Chapter 204: The Slogan Resounding Throughout Starnet Academy!

“Ok,” said Bai Xiaofei, once again blowing the minds of the spectators.

Holy shit! He agreed?

That’s right. Bai Xiaofei had agreed. Right after he said that, apart from him, all the other Savage Class students walked down from the ring. At the same time, class 21 members walked down one after another as well. This strange situation stunned everyone. By the time the other Savage Class members had left the ring, only Guo Hong was left from class 21.

“Congratulations, Boss Bai for becoming the champion of this year’s New Student Tournament. Don’t forget to invite me to your celebratory feast,” Guo Hong said with a smile before raising his right hand. “I surrender!”

And with this, the result of this tournament was decided, and the champion of the 199th New Student Tournament was created. Savage Class was the champion this year, something that had never happened in the history of Starnet Academy.

“Vice Principal Luo, time to announce the result,” Bai Xiaofei reminded with a relaxed smile on his face.

It’s finally over! The four trillion is mine!

For the very first time, an awkward expression appeared on Luo Xi’s face. Fortunately for her, the large screen was not focused on her face…

“I hereby announce that the champion for the 199th New Student Tournament is class 456!”

After the announcement, the entire public square sank into complete silence for two seconds. Next, the first spectator shouted, “Savage Class.” This ignited the entire public square!

“Savage Class!”

“Savage Class!”

“Savage Class!”

The chants rang out unendingly, and all the students of Savage Class walked to the side of Bai Xiaofei under the teacher in charge’s command.

“Big Brother Fei, is this the time to yell our slogan?” Mo Ka suggested with a smile. This was one of his very rare proposals that were actually useful.

“Sure. But…” Bai Xiaofei paused, causing everyone to be confused.

But what?

“We have to yell in an orderly fashion!” Bai Xiaofei said as he reached out with his right hand.

“Big Brother Fei, you should tell Wu Chi that. He has always been the slowest to yell,” Fang Ye said as he rested his palm above Bai Xiaofei’s hand.

“F*ck you. That’s not slow. I’m merely being cautious!” Wu Chi argued and was the third to reach out with his hand.

“He who can’t yell in an orderly fashion is a dog!” Qi Wei was as witty as ever.

“And will need to buy everyone else three meals!” Xing Nan added with a rascally grin. He held Zhu Sisi’s hand and rested both their palms on top of everyone’s hands.

“Hey, don’t cut in line. This is obviously my idea!” Mo Ka grumbled and quickly reached out as well.

Nobody else said anything, but everyone reached out and stacked their hands. The last person to send her palm out was Xue Ying. Her eyes were covered by a layer of mist.

“Big Sister Xue, lead the shout,” Bai Xiaofei said. The group that was now huddled together all focused their gaze at Xue Ying with anticipation. Without Xue Ying, there wouldn’t be the Savage Class of today. There was no doubt to that.

Xue Ying looked at each member of the Savage Class. She inhaled deeply, and with all her strength, she roared.

“Savage Class! To conquer, not conquered!”

The loud and clear shout spread out from the screen to the entire public square before finally spreading throughout the Starnet Academy.

We did it!

After the shout, a layer of mist covered all their eyes. What the spectators saw was the rather bland performance of the Savage Class. But the Savage Class students all knew how much they had gone through to reach this point. The time they spent at the mountain range hadn’t been an easy one.

“Congratulations, everyone. With your hard work, you have created history. Your names will be remembered by Starnet Academy.”

With a flash of lightning bolt, Lei Shan appeared before everyone and spoke in a deep and forceful voice. When the Savage Class students heard him, joy filled their hearts. The phrase “remembered by Starnet Academy” was not as simple as it sounded. This signified that even after leaving the Starnet Academy, stories of their feats would continue to be passed down within the Starnet Academy.

“Grandpa, time to give us the reward.” Bai Xiaofei did not care about being remembered. He only cared about the materialistic reward. He still remembered that Lei Shan had once promised them a good reward if they won.

“Stinky brat, what’s the rush? It’s not like your reward is running away from you,” Lei Shan grumbled before turning to face the spectators. But at this point, the spectators were already in a state of extreme shock.

Grandpa? Stinky brat? What the hell is this? Are they related? But if they are related, why was Bai Xiaofei sent to the Savage Class?

This question would never be answered, and thus, the spectators would have to live with their curiosity unanswered.

“Students of the top five classes, please come onto the ring. The coming moment belongs to all of you.”

Hearing Lei Shan, the other students of the top five classes who were still wallowing in their disappointment were astonished. After recovering from their initial shock, they rushed onto the ring. This was a ring where they had sweated and bleed. They felt no shame standing here.

“As an academy, the students will forever be our foundation. All of you have performed well on the ring. I believe that ten or twenty years down the road, you will all follow in the footsteps of your outstanding seniors and start spreading the name of the Starnet Academy with your own strength. I hereby take this chance to thank you all, the stars of tomorrow, on behalf of Starnet Academy.”

Upon hearing that, something seemed to have been ignited in the hearts of the top five classes. By pure instinct, all of them looked at the main platform.

One day, I will be sitting up there as well!

It was a good thing for the young to be ambitious, for only with ambition could one go far.

“I hereby announce that all students of the top five classes will be awarded three thousand Starnet Ranking points.”

These words shocked everyone. What was three thousand Starnet Ranking points? That was the minimum requirement for graduation. In other words, all the students on the ring would be able to graduate so long as they stayed four years in the academy.

The identity of a Starnet Academy graduate was akin to a free pass over the entirety of the continent. This was a barrier many fourth-year students had struggled to overcome, a barrier where countless people were stuck. And now, these students had conquered the barrier.

This was also the first time in the history of Starnet Academy such a reward had been given. This was fitting of the ample reward Lei Shan had mentioned before. But that was not all. Lei Shan waited until the cheers of the spectators subsided before he made another heavyweight announcement.

“I believe the rankings of the five classes are already clear for all to see. Let me move on to their individual rewards.”

Here it comes! Finally!

Everyone started paying their fullest attention.

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