Chapter 193: Lin Li to the Ring!

The moment the battle started, Yuan Kun charged out as usual. This was how he always fought. Regardless of who his target was, he would do the same. Charging forward courageously was his strongest battling method. In any case, this was the correct choice. There were no powerful melee combatants in Yan Suzi’s class. So long as he could open up a path, he would be able to establish a favorable foundation for his team in this battle.

Unfortunately, at times one might have a good idea but reality would deviate from it. Although there were no strong melee combatants in Yan Suzi’s class, they still had three Defense Stream puppet masters. All three of them only did one thing: focus everything on Yuan Kun. Yuan Kun had barely started charging when the three stood before his path.

The earth controller of Yan Suzi’s class stopped the Blitz Stream puppet master charging behind Yuan Kun. Although his ability wasn’t as powerful as Tai Shan’s earth controlling ability, stopping the advance of someone at his level was still not a problem. The Energy Stream puppet master’s faculty wasn’t known as Gods Amongst Men for no reason.

The rest of them had a simpler task. Since the only two people that could interrupt them were already stopped, they would be focusing on the four people standing far away. Their first target was not the damage dealer or the support. Rather, their targets were Liu Xin and Liu Ming as these two were capable of flight.

Flame Domain was activated, greatly increasing the temperature within the ring. The other flame controller took on the task of bomb manufacturer as usual. He sprayed tongues of flame at the two fliers without stop while Yan Suzi set up explosions with her Flame Domain.

As for the smoke controller, the first thing he did was create a smokescreen to remove any possibilities of the rifle user interrupting them. 

After being badly beaten up by the explosions, the two fliers finally gave up on trying to help Yuan Kun and the Blitz Stream puppet master. They flew back down, as they planned to do what they usually do: carry their teammates into the air.

Unfortunately, they had underestimated Yan Suzi’s determination to kill them.

After blocking the vision of those in the air, the smoke controller separated some of his energy and created another smokescreen to block the vision of Yuan Kun and the Blitz Stream puppet master. At the same time, Yan Suzi charged straight into the thick smoke with the four who were planning an “air raid” as her targets.

“Ready. We have to quickly help Big Brother Kun.” Liu Xin stopped the healing ability that was being used on him and transformed again. Then, he grabbed the rifle user and prepared to fly up. Right this instant, a scalding wave of flame came crashing down upon him.

“Fire Halo of Resistance!” The moment Yan Suzi charged out of the thick smoke, she used the ability of her third puppet. This ability, which was usually used to push melee attackers away, transformed into a killing weapon. 

The fire wave crashed into the four, and Yan Suzi followed up by exploding the fire wave, damaging the four again. With her Flame Domain’s amplification of fire attacks, all four of her opponents were incapacitated.

“Goodbye. You guys no longer have anything to do with the tournament,” Yan Suzi coldly declared and lightly snapped her fingers. Even though there was currently no flame within the air, her Explosive Staff still activated and turned the four into clumps of white radiance with an explosion.

This was due to Yan Suzi’s Flame Domain. The Flame Domain was able to continuously affect the temperature of the area where it was active, and when the temperature reached a certain point, the user of the domain could create flame out of thin air within the area.

This was the only trump card that Yan Suzi had kept hidden until now. Meanwhile, the smoke controller and earth controller defeated the Blitz Stream puppet master. Only Yuan Kun was left.

After the prolonged battle, Yuan Kun had some gains of his own as well. He had eliminated the Defense Stream puppet master in the puppet master’s moment of carelessness. With Yan Suzi’s return, Yuan Kun knew that he was the only one left, but he did not lose his calm. Rather, excitement appeared on his face. Seeking survival amidst adversity was something that fitted the Berserk Gorilla’s nature – something that fitted Yuan Kun’s nature.

With a howl, Yuan Kun smashed his fist into the opponent before him and sent the opponent flying. Next, he charged towards the healer closest to him.

“Stop him!”

The smoke controller howled after noticing that something was wrong. The earth controller immediately pressed his palms on the ground. Numerous earth walls rose up from the ground and blocked Yuan Kun’s advance.

Unfortunately, these walls that had been created at the last minute were akin to papers to Yuan Kun. All the walls combined could not stop him for more than three seconds. The only threat to Yuan Kun was Yan Suzi’s nonstop explosions.

By the time Yuan Kun reached the healer, not a single inch of his body was not scorched black. But because of the injuries, his combat prowess also reached the peak. With a single punch, Yuan Kun reduced his target into a clump of white radiance.

This was followed by a series of bombardments from Yan Suzi. With the smile of a victor, Yuan Kun collapsed onto the ground. His task had been completed. The only ones left on the ring were the seven from Yan Suzi’s class. They had also obtained six points from defeating Yuan Kun’s group of six.

However, Yuan Kun’s group had also gathered twelve points before this. This placed their class as first place thus far. 

Sounds of cheers resounded without stop. Some were chanting Yan Suzi’s name, while some were chanting Yuan Kun’s name.

An intense battle would always be able to stir the blood of the spectators. After the battle ended, Yan Suzi did not end her Flame Domain. Rather, she left it active, allowing it to continue draining her origin energy. She stood there, waiting for her next opponent.

The process of reactivating her Flame Domain would be too time consuming. What Yan Suzi needed most now was the strongest combat prowess. Her plan was seen through by the other class. Therefore, they came up with a new strategy: waiting it out!

Luo Han’s class sent up one of the two remaining Blitz Stream puppet masters of her class. The puppet master that was sent forward took his own sweet time getting onto the ring. And when the match officially started, the first thing he did was to run, fully making use of his superior speed.

Of course, he was ultimately eliminated by the attacks of Yan Suzi’s class. However, he had already completed his mission. 

Next, Hu Xian’er did the same, but because they did not have a Blitz Stream puppet master, she sent up an assassin that was no slower than a Blitz Stream puppet master.

There was also no suspense to the result of this match, and once again, Yan Suzi’s class obtained another point. Unfortunately, Yan Suzi was now in a dilemma. The Flame Domain was very powerful, yet its weakness was clear as well. Just for a measly two points, she had already exhausted a similar amount of origin energy to when she had fought Yuan Kun’s group.

But if she deactivated her Flame Domain, she was sure that Zhao Ziyun would immediately step up and defeat them all. After all, anyone who defeated them would get seven points, which was quite a significant number of points.

Yan Suzi hesitated and ultimately decided to keep the Flame Domain active. This was the only thing she could rely on right now. And of course, this Flame Domain she relied on was indeed an effective deterrence. When Zhao Ziyun saw that the Flame Domain was still active, he decided to send an assassin to waste time.

Next, it was Bai Xiaofei’s turn. At this point, none of the spectators had any expectations anymore. As far as they were concerned, Bai Xiaofei would not be interested in dealing with Yan Suzi, an extremely difficult opponent. 

But beyond everyone’s expectations, not only was Bai Xiaofei dealing with this difficult opponent, he had even sent a heavyweight of his class onto the ring: Lin Li!

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