given out.

Without fail, every single person who had obtained one had eventually become a legend. Just by having this item, one would be able to do anything one wished in the continent. There were only ninety-nine Starnet Brilliances in existence, and this number would never increase.

The technology required to create this item was something that did not exist on the current continent. They had been personally obtained by Lei Shan from the vestige, and apart from Starnet Academy, no other organization had it.

In addition to being a sign of glory, the Starnet Brilliances also had a heaven-defying ability. An individual with a Starnet Brilliance would be able to activate a one-time absolute defense with a duration of three seconds. Take note on the fact that this was an absolute defense.

Immune to all barrier piercing abilities, this absolute defense was capable of blocking everything. Moreover, it was not a puppet. One only needed to have this item to use it, and there were no usage requirements. In short, this item was equivalent to an additional life.

This was something many people dreamed about having. And just like that, each Savage Class member had obtained one. It was understandable why everyone was so shocked. Of course, Bai Xiaofei was still unaware of this. But fortunately, he was a very obedient person.

“Thank you, grandpa. I will be accepting your reward,” Bai Xiaofei said cheerfully before he stepped forth and reached out to take the sixteen badges from Lei Shan’s hand. Everyone gazed at Bai Xiaofei with a look of greed. Sixteen Starnet Brilliances could even be used to buy an entire empire.

“Brat, if I find you using Starnet Brilliance to scam others, I will not let you off lightly!” Lei Shan quickly warned, suddenly thinking of something after Bai Xiaofei took the badges from him. Unknown to him, his warning had instead reminded Bai Xiaofei of what he could do.

I see…so I can do that with these…, thought Bai Xiaofei.

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