Chapter 192: The First Exciting Match

After they flew high into the air, the rifle user started firing down at the two opponents down below. Unlike Fang Ye’s sharpshooting firing style, his ability was a firing manner that would disrupt the opponent’s tempo. The limit of opponents he could disrupt at the same time was five, and there were only two opponents below him right now.

Therefore, the scene of a cat toying with a mouse was presented to the spectators. The rifle user in the sky was the cat, while the two on the ground were the mice scurrying about. At the same time, Yuan Kun was mercilessly beating up the Defense Stream puppet master.

Normally, Defense Stream puppet masters specializing in provocation had few offensive abilities. The only meaning of their existence was to create opportunities for their teammates. But now…well, his fate was so miserable it was better to not mention it.

Ultimately, the Defense Stream puppet master was reduced into a clump of white light. As his rank was still not high enough for his abilities to reach maturity, it was already a decent performance on his part to last this long against Yuan Kun.

Yuan Kun then joined the other ongoing battle. This turned the battle from an air suppression into an air-and-ground suppression battle. Eventually, Luo Han’s class obtained three points with zero casualties. 

The third match ended with zero losses on Yuan Kun’s side. However, they did not feel good at all since their next opponent was Hu Xian’er class.

The scene of Hu Xian’er beating Tai Shan up was still clear in their memories. Even if someone claimed Hu Xian’er could solo this match, they would believe it. Her speed was something they were completely helpless to.

Fortunately, Hu Xian’er did not personally go onto the ring. Neither did her class make things difficult for Yuan Kun and his classmates. They only sent one person into the ring – a Martial Warrior. When this Martial Warrior got onto the ring, he proposed to fight Yuan Kun one-on-one. He claimed that he only wanted to test his limits.

His wish to test his limits was satisfied but only through fighting all five of his opponents together. In fact, if Shi Kui hadn’t done what he had done earlier, Yuan Kun would most likely have agreed to fight him one-on-one. But after witnessing Shi Kui’s match, Yuan Kun no longer dared to play along. He was scared that this could be a trick.

After getting another point, the class rotation returned to the first class. It was now the turn of Zhao Ziyun’s class, which had been reduced into a joke during the first rotation, to send their participants into the ring again. Of course, for Zhao Ziyun, this was nothing good.

Ultimately, he clenched his teeth and sent only one person – a Defense Stream puppet master. His action made his thoughts clear: he was admitting defeat for this match. As far as he was concerned, even if he could defeat Yuan Kun’s group of five, he would have to pay a great price for it. In any case, the turn of Bai Xiaofei’s class would come next.

This was yet another match with no suspense. To preserve his dignity, the person sent up by Zhao Ziyun did not immediately surrender. As a result, he got himself beaten up badly. And with the defeat of this “dignified” contestant, the spectators grew excited again. It was now the Savage Class’s turn!

The spectators got excited while Yuan Kun got agitated. He might be a ferocious attacker, but facing the completely unpredictable Savage Class, he did not have the courage to fight as ferociously as he usually did. 

And with everyone watching, Bai Xiaofei made his choice and once again sent only one person into the ring.

This time, it was Qi Wei. A tumultuous uproar sounded throughout the public square when they saw that Bai Xiaofei was sending only one person again. Everyone was waiting for a miracle from Qi Wei. 

Unfortunately, they were all disappointed. After getting onto the stage, Qi Wei did nothing. She directly surrendered and gave Yuan Kun’s group of five a free point. As a result, curses flew everywhere.

Of course, they did not aim their fury at a girl. All the curses were directed at Bai Xiaofei, the person in charge of sending his classmates onto the ring. But who was Bai Xiaofei? If he was scared of curses, he would not be sitting here leisurely drinking the beverage served by Xue Ying and eating the fruits served by Lin Li.

Qi Wei’s surrender placed Yan Suzi in a dilemma. She had expected that Yuan Kun’s group of five would obtain several free points. But she had never expected that the burden of dealing with them would land on her in this manner.

After hesitating for a while, Yan Suzi did what everyone else did. She sent a Ranged Stream puppet master up onto the ring who then proceeded to surrender.

“Shit. Are they going to fight or not?”

“Damn it, am I here just to watch you guys surrender?”

“If you can’t even fight, get the f*ck away from here!”


The spectators could no longer continue to just watch on, and they started shouting their complaints. Of course, none of the class monitors were affected by this. If they would make some stupid choices just because someone was shouting at them, they would never have their current achievements.

After the continuous surrenders, the turn of Luo Han’s class arrived. She now had a chance to switch up her participants. This time, she did not send a huge group. Rather, she only sent one Blitz Stream puppet master to join Yuan Kun’s group. Now, there were six of them on the ring.

Next, it was the turn of Hu Xian’er’s class. Unsurprisingly, Hu Xian’er surrendered again, this time sending up a longbow user to surrender. Next, it was Zhao Ziyun’s turn. He surrendered as well, using a crossbow user, and Bai Xiaofei’s class also surrendered, using Wu Chi. Now, it was the turn of Yan Suzi’s class again.

This time, Yan Suzi could no longer maintain her calm. It was clear what was going on. The other classes had probably reached a silent understanding that she would be the one to deal with the difficult lineup currently on the ring.

After all, she only had thirteen members in her class. Now that four of them had been eliminated, if she surrendered again, there would only be eight members left. It was quite probable that the other classes would continue exhausting her class by sacrificing their own members.

Simply put, if she continued surrendering, she would be reducing her class’s combat power. Therefore, she had no choice. She decided to personally step onto the ring. To be precise, everyone in her class got onto the ring – all nine of them.

Don’t you guys want me to deal with this difficult lineup? Fine, how about this?

The attitude of the spectators went through a complete shift. The curses changed into deafening cheers.

The other classes shook their heads when they saw this. Yan Suzi would no longer have any chance to become the champion with this choice. This would be the end of her. Yan Suzi herself was aware of this as well. Therefore, she only had one goal: to eliminate as many opponents as she could. This way, she could gather more points and obtain a better placing within the tournament.

“Prepare. You only have five seconds.”

Finally, Luo Xi had the chance to say something else. She decided to be kind and gave them two additional seconds of preparation. Both sides entered their respective battle formation with solemn expressions. Without a doubt, this would be a bitter battle for both parties. 

The five seconds then ended, and the battle commenced.

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