Chapter 194: Lin LI’s Close Combat Mode!

The sudden appearance of Lin Li seemed to have set a blaze in the hearts of everyone present. The abrupt change of disappointment into pleasant surprise caused everyone to howl out in excitement. There was also the fact that Lin Li was someone on the Blossom Ranking, and it further intensified their excitement.

Bai Xiaofei seemed to have complete confidence in Lin Li, as he sent nobody else up. Lin Li alone walked onto the ring. It felt like Bai XIaofei was going to send his classmates into the ring one at a time for the entirety of this round.

Of course, although there was only Lin Li on the ring, the pressure on Yan Suzi’s class wasn’t any bit less. Lin Li was their bane, as Yan Suzi’s class was mainly made up of Energy Stream puppet masters, and Lin Li’s Divine Phoenix Feather Dress countered Energy Stream puppet masters. The scene of Lin Li battling multiple Energy Stream puppet masters by herself during the first round was still clear in everyone’s mind.

Although everyone hadn’t fought at full power during the first round, the same could be said for Lin Li as well. The seven members of Yan Suzi’s class started growing nervous.

“Prepare yourself. The match will start immediately.”

Luo Xi seemed displeased with how the other classes were dealing with Yan Suzi’s class. She did what she could to speed the match up. Of course, this tiny favor she showed would not affect the match. Even if Lin Li needed to get on the ring immediately, she did not care. In the face of absolute strength, tactics would have to take a step back.

The battle started, and immediately, the Divine Phoenix Feather Dress appeared on Lin Li’s body. Yan Suzi’s explosive attacks were all blocked outside Lin Li’s radius of control. No Energy Stream attacks could ever hope to approach Lin Li.

“Everyone, attack together! She won’t be able to counter two types of energy at the same time!”

Everyone knew this weakness of Lin Li’s. This was the only hope Yan Suzi had to winning this match. The smoke controller and earth controller did not fight as supports like they usually did. This time they started using their offensive abilities, preparing to attack together with Yan Suzi. Unfortunately, reality would never be as kind as a dream.

Yan Suzi had the correct strategy, yet she had neglected one thing: rank suppression. Both the smoke controller and the earth controller were only peak-grade Proficient Rank puppet masters. Lin Li was already a second-level Master Rank puppet master. It was true that she could not control two types of energy at the same time, but would the attacks of the smoke and earth controllers be effective against Lin Li when she had perfect control over one of them?

The answer was clear. They couldn’t. Three different energies smashed down onto Lin Li, but Lin Li only chose to exercise her control over the fire energy. A huge shield of flame appeared at the border of her zone of control, immediately neutralizing Yan Suzi’s attack. As for the attacks of the smoke and earth controllers, they were completely blocked outside the shield.

When they saw this, their hearts throbbed as a bad premonition rose within them. Immediately after, Lin Li lifted her hand while still hovering in the air. The signature radiance of Thousand Star flew out of the shield of flame and formed numerous flaming spears in the air. In the span of a few breaths, the ring was filled with the flaming spears.

“Go!” Lin Li softly muttered, and the flaming spears started raining down. The only thought present of everyone on the ring was “It’s over…”

The never-ending sounds of explosion reverberated throughout the public square. The concentrated rain of flaming spears was unavoidable. The two Defense Stream puppet masters suffered the brunt of the attack while trying to protect their teammates, and they were immediately turned into clumps of white radiance.

Of course, something still came out of their sacrifice. Yan Suzi, the smoke controller, and the earth controller survived the attack. The Defense Stream puppet masters couldn’t protect anyone else.

“Flame Domain Convergence!” At this point, Yan Suzi was no longer hoping to get lucky. The Flame Domain, had already reached a terrifying level of temperature, converged into her body, and after a slight delay, she once again became the flaming goddess of war.

You won’t be as powerful even in melee, right?

The instant she finished her transformation, Yan Suzi leapt towards Lin Li, who was hovering midair. The explosion accelerated her movement speed, turning her into an artillery shell. 

Up in the air, Lin Li immediately reacted. Thousand Star converged in front of her to form a reinforced shield standing in Yan Suzi’s path.

With a rumbling bang, Yan Suzi crashed into the shield. The aftershock pushed Lin Li several dozen meters backward. As for Yan Suzi, she landed on the ground again. Neither of them came out on top during the collision. Then again, nobody coming out on top was in itself a loss for Yan Suzi. After all, Lin Li could sustain herself in a drawn out fight, but that was not the case for her.

Hesitation appeared on Yan Suzi’s face. If Lin Li kept hovering up there, the tempo of the battle would be under Lin Li’s control. Right as she was hesitating, Lin Li slowly landed on the ground, her face resolute and solemn.

“You are very powerful. I don’t want your defeat to be too ugly. Tell them all to retreat.” Lin Li slowly spoke, and astonishment surfaced on Yan Suzi’s face. Everyone in the Savage Class widened their eyes with Bai Xiaofei being the sole exception as his reaction was less intense.

Although this had gone beyond his expectation, it was still something he could accept. In any case, Lin Li would not be defeated.

“Withdraw,” Yan Suzi uttered, showing her acceptance to Lin Li’s suggestion. The smoke and earth controllers hesitated slightly before helplessly walking down the ring. They had no other choice. The coming fight was one they wouldn’t be of any help.

After clearing the ring, Yan Suzi’s and Lin Li’s auras started climbing. Yan Suzi took the initiative by striking first and charged straight at Lin Li. Lin Li withdrew her Thousand Star, which then proceeded to wrap around her body. Her entire body started flickering as if she had undergone some sort of body transformation.

Simply put, what Lin Li did was shrink her zone of control until only her own body was within its zone. This level of compression on her zone of control had ridden her of her range superiority, but in return she obtained an extremely powerful defensive capability and single target attack.

In other words, Lin Li had forcefully transformed herself into a melee freak like Yan Suzi.

The two delicate looking girls crashed into each other. Time seemed to stop at the moment of the collision. And the instant their tiny fists collided, a terrifying shockwave spread around them. If the smoke and earth controllers had not left the ring, this shockwave alone would have been enough to seriously injure them.

In this exchange, one of them managed to come out on top. Lin Li was already capable of pushing Yan Suzi back when she was in her ranged form. Now that she had assumed this form, Yan Suzi was no longer her match.

After a slight pause, the immense shockwave that had resulted from their collision pushed Lin Li half a step back but directly flung Yan Suzi away. This time, Lin Li was no longer pulling her punches.

She pushed with her foot and shot forward. Yan Suzi was still flying backwards and had no way of dodging. She could only watch on with eyes wide as Lin Li’s attack struck her, smashing her into the ground.

With a loud rumble, Yan Suzi crashed into the ground. It was as if the entire public square shook when she landed. After the dust faded, the sight of Yan Suzi helplessly lying on the huge crater appeared. The ground around her was filled with cracks, as if a meteor had landed there.

Slowly, Lin Li stood up, put her puppet away, and said, “Don’t bother exploding yourself. A ranged attack like that won’t be able to hurt me.”

She spoke softly, yet her words were filled with confidence. Lying on the ground, Yan Suzi had already reverted to her original form. When she heard those words, a bleak expression appeared on her face while two drops of tears dripped down her eyes.

I have been defeated…

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