Chapter 202: Crushing Defeat of Hu Xian’er

If there was one thing great about Zhu Sisi’s Pull ability, it was the fact that this ability was definitely the best weight-measuring device. This ability was able to perfectly show who was the heavier of the two people under the ability’s effect, and in this particular instance, Zhu Sisi was the lighter person.

After all, Hu Xian’er was one head taller than Zhu Sisi, and she was also much curvier than Zhu Sisi. When one compared the two, Zhu Sisi was akin to a child. Thus, the result of this ability was within Zhu Sisi’s expectation.

The instant Zhu Sisi was pulled near Hu Xian’er, she spun her body midair and gathered the momentum of her right leg, which was also equipped with the Martial Goddess's Boots. This sequence of attack would work great on any other person, but unfortunately, Zhu Sisi was facing Hu Xian’er.

“Fox Dodge!”

Hu Xian’er abruptly increased her speed and avoided a frontal clash with Zhu Sisi. At the same time, her fox claws glowed with a violet radiance as she clawed at Zhu Sisi, who couldn’t stop her kick in time.

“Burning Shield! Explosive Pierce!”

Xu Chen charged over and stabbed her Crimsonflame Sword at Hu Xian’er’s back when she saw that Zhu Sisi was about to be struck. If Hu Xian’er continued attacking, Xu Chen’s attack would strike her. After a slight hesitation, Hu Xian’er gave up on her attack, and she dodged with the Fox Dodge ability, leaving Xu Chen’s attack range. Before she could even regain her footing, however, Fang Ye’s bullet came for her again.

Left with no other options, Hu Xian’er was forced to raise her shield to defend against Fang Ye’s attack. She had barely blocked Fang Ye’s attack when Xing Nan’s energy arrow came shooting towards her. This time, the arrow was an enlarged version of itself. She was forced to activate her violet shield again, as this was the only way she could survive the attack unscathed.


Unfortunately, Hu Xian’er misjudged the incoming attack. Xing Nan had never planned for his attack to land, only to create an opening. His choice was immediately proven to be correct. The explosion of his arrow created a massive shock wave that Hu Xian’er’s shield couldn’t block. Under the fierce impact, she was sent flying into the air. While she was in the air, Bai Xiaofei appeared from his concealment and leapt up, grabbing at Hu Xian’er’s tender neck.

This was a good plan. But right as Bai Xiaofei was about to grab hold of Hu Xian’er, her shaggy tail whipped at Bai Xiaofei’s body as if she had an eye on her back. Borrowing the momentum, she pivoted her body to face Bai Xiaofei before clawing at Bai Xiaofei with her glowing claws.

“Spiral Pierce!”

In Bai Xiaofei’s moment of crisis, Wang Hang flickered into appearance midair and turned into a spinning drill stabbing towards Hu Xian’er’s back. At the same time, Bai Xiaofei grabbed Hu Xian’er’s claws, severing all possibilities she had of escaping.

The attacks of Hu Xian’er and Wang Hang both hit their respective targets. Bai Xiaofei had nearly been torn apart by the attack, but Hu Xian’er’s right arm had also been pierced through by Wang Hang’s attack.

“Fox Dodge!”

Separating herself from Bai Xiaofei and Wang Hang, Hu Xian’er kicked Wang Hang to prevent him from following up with any more attacks.

“Snowfreeze Pearl! Icefrost World!”

A violent power of frost surged out from Chen Hui. As Hu Xian’er’s shield had already been destroyed by Wang Hang’s attack, she took the entirety of Chen Hui’s attack head on.

With a complicated expression on her face, Hu Xian’er used her Fox Dodge again without hesitation, charging straight at Chen Hui. The instant she moved, Fang Ye’s attack struck the ground beneath her. If she was half a step slower, that attack would have hit her.

Although Hu Xian’er’s speed was adversely affected by the power of frost, she still had a terrifying mobility thanks to her Fox Dodge. Before anyone could catch up to her, she arrived before Chen Hui. Rather than fighting two fists, one might as well try snapping one of the fingers. Thus, Hu Xian’er decided to get rid of as many of her opponents as she could.

Everyone believed that an Energy Stream puppet master like Chen Hui would be helpless in melee range against Hu Xian’er. However, what happened next proved that assumption wrong. Chen Hui was completely calm as he narrowed his eyes. Instead of retreating, he charged forward. He allowed Hu Xian’er to grab his right shoulder with her claws, and he rested his right hand on Hu Xian’er’s shoulder that Wang Hang had just injured.

“Frost Grasp!”

Chen Hui was clearly trying to exchange an injury for an injury. The power of frost immediately spread over Hu Xian’er’s body. If she continued attacking him, half her body would freeze by the time he was defeated.

Realizing this, Hu Xian’er decisively kicked Chen Hui away. However, she had still underestimated her opponents. Chen Hui had not done what he did to save his skin. In fact, he was more than happy to continue tangling with Hu Xian’er since everything was for the sake of creating an opening for Mo Ka.

“Floating Blade, down!”

The Floating Blade had been gathering energy up in the air for a very long time. When it shot down, it moved at a speed so fast nobody could react.

“Fox Dodge!”

Continuing her struggle, Hu Xian’er tried dodging again. Unfortunately, her injuries, in addition to the intense frost, greatly reduced her agility. Ultimately, Mo Ka’s Floating Blade was able to land and leave a terrible wound on her right arm.

With both her arms injured, Hu Xian’er could no longer utilize her strongest attack. At this moment, Bai Xiaofei slowly withdrew Blackie’s Scenery Simulation ability. One by one, the Savage Class students appeared. Duan Yiyi, Zhu Nuo, and the Ming brothers had yet to do anything thus far. In other words, Hu Xian’er had failed to even force the Savage Class to use their full power.

Bai Xiaofei walked towards Hu Xian’er. He then took out a knife and sliced his palm before he started dripping his blood onto Hu Xian’er’s wound. He said, “Sorry. But in your current condition, there is no point to continue the battle. This is our victory.”

Next, something that shocked everyone happened. When Bai Xiaofei’s blood washed over Hu Xian’er’s wound, her wound started healing at a speed visible to the naked eye. In the span of a few breaths, both her arms were completely healed and were as good as new.

Holy shit! What the hell is this guy? Is he a human-shaped tonic?

In truth, what Bai Xiaofei did was completely unnecessary. No matter how one looked at it, this was something only an idiot would do. Firstly, he had revealed a secret that might attract the envy of others. Secondly, Hu Xian’er would automatically heal after she stepped off the ring. However, he had still decided to do it. He was unable to bear seeing an injured Hu Xian’er before him. This was an idiotic action, spurred by an idiotic thought. But he felt no regrets.

Since you are my woman, I will give my all to protect you at all times, even if I have to go against the entire world!

During the healing process, Hu Xian’er stood completely still in complete silence, gazing at Bai Xiaofei with a blissful smile.

“You are not allowed to lose after this. I am still waiting for you to repay me,” Hu Xian’er revealed an enchanting smile, and a seductive gaze flashed through her eyes, causing Bai Xiaofei to swallow.

She is a vixen through and through!

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