Chapter 201: Getting on the Ring

When Bai Xiaofei’s turn arrived, he finally did something different. Under everyone’s gaze, he slowly stood up from his seat, and the remaining members of the Savage Class stood up with him. In truth, he had wanted to get on the ring during the previous rotation, but due to a certain issue Qi Wei was experiencing, and also to ensure that Hu Xian’er’s class would obtain second place, he had decided to wait one extra rotation.

Now, the time had come for him to make his move. Even with all the Savage Class members on the ring, the spectators weren’t optimistic about their chances. As far as they were concerned, without a Master Rank in their class, their numbers did not matter. Moreover, a Master Rank puppet master as powerful as Hu Xian’er still stood in their path to victory.

“I thought you were going to be exploit the rules till the very end,” Luo Xi said with a sneer as she looked at Bai Xiaofei with a deep hostility in her eyes.

“Well, I’m going to be the champion, so I have to show what I can do if I don’t want to be criticized to hell after my victory. Of course, it’s not like I care about the criticism.” Bai Xiaofei then turned his head and looked at Hu Xian’er. “Thank you for everything. Let’s get going.”

With a smile on his face, Bai Xiaofei made an inviting gesture with his hand. Immediately, the people behind him scattered. Each of them took a different position, as if this had been rehearsed.

“You’re going to fight me?” Hu Xian’er looked at Bai Xiaofei with disbelief.

“I hope you can do your best. I want to see what level we’re at right now,” Bai Xiaofei voiced his honest thought, the same smile still on his face. Of course, this was not part of his original plan. If he was alone, he would have let Hu Xian’er fight until the end before giving up the championship to him.

This ultimate shortcut to the throne was more Bai Xiaofei’s way of doing things, but since he was part of the Savage Class, he couldn’t do it. Everyone in the Savage Class needed a big battle to prove themselves. They also needed to prove that Xue Ying’s education method had been correct. Therefore, this was a battle they had to fight.

“Ok. I will do my best.” Hu Xian’er took two steps back. 

Beside her, Bai Kai went into full vigilance. He had a good idea of how powerful Bai Xiaofei actually was. He did not even want to fight Bai Xiaofei, but he had to do it as he needed to have Hu Xian’er’s back.

Done talking, they started focusing on their match. Hu Xian’er still fought the same way. Since Bai Xiaofei wanted her to do her best, she was not holding back. The instant she started using her speed to transform into a phantom, the Savage Class members each crushed a fog-releasing ball. Instantly, a thick fog filled the ring.

Hu Xian’er, dashing forward, immediately stopped moving. Unlike Bai Xiaofei who knew her well, she had never figured out the extent of Bai Xiaofei’s abilities. What was hidden within the thick fog was therefore something completely unknown to her. That was why she had decided to observe them before she acted.

Fortunately, the thick fog did not stay long. Time passed, and the fog faded. But the scene that appeared shocked everyone present. The ring had completely changed, filled with countless yellow stone pillars that transformed the ring into a forest of stones.

Moreover, new stone pillars were still growing out of the ground without stop. It seemed as if the entire ring was going to change. The Savage Class members had completely hidden themselves amid the forest of stones, their whereabouts unknown.

The spectators were all stupefied, so was Hu Xian’er.

What was this? Energy Stream puppet master? That wasn’t possible, right? How much origin energy would one require to alter the environment of such a huge ring? Not to mention a Master Rank, this would be a difficult feat even for a Grandmaster Rank. What was the point of even doing this?

Even if it was possible for an Energy Stream puppet master, and they did have an Energy Stream puppet master among their ranks, wouldn’t this all be for naught if Hu Xian’er just destroyed the stone pillars? Would that Energy Stream puppet master be able to recreate yet another elemental field? If that was possible, then this was definitely an absolutely monstrous puppet master. 

While everyone was in a state of shock, Bai Kai lost his patience.

“Let me give it a try.” He immediately charged into the forest of stones. After his first attack on a stone pillar, everyone finally understood what was happening. It was an illusion! Bai Kai’s attack had phased through the stone pillar.

Everyone was hit by that realization, but at the same time, a new question popped up. Since when could an Illusion Stream puppet master do something like this? Were they having trouble with their eyes? Why did this illusion seem so real? Nobody could answer this question.

After the initial probing attack, Bai Kai decided to find all the hidden Savage Class members for Hu Xian’er. He dashed into the stone forest and charged through countless stone pillars as he searched for his opponents. This continued on and on until he crashed into an actual stone pillar that was not an illusion.

Had you ever crashed into a pole while walking? The pain Bai Kai suffered was definitely beyond the pain one would suffer from walking into a pole. After all, he was moving at a speed far beyond “walking”. 

The impact caused him to go dizzy, greatly reducing his defense. This was an opening the Savage Class members would never miss. The stone pillar beside Bai Kai immediately vanished, replaced by Zhu Sisi. Without saying anything, she landed a kick on Bai Kai’s head.

Unsurprisingly, the surprise attack instantly transformed Bai Kai into a clump of white radiance. Then, Zhu Sisi vanished into a stone pillar again. The spectators were all stunned when they saw this. 

So not all of the pillars were illusions? Furthermore…wasn’t this fighting method a tad bit too dirty?

That wasn’t even the end of their dirty fighting. By the time Bai Kai was defeated, the ring was already fully populated with stone pillars. Then, the Savage Class started their assault. Fang Ye was the first to attack. Two energy bullets were shot out, and Hu Xian’er was able to immediately sense the incoming crisis. She activated her Fox Dodge ability and vanished, causing the bullets to hit empty air.

After the dodge, she barely landed on the ground before Xing Nan’s attack came. The attack was far more accurate and faster than Fang Ye’s attack. Instantly, a violet barrier appeared around Hu Xian’er’s body to counteract this attack.

With Fang Ye and Xing Nan having revealed their positions after attacking, Hu Xian’er decided to charge at Fang Ye. In any type of confrontation, a heavy rifle puppet master would always be the priority target. It was far too dangerous to allow a heavy rifle puppet master freedom of movement.

Naturally, the Savage Class would not allow this to happen. Right as Hu Xian’er was about to reach Fang Ye, Zhu Sisi appeared and charged at her. Although Zhu Sisi was a Blitz Stream puppet master, she was still far slower than Hu Xian’er. Fortunately, Hu Xian’er was not moving at her top speed, and she had to travel around the stone pillars. With the constant shift in direction, the difference between her speed and Zhu Sisi’s speed wasn’t that huge.

After all, sufficient distance was required for her to pick up her acceleration. Why was she not ignoring the stone pillars? Bai Kai’s fate from earlier was the answer for that.


The moment Zhu Sisi appeared, she activated her puppet’s ability. With this, the hunt for Hu Xian’er began.

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