Chapter 203: Kind of Ruthless

What Hu Xian’er did stirred the lust within Bai Xiaofei, but she turned and left the ring as if nothing had happened. After the battle they had gone through, her surrender was completely understandable. Savage Class’s performance was sufficient to wipe any doubts the spectators might have.

The crowd was curious about Bai Xiaofei’s blood, but they were forced to forget about it for now. After all, the tournament was still in progress. But for most people here, there was no longer any suspense to this tournament.

One thing of note was the fact that the entire tournament had progressed according to 90% of Bai Xiaofei’s prediction. In fact, Bai Xiaofei had been notified by Feng Wuhen the same day Zhuang Ming went to the Ethereal Pavilion.

Even after receiving the news from Feng Wuhen, Bai Xiaofei remained calm. The tipoff he received from Feng Wuhen was also the reason why he had sent the Savage Class students to the ring in the order he had chosen earlier.

Reality proved that Bai Xiaofei’s decision was right. With his arrangement, Zhao Ziyun and Yan Suzi had been forced to remain reactive instead of proactive throughout the matches. All the choices they had made for their classes had been forced instead of voluntary.

And the final result was this current situation where only one class had an absolute superiority over all other surviving classes. Firstly, nobody had expected that Hu Xian’er would be willing to fight Master Rank puppet masters of two different classes for the sake of Bai Xiaofei. Secondly, everyone had been underestimating the Savage Class students.

It was understandable why everyone underestimated the Savage Class. At one glance, apart from Lin Li, nobody in the Savage Class was particularly outstanding. However, everyone had overlooked the strength of unity and teamwork. At times, regardless of how strong an individual was, the individual was still one person with limited possibilities. When a group of people came together, their resulting teamwork could create boundless possibilities.

“I don’t mind if the three of you want to come at us one by one. But that is kind of pointless if you ask me,” Bai Xiaofei said while gazing down at the remaining three students in Luo Han’s class from above the ring. This simple sentence by Bai Xiaofei was like a sharp stab at their hearts. That’s right. Class 121 no longer stood any chance.

“We concede. We won’t be sending anyone to the ring,” Duan Tianya stepped forward and declared. The declaration was no surprise to the spectators, but they still felt regretful. As for those who had placed their bets on class 121, their bet receipts were now as good as worthless papers.

When the turn of Hu Xian’er’s class 21 arrived, she decided to send one person onto the ring and throw the match. Class 21 had a higher number of surviving students than class 56. Therefore, she could afford to sit back and wait for the completion of Bai Xiaofei’s plan.

“Don’t bother thinking too much. Class 21 will not fight us. And you don’t have the numbers to outlast them. Therefore, coming up here in full force is your only choice. Come, bring it on!” Bai Xiaofei spoke again, this time to class 56.

After speaking smugly two times in a row, some spectators could no longer stand Bai Xiaofei.

Why are you being so smug? You have only gained a tiny bit of superiority!

The crowd started jeering, but as usual, Bai Xiaofei paid them no mind. However, things were somewhat different this time as there were also spectators on his side.

So what if he’s acting smug? He has the ability to back it up! You can try acting smug as well if you have the ability to do it. What’s the point of crying here?

It seemed like the spectators were going to turn among themselves. The Savage Class members acted like they heard nothing, all of them gazing at class 56. Finally, Zhao Ziyun was forced to make his choice. Although he hated to admit it, Bai Xiaofei was right. Going up there in full force was their only hope, even though this was a very tiny hope.

All seven of them got on the ring at the same time. Both parties entered their combat stance, and from Bai Xiaofei’s angle, one could clearly see their opponents gulping in a distressed manner. There was no helping it, as they were currently greatly stressed. But regardless of their stress, they still needed to try their best.

Luo Xi declared the start of the match and both classes moved. The sole remaining Energy Stream puppet master of class 56 hovered up into the air. Next, countless blades of wind rained down upon Bai Xiaofei and his classmates. The Energy Stream puppet master believed that if he did not give it his all now, he wouldn’t have the chance to do it anymore. It was now or never. Unfortunately for him, even giving his all did nothing.

“Shield of the Black Turtle!”

“Strengthening, Sturdiness!”

The Ming brothers tossed their shields out at the same time. The shields combined to form a sturdy dome above the Savage Class students. Because the strength of the brothers and the grade of their shields had increased, the Shield of the Black Turtle had grown much sturdier and could now protect a much larger area.

Combined with Duan Yiyi’s Strengthening, it was a joke to hope that a wind Energy Stream puppet master could destroy the shield. Before long, the Energy Stream puppet master realized that his efforts were pointless. He immediately ended his ability and prepared to return to the ground.

It was at this moment that the Shield of the Black Turtle separated, revealing Xing Nan with his bow. With a wide grin on his face, he aimed his arrow at their seven opponents. Next, the enlarged arrow shot forward.

The arrow dealt two damages in a row, once when it landed and once through its explosion. Thus, this one attack sent their opponents into chaos and directly killed two Support Stream puppet masters.

Shocking everyone, all the Savage Class students started charging toward the class 56 students, regardless of their specializations. That was not all – what the spectators saw next placed them in an even larger shock.

A beat down! They were beating their opponents with bare hands!

The class 56 students tried fighting back, but to their surprise, they found that even the sturdy melee specialist of their class was being beaten by two Support Stream girls of their opposing class.

What the hell is going on? Are they bandits?

Only the miserable screams of the class 56 students could be heard. One could say that these seven students had suffered the ugliest elimination since the start of the tournament. They were beaten to death with bare hands! But why had the Savage Class decided to fight in such a brutish manner? There were many reasons for that.

Class 56 was one of those who had accepted the invitation of the Babel Merchant House. They had also joined the alliance against the Savage Class during the first round and were still prejudiced against the Savage Class. And most importantly, their class monitor had flirted with Hu Xian’er.

All these were the reasons Bai Xiaofei gave his classmates when he convinced them to beat their opponents this way. Of course, the final reason was not spoken even though it seemed to be the actual reason he had decided to do it in the first place. He was one who would take his revenge immediately, not sparing even the companions of the culprit who had attracted his wrath.

After beating the seven students to the point they turned into clumps of white light, the Savage Class members heaved a sigh of relief. Their faces glowed as they looked incredibly satisfied after the brutal beat down they had just given their opponents. The sight of this sent a chill up the spines of the spectators.

The students of this class…are kind of ruthless!

After the “work out”, Bai Xiaofei and his classmates returned to their respective positions. Now, only class 21 was left in the tournament. Thinking that the result of the tournament was now set in stone, Bai Xiaofei watched on as everyone from class 21 slowly walked up onto the ring.

That’s right. All of them. Hu Xian’er did not intend to hide her intention. At times, putting forth an act was pointless as nobody might believe it. Therefore, Hu Xian’er decided to be frank.

“We can surrender, but you will need to give us some free points. How about that?” Guo Hong said with a smile; his words were incredibly shocking to the ears of others.

Holy shit! This works?

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