Chapter 196: Hu Xian’er Enters the Ring!

The words had barely been spoken before Lin Li erupted again after understanding what had happened. The only reason she had stopped attacking was because her initial plan was to first defeat Duan Tianya before dealing with Luo Han. But that was no longer the case.

What Lin Li wanted now was to kill one of them without bothering to think about what would come next. When a person with great combat prowess made such a decision, that person would become extremely terrifying.

That was the terror Duan Tianya was currently faced with. Yet another sound of explosion rumbled in the air, and Duan Tianya was blasted away. At the same time, Lin Li coughed out a mouthful of blood after attacking. This single pause when she was coughing out blood gave Luo Han an opening to quickly retreat. As Luo Han retreated, two beams of light descended from the sky and landed on her.

Immediately after, Lin Li appeared before Luo Han, and with a simple punch, Luo Han was sent flying like a kite with a broken string. Unfortunately, this punch, which Lin Li had been counting on, failed to turn Luo Han into a clump of white radiance. Of the two beams that had landed on Luo Han, one of them was the activation of the ability Revival.

That was an ability Luo Han used beforehand in anticipation of a future attack. This was one of the skills an elite support puppet master needed to have. This skill seemed unimportant, but it was often what changed the tide of war. This skill was also what separated many regular support puppet masters from the ranks of elite puppet masters.

Lin Li coughed out another mouthful of blood. Her condition was presently very bad. Duan Tianya was already on his feet again. Holding his shield tightly, he stood in front of Luo Han. At the same time, Revival was used on Duan Tianya as well.

This battle tactic seemed quite shameless, yet it was extremely effective against Lin Li. Gnashing her teeth, Lin Li charged them again. This time, she completely gave up on her defense and gathered the Thousand Star into her right hand before transforming it into a shiny blade.

“Divine Shield! Extreme Defense!”

Duan Tianya shouted and started madly channeling his origin energy into his shield. Immediately after, the shiny blade in Lin Li’s hand stabbed at the shield. 

The shield met the blade, the impact of the collision creating a terrifying shockwave. Behind Duan Tianya, Luo Han was blasted away before she could do anything. As for Duan Tianya and Lin Li, they stood there in a deadlock.

The deadlock did not last long. Cracking sounds rang out as Duan Tianya’s Divine Shield started breaking apart. Regardless of how much origin energy Duan Tianya used to mend his shield, he could not prevent it from disintegrating.

Little by little, the shiny blade penetrated the Divine Shield. Duan Tianya could already see himself being pierced through by this blade. One second before his Divine Shield fully broke, the sense of crisis he had been feeling abruptly vanished.

He looked ahead and saw that Lin Li, who was attacking him, was slowly turning into dots of white light. Lin Li had ultimately failed to survive the backlash from her own attack. This sudden victory caused all the spectators to fall into silence. Nobody expected that this would be the result, not even Duan Tianya himself.

“Class 121 is victorious.”

Luo Xi’s announcement pulled everyone back from their shock, and Duan Tianya recovered from his astonishment. With his heart still pounding in fear, he didn’t remember to smile at his victory.

“Sorry…” After the match, Lin Li stood before Bai Xiaofei and apologized, her voice filled with self-blame. She should have been able to continue fighting.

“You did well. I will deal with the rest. Don’t worry. You are now a spectator.”

Bai Xiaofei pulled Lin Li into an embrace and patted her back as he consoled her. This was what Lin Li needed right now. In any case, Bai Xiaofei was the only one who could pull her out of her self-blame. Unlike the Savage Class members, the members of the other classes were in great excitement.

As far as they were concerned, Lin Li’s defeat was equivalent to the end of the Savage Class. Without a Master Rank in their lineup, their remaining members wouldn’t be able to achieve victory in this tournament. Miracles were never something that could be created so easily.

Zhao Ziyun had been holding himself back, but with the complete elimination of Yan Suzi’s class, he finally saw the light of victory.

“Class 21, please select your challengers.” Luo Xi was a professional judge. Although she couldn’t remain calm and indifferent at all times, she was still able to react easily to any circumstances that might arise during the tournament. This was why the judge for the final round was her instead of any of the other teachers; she was able to stay in control at all times.

With Luo Xi’s reminder, all gazes gathered on Hu Xian’er’s class. A trace of expectation arose in everyone’s heart.

Without a doubt, Luo Han and Duan Tianya were in extremely poor conditions. Duan Tianya’s Divine Shield was on the verge of breaking while Luo Han exhausted nearly all her origin energy. After all, she had been using a powerful ability like Revival continuously during the previous match.

That was why the spectators were of the opinion that it was very likely that Hu Xian’er would personally make an appearance at this time. What happened next did not disappoint the spectators:under a tumultuous cheer, Hu Xian’er slowly stood up.

On the ring, Duan Tianya and Luo Han gulped. They had never expected that eliminating Lin Li would exhaust them so greatly. They had also never expected that Hu Xian’er would so easily decide to step on the ring.

Regardless of their expectations, this was the reality. Their only option was to face Hu Xian’er’s challenge. 

Both parties stood on their own side of the ring. Luo Xi announced the start of the match, and under everyone’s gaze, a clash between Newcomer Kings began.

Hu Xian’er immediately transformed and used her full strength. She streaked about on the ring; her person seemed to have transformed into a phantom.

Only two words were in Duan Tianya’s mind when he saw this: it’s over…

With a flicker, Hu Xian’er appeared. Her target was not Luo Han as everyone had expected. Rather, it was Duan Tianya holding the half-destroyed Divine Shield. Sharp claws replaced Hu Xian’er’s delicate fingers.

With a violet flash, Duan Tianya’s Divine Shield instantly shattered, and a huge wound appeared on his chest.


Luo Han casted Revival on Duan Tianya with no hesitation despite the little origin energy she had left. His continued existence on the ring was crucial. She was only hoping to outlive Hu Xian’er like how they had outlived Lin Li. Even if they couldn’t defeat Hu Xian’er, she still wished to exhaust more of Hu Xian’er’s energy.

Hu Xian’er behaved as if she didn’t know what Thistles and Thorns would do. She waited until Duan Tianya was healed before she launched her second attack.

With Hu Xian’er’s terrifying speed, apart from resisting with his body, Duan Tianya could not do anything else. He was too slow compared to Hu Xian’er. In fact, he wasn’t even fast enough to put on any sort of defense before her attack arrived.

Again, claw marks were left on Duan Tianya’s chest on the exact same spot. After pushing Duan Tianya’s back, Hu Xian’er stopped again and stood there, silently gazing at Luo Han.

“Time for you to heal him. Otherwise, he will die from blood loss.”

Her words, which were spoken with absolute calmness, stunned everyone. 

Did she not see what happened earlier? She’s standing there and letting them work together? What is going on?

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