Chapter 195: Luo Han and Duan Tianya

Lin Li’s battle ended with an expected result in an unexpected manner. The spectators were so shocked they forgot to even cheer. Everything they had witnessed was too shocking. Although Lin Nichang was renowned worldwide, very few people had actually witnessed her fighting. None of them had imagined that the Divine Phoenix Feather Dress could be used in this manner.

Unknown to them, this usage method was actually created by Lin Li. This was a combat method that she had created after learning Xue Ying’s close-combat techniques and obtaining the Thousand Star by accident, and not even Lin Nichang knew of this combat method. 

It was also this battle that had caused Lin Li’s value in everyone’s eyes to grow greatly.

Even if Lin Li was not the daughter of Lin Nichang, this terrifying combat prowess she had demonstrated was sufficient to make her a target of recruitment of the various organizations and empires. In this continent, the strong never had a lack of opportunities.

The end of the battle also signified the complete elimination of Yan Suzi’s class from the third round. The next class to send their members onto the ring was Luo Han’s class 121. Everyone started speculating on how Luo Han’s class would deal with Lin Li.

Would they be shifting the responsibility away like they had previously? Or would they do what the Savage Class had done – send their main fighter to fight it out? Their curiosity was gone as soon as it came.

Class 121 had come to a decision, and this decision was the latter of the two guesses. From class 121, Luo Han and the sword-and-shield user stood up and slowly walked onto the ring. With his stunning performance during the second round, the sword-and-shield user had made a name for himself.

He was subsequently known as the Hidden Newcomer King, and his personal information started to spread. He was Duan Tianya, a Master Rank Onslaught Stream puppet master. He was also the son of Duan Yin, the deputy commander of the Divine Light Mercenary Group.

Because of his identity, his very existence carried a certain weight with it. The Divine Light Mercenary Group was known as a mercenary group capable of changing the tides of war, a group that many people wanted to join regardless of the cost.

Joining the Divine Light Mercenary Group was no easier than entering Starnet Academy. In a way, joining it was even harder than joining Starnet Academy.

The main reason was because to join Divine Light Mercenary Group, regardless of one’s main puppet, one would have to have a support-type ability. Many had tried to meet this requirement at the cost of ignoring the compatibility between their puppets.

Despite the many attempts, only a small number of people joined. This was clear from the fact that Divine Light Mercenary Group was the only mercenary group of the nine major mercenary groups without a branch mercenary group. Now, the son of the deputy commander of this mercenary group was here standing before everyone.

“Sister Lin Li, allow me to introduce myself. I am Duan Tianya.” After getting onto the ring, Duan Tianya did not show a deadpan face like how everyone in the tournament had done. Rather, he politely greeted Lin Li. The gentlemanly manner in which he carried himself was broadcast on the huge screen, instantly capturing the affection of numerous young maidens.

“You can call me Lin Li. I am not interested in knowing your name.”

Duan Tianya’s courteousness was met with Lin Li’s uncaring attitude. This was something that Duan Tianya had not expected. And because of that, he was now feeling rather awkward.

“Done talking? If so, I will be declaring the start of the match,” Luo Xi coldly said. What Duan Tianya had done after stepping onto the ring had caused her to look at him in a “new light”. 

As for Luo Han, she did not even dare to raise her head. In front of Luo Xi, she was as obedient as a little chick. However, what Luo Xi said did relieve Duan Tianya of his awkwardness. He immediately grabbed onto this chance and said, “Sorry, Vice Principal Luo. We are ready.”

Then, the three stood at two different sides of the ring and entered combat-ready mode. Luo Xi declared the start of the match, and all three of them moved at nearly the same time. Luo Han quickly retreated, while Lin Li summoned Thousand Star and started shooting fire bullets towards her two opponents.

Although Yan Suzi was no longer on the ring, what she had done earlier was still in effect – the fire element was still the densest element.

“Divine Shield, rise!” Duan Tianya shouted, and his shield started glowing with a radiance that took the form of a huge milky white shield. His shield blocked all the bullets Lin Li sent.

Lin Li, sensing that a large scale attack was ineffective, changed her attacking method. In the blink of an eye, Thousand Star converged above her head to form a huge flaming spear before shooting straight forward.

“Divine Shield, congregate!” Duan Tianya immediately reacted and withdrew the shield of light. The shield he was holding shone with an even more dazzling radiance as Duan Tianya charged at the incoming flaming spear. The rumbling sound of an explosion soon followed. 

Amid the smoke and dust, Duan Tianya stood unmoving. He blocked everything, including the shockwave resulting from the explosion. Not a thing was allowed to approach Luo Han behind him.

“Thistles and Thorns!” After stabilizing her footing, Luo Han used her first ability. A beam of light landed on Duan Tianya. It shone upon him and made him look like a god of war.

“So long as I stand, don’t dream of attacking the person behind me!” Duan Tianya slammed his sword against his shield, producing a crisp clang.

“I will have to get rid of you first, then.” Lin Li entered the same mode she was in when she was previously battling Yan Suzi. With her entire body shining brightly, she charged straight at Duan Tianya. The instant she made this decision, Bai Xiaofei cursed.

She fell for their trick!

Unfortunately, no spectators could offer a reminder. Therefore, regardless of how anxious Bai Xiaofei was, he could only watch on. 

While Bai Xiaofei was shaking his head, Lin Li and Duan Tianya clashed. Although Lin Li had withdrawn the zone of absolute control imposed by Thousand Star to encapsulate only her body, the zone still existed, and it showed so during close combat. As a result, her attack landed even without her physically touching Duan Tianya.

Duan Tianya suffered greatly from this incorporeal attack. Over their several collisions, he was the one to be blasted away each and every time. By the time Lin Li stopped attacking, his body was already filled with wounds. Many bones in him were broken, and blood seeped out of his numerous wounds without stop.

Despite his bad shape, Lin Li had stopped her attack. The reason for that was quite simple. Although she had not been attacked, she had been inflicted with injuries for some reason. Her injuries were not light, with all of them being internal. And because she had stopped, she had lost her sole chance at prevailing over them.


A beam of light landed on Duan Tianya. With Luo Han’s healing ability, Duan Tianya’s injuries started healing at a frightening speed.

“The type of damage inflicted by the Thistles and Thorns when reflecting damage is optional. Since I know that physical attacks are useless against you, I opted to deal inner damage to you instead,” Luo Han explained with a solemn face. She could continue hiding her ability if she wanted, but she did not, as she felt that defeating Lin Li in such a manner was a dishonor.

“It is not yet your victory!” Lin Li said coldly. Bearing with the pain coming from her internal organs, she stared at both Duan Tianya and Luo Han with a pair of unrelenting eyes.


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