Chapter 191: Yan Suzi’s Pitiful Class

Shi Kui was completely wrapped by the vines at the exact moment he tossed his hammer out. Seeing the flying hammer, the controller was placed in a deep sense of despair.

This hammer is too damn huge! How am I supposed to avoid it!

There was no place for him to hide, and even if there was, he would not be able to reach it in time. Looking at the huge hammer flying towards him, the vine controller gained a brand new understanding of what “a mantis trying to stop a chariot” meant. Here, he was the mantis that couldn’t even cause the hammer to pause for even the slightest moment.

The hammer flew forward, creating a white clump of white radiance, and Shi Kui obtained his second point.

With the elimination of the vine controller, the vines wrapping Shi Kui vanished. The first thing he saw after being freed wasn’t the dawn of victory. Rather, he saw the sharp shiny blade of the assassin who had been waiting for an opportunity to attack him.

Just like how the vine controller couldn’t avoid Shi Kui’s hammer, Shi Kui also couldn’t avoid this attack. However, there was a difference between Shi Kui and the vine controller. When the assassin attacked Shi Kui, he was also within Shi Kui’s attack range.

Shi Kui immediately ignored the incoming sharp blade and directly reached towards the assassin’s neck with both his hands. He slanted his body to one side at the same time, and immediately afterwards, the blade slit open the side of his neck as he successfully grabbed the assassin’s tender neck.

A rascally grin appeared on Shi Kui’s face, and he channeled his remaining origin energy into his gloves. The assassin reacted a tad bit too slow. What was the cause of this? Well, that was because the assassin had entered a close enough range to be able to smell the Stinky Grass.

Feng Wuhen’s previous introduction of this pair of gloves was perfectly demonstrated here. Gloves of a violetgold grade and with only one ability – increasing strength – would be able to push the user’s strength to a certain pinnacle. With the gloves on, snapping a person’s neck would be as simple as popping a bubble.

And thus Shi Kui obtained his third point. 

The entire public square sank into three seconds of silence at this sight. Gulping sounds resounded throughout the public square. Who would have guessed that this would be the result? He fought three people at the same rank as him. But not only had he not suffered a crushing defeat, he had also defeated them.

Were the opponents too weak? Yeah, that must have been the case!

This thought surfaced within many people’s mind. It was very rare for everyone here to reach the same conclusion. Without drawing this conclusion, they would not be able to accept what they had just seen. Naturally, some of them cheered. Shi Kui’s name was shouted again and again. 

Standing on the ring, Shi Kui revealed a bashful smile.

At the same time, a sharp pain assaulted him from his bleeding neck. This added a grimace onto his still bashfully smiling face. The combination of the two expressions created history in the academy, as moving forward, this expression was named one of the hardest to imitate expressions within the academy.

Luo Xi stepped onto the ring again, looking at Shi Kui approvingly. Nevertheless, she still had to do her job. Therefore, she ordered Yan Suzi’s class to send their next participants. Again, three people were sent up. They were comprised of the Defense Stream puppet master focused on provocation, a Ranged Stream puppet master that had never revealed his ability before, and the needle-controlling Energy Stream puppet master.

The format of the third round was in fact rather disadvantageous for Yan Suzi’s class. After all, their class had a fewer number of students, and they could only form some simple line-ups with them. These simple line-ups could be easily countered because of their limited numbers.

Even sadder for them was the fact that their planning ability was not sufficient to make up for the disadvantage they suffered from lack of numbers. Simply put, they lacked a person like Bai Xiaofei. 

The moment the three new participants got onto the ring, Shi Kui raised his hand. “I surrender.” 

It was an extremely straightforward surrender. It was so straightforward it shocked everyone.

“Are you sure?” Even Luo Xi was astonished. Although she personally believed Shi Kui would not be able to defeat these opponents, she was still looking forward to more miracles from Shi Kui. Even if Shi Kui could only defeat one of them before going down, it was still going to be an interesting fight.

“Of course I am sure. I have such a serious injury and have completely depleted my origin energy. Am I supposed to stand here waiting to get my ass kicked?” Shi Kui might look like an honest person, but how honest could a person who had been hanging out with Bai Xiaofei be? 

And thus, Shi Kui slowly walked down the ring while carrying his hammer. The moment he stepped off the ring, he recovered from all his injuries.

The academy’s divine-grade formation wasn’t there for show. This single ability to alter reality was sufficient to shock countless people. Shi Kui’s classmates gave him a warm welcome when he returned to them, but he merely walked towards Bai Xiaofei and asked with a flattering expression, “Big Brother Fei, I didn’t embarrass us, right?”

“Don’t worry. You will receive the forging materials I promised you,” Bai Xiaofei said with an evil smile on his face. After he patted Shi Kui’s shoulder, his rascally face turned solemn again, and he continued, “You have been working hard. Now, it’s your turn to sit back and enjoy the show.”

Bai Xiaofei’s words warmed Shi Kui’s heart. Just as he was about to express his appreciation, Bai Xiaofei spoke again, causing him to feel like slamming his hammer into Bai Xiaofei. “You are completely useless in the next fight anyway…”

Immediately, the Savage Class students roared with laughter. It would seem like the Savage Class students were getting better and better at having fun at each other’s expense nowadays.

“Don’t you know how to say something appropriate?” Xue Ying said with a slap to Bai Xiaofei’s head. She was the only one who could seek justice for Shi Kui. Shi Kui was so moved he nearly started tearing then and there.

While the Savage Class students were messing around, the challengers from Luo Han’s class stepped onto the ring. This was the most luxurious line-up to have appeared since the start of the third round – five participants!

Standing in front of the group was Yuan Kun, the person who had nearly defeated Xiang Tao’s class alone during the second round. Behind him were a healer, a rifle user, and the two eagle transformers.

When the five arrived, the participants from Yan Suzi’s class became depressed. They knew very well the condition of their class. They would definitely not be able to recreate the miracle Shi Kui had created earlier.

Nevertheless, they still had to fight it out. No matter what, they had to try getting one or two points before going down. Luo Xi announced the start of the match, and the two parties immediately moved. 

The size of the ring was not fixed. The more participants on it, the larger the ring would become. Currently, the ring was two times larger than when Shi Kui was on it.

Simply put, the more participants that were on the ring, the more possibilities there would be. Even so, whatever possibilities there might be, the rules of reality had to be obeyed. For example, this was a matchup that Yan Suzi’s class had zero chance of winning. The instant the match began, Yuan Kun transformed and, with rumbling footsteps, he rushed towards his opponents.

At the same time, the Defense Stream puppet master of Yan Suzi’s class charged forth. He was the only person that could stop Yuan Kun’s advance.

“Entrapment Duel!”

A beam of light shot up, restricting Yuan Kun’s attacking target to be solely the Defense Stream puppet master. The needle controller and the Ranged Stream puppet master completely ignored Yuan Kun. After summoning their puppets, they started bombarding their opponents at the opposite side of the ring.

If they wanted to trade deaths to gain points, this was definitely the perfect course of action. Unfortunately, the two soon tasted despair. The two eagle transformers directly carried the healer and the rifle user and flew up into the air. Because of this, the needle controller’s and Ranged Stream puppet master’s attacks couldn’t even touch their opponents. On the other hand, it was an extremely simple feat for their opponents to attack them from high up in the air.


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