Chapter 2 Taking A Master? Getting Screwed!

The geezer, unable to conceal his joy, grabbed tightly onto Bai Xiaofei’s hands. As his laughter gradually stopped, he asked, “Have you ever eaten something strange?”

It was this question that stunned Bai Xiaofei.

How did this geezer know…?

“Right, when I was young, I had eaten a scarlet-red fruit found on the side of a precipice. I had a fever for three days, and afterwards, my origin energy wouldn’t respond to me. Huskie was my puppet from before then.” As he replied truthfully, a trace of anticipation suddenly arose in Bai Xiaofei’s heart.

In this world where puppet masters were the boss, there was no one who wanted to be a cripple incapable of utilizing origin energy.

If this geezer could help me…

“Right!” the geezer exclaimed as the joy on his face grew deeper. “The reason you’re incapable of sensing your origin energy is because that fruit is of heavenly origin, but the capacity of your body was too small and inadequate to contain that much origin energy. So once it filled up, your body sealed its own meridians, and naturally, you were unable to sense the existence of your origin energy once your meridians were blocked.”

Indeed, this was the first time Bai Xiaofei had heard such an explanation. His foster parents had searched through countless books due to his troubles, yet they had never found an answer.

“But logically speaking, you should have directly exploded due to the pent-up energy, so how could you have possibly survived until now?” As the geezer spoke, a trace of bewilderment appeared on his face, but it soon vanished. “Who cares! It’s good so long as you survived! And meeting me is even better!” The geezer, addicted to speaking to himself, laughed once more as he stared fixedly at Bai Xiaofei.

“Grandpa…you...I...” The geezer’s aggressive gaze caused Bai Xiaofei’s hairs to stand on end, and he somehow had the feeling that his “chrysanthemum” twitched…

“There are only two cultivation techniques in the entire world that can help you with your current condition. The first is the Moonlight Empire’s Moongod Technique, but it’s that empire’s secret technique. There are fewer than ten people within the entire Moonlight Empire who have the qualifications to cultivate it, to speak nothing of an outsider learning it.

“The second is an incomplete divine technique that I had obtained in my early years and that I’ve used a lifetime’s worth of energy to perfect – the Lunisolar Brilliance!” The geezer’s face held a trace of pride before he revealed the smile of a “bad uncle”. “So, do you want to consider my previous suggestion?”

Swallowing a mouthful of saliva with difficulty, Bai Xiaofei admitted he was moved, but instinct drove him to choose caution due to his foster fathers. Just like how they had used “bloody” experiences to educate him, a pie wouldn’t just fall from the sky! “You said that it’s an incomplete technique that you had perfected? So, no one else has ever cultivated this thing?”

The geezer was stunned when he heard Bai Xiaofei.

“That’s because no one had the qualifications!” The geezer raised his head and tried his best to avoid letting Bai Xiaofei see his unconfident gaze.

“There are many requirements to cultivate this technique, right?”

The geezer again gulped down a mouthful of saliva. “It’s a divine technique! Isn’t it very normal for it to have some requirements!?”

Extremely astute, Bai Xiaofei noticed all this, yet his expression didn’t reveal any fluctuations.

“In actuality, you haven’t fully perfected this cultivation technique, right?”

The geezer finally couldn’t take it any longer; if he allowed Bai Xiaofei to continue asking questions like this, his plans would surely fail. “F*ck! Do you want to cultivate it or not! In any case, you’re already hopeless. Either be a cripple or be my disciple, choose!”

But what the geezer never expected was that the plot suddenly twisted!


Without giving the geezer the time to speak, Bai Xiaofei knelt heavily onto the ground then kowtowed three times.

“Your disciple, Bai Xiaofei, greets his master! I hope Master will live for a hundred more years and be filled with more vigor with each passing day!” As he intentionally placed emphasis on the word “vigor”, Bai Xiaofei reminded the geezer that he still had dirt on him and that the geezer should act accordingly!

But the geezer didn’t notice any of this, as he was already dizzy with happiness.

“Come, come, come! I’ll give you a gift for this occasion!” As he spoke, the geezer gazed at his right hand and spent a long time in contemplation. Finally, he selected and removed his smallest pinky ring and pushed it into Bai Xiaofei’s hands. “This is a spatial ring, and it possesses a hundred cubic meters of space within it. I’ve already severed its connection with me. Wrap your blood with origin energy then cover the ring with your blood, and it’ll be yours.”

Receiving the ring, Bai Xiaofei gazed blankly at the geezer.

Motherf*cker, are you f*cking playing with me? Why don’t you first let me use origin energy!

“Master, are all the other rings on your hand also spatial rings?” Wearing an innocent expression, Bai Xiaofei blinked his small eyes and pointed at the differently shaped rings on the geezer’s hand.

“Err…yes, but don’t worry, none of them are as big as yours. You’re my one and only disciple, so I surely have to give you the best!” The geezer, bearing a miserly expression, wasn’t believable in the slightest. “Oh yeah, you’re still unable to utilize origin energy, right? I’ll first resolve this problem of yours!”

As the geezer hastily changed the topic, his hand once more flashed with light, causing an antique scroll to appear. The scroll opened up and revealed an extremely long cultivation technique. Atop the technique, instructions were written in words whose penmanship didn’t conform to the scroll’s high grade.

“Master’s writing isn’t very good. Just make do with what you can identify, and if you can’t recognize something, you can ask me about it.” The geezer pushed the scroll into Bai Xiaofei’s hands as if he was throwing away trash, and no matter how Bai Xiaofei looked at the scroll, it didn’t seem like a divine technique.

The cultivation techniques for cultivating origin energy within the continent were divided into a total of nine grades. From the lowest to highest grade, they were origin grade, mortal grade, spirit grade, yellow grade, profound grade, earth grade, heaven grade, saint grade, and divine grade.

Ordinarily, the grade of a cultivation technique only affected the speed of condensing origin energy and didn’t affect anything else; however, some cultivation techniques had special effects, such as the Moongod Technique, which the geezer had previously mentioned. That one possessed extremely strong healing effects.

“What are you looking at me for? Go cultivate! It just so happens that I’m currently free and can stand guard for you.” When the geezer saw that Bai Xiaofei hadn’t moved for a long time, bewilderment covered his face, but the one who was even more aggrieved than him was actually Bai Xiaofei.

“Err…Master, aren’t you going to pass down some cultivation tips to your disciple?” Bai Xiaofei said, and then the pair stared at each other for a long time.

“Cough, cough, about this…the cultivation technique Master cultivates just so happens to be adverse to this Lunisolar Brilliance. Giving you guidance will therefore have the exact opposite effect of helping you. So, my good disciple, you can only rely on yourself.” Patting Bai Xiaofei’s shoulder, the geezer bore the expression of entrusting Bai Xiaofei with a heavy responsibility.

On the other hand, a million f*cks were currently flying about in Bai Xiaofei’s heart.

Bastard, your cultivation technique “just so happens” to be adverse to this cultivation technique, yet you still dare to perfect it?! Have you ever considered your disciple’s feelings?!

Even if I don’t know, don’t tell me that you don’t!!!

How do I cultivate it now!!!

Furious to the point of trembling, Bai Xiaofei felt for the first time in his life that he wasn’t the most despicable person in the world.

“Don’t be angry, you must be calm when you cultivate this technique; otherwise, it’s extremely easy for you to encounter qi deviation!” The geezer, seemingly displaying the rare occasion of understanding Bai Xiaofei’s thoughts, took the initiative to console him. “Don’t worry, you won’t die with me at your side, and look! The Infinite Mountain Range is covered in natural treasures, so protecting your life isn’t a problem at all!”

The geezer’s assurance was the most worrying in the world, and as Bai Xiaofei listened to it and slowly opened the scroll, his hands trembled.

I’ll leave it up to fate!!!


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