Chapter 190: Fight! Fight!

Under the entire Starnet Academy’s anticipation, the third round arrived as scheduled. The spectators arrived at the public square again, and the five classes slowly walked onto the ring under a thunderous applause. Bai Xiaofei was standing among his Savage Class classmates. Listening to his name being chanted, he got first taste of the sense of pride from being the center of attention.

After everyone sat down, the judge arrived. The judge was none other than Luo Xi, the person prejudiced against Bai Xiaofei. She was the only person in the academy who Bai Xiaofei would feel fear by the mere sight of her.

Fortunately, Luo Xi was still professional in her job. Although she was prejudiced against Bai Xiaofei, she would not stoop so low as to abuse her authority over Bai Xiaofei. At the very least, she did not plan to do so this time.

“I believe everyone is becoming impatient. Without further ado, the five classes, step onto the ring,” Luo Xi said with a dignified tone, and the entire public square went silent. Their gazes all converged onto the screen in the middle of the public square. There Zhao Ziyun’s class was being broadcast.

Under everyone’s gaze, three students from Zhao Ziyun’s class stood up. One controller, one assassin, and one close-combat puppet master of the Transformation Stream. It was a rather common lineup, and was obvious that Zhao Ziyun was aiming to play it safe. This was a lineup that despite being balanced and not over the top still stood a chance at winning.

When the three walked onto the stage, the screen shifted to the Savage Class’s perspective. It was now Bai Xiaofei’s turn to send someone onto the ring. Everyone’s anticipation grew as they waited. In the previous two rounds, the Savage Class had not fought too many big matches. As such, they were the class that had hidden their abilities the best.

In a sense, anything might happen with Bai Xiaofei’s class. And thus, as everyone watched on, Bai Xiaofei made a choice that caused everyone’s eyes to go wide. He sent Shi Kui up alone.

Shi Kui was in fact feeling terrible after being sent up there alone because he had been turned into a disposable pawn. With a bitter smile on his face, he slowly walked onto the stage. 

Due to this choice, Luo Xi’s disdain of Bai Xiaofei grew. Even if he wanted to keep his trump cards, he did not need to do this. Did he not think of how his classmates would feel?

But of course Bai Xiaofei would not care about how his classmates would feel. How could he when four billion Amethyst Coins were on the line? Not to mention Bai Xiaofei, any other person would do the same.

“Fellow students, can you pull your punches? I’m just a normal Puppetsmith,” Shi Kui immediately pleaded with a bitter look on his face upon getting onto the ring. Unfortunately, his opponents did not seem affected.

From their expressions, it was clear that they perceived Shi Kui as a free point for their class.

“You have three seconds to prepare. After that, the match will start,” Luo Xi said and started the countdown. A panicked expression appeared on Shi Kui’s face. After all, three seconds were too short to prepare.


The moment Luo Xi announced the start, She Kui’s three opponents moved. The assassin slowly faded into thin air, and from the way he was fading, it was clear that his concealment ability was probably something that worked like a camouflage. This was perhaps the only good news for Shi Kui. Otherwise, if this assassin was capable of true disappearance, he would not stand a chance.

At the same time, the controller opened fire on Shi Kui. The vines that were twirled around his hand shot into the ground, turning the entire stage into a danger zone. The next second, several vines as thick as an arm shot up from the ground below Shi Kui, trapping him where he stood. 

Fortunately, Shi Kui was no pushover. He was fully on guard, and the instant the vines stabbed out from the ground, he rolled forward and dodged the vines. However, he was now facing the Transformation Stream puppet master who had charged towards him.

This puppet master’s transformed form was a werewolf – a rather common form. Even though it was common, it was still very troublesome as it was a form capable of offense, defense, and escape.

With no hesitation the werewolf immediately pounced Shi Kui. His arms flashed a blue radiance as his sharp claws manifested. Just as the werewolf was thinking that victory was within his grasp, a sly grin appeared on Shi Kui’s face even as he was still lying on the ground.

Werewolf? Your nose is probably very sensitive, right?

Shi Kui crushed a pill in his hand, a pill that he had not used for a very long time. Immediately afterwards, an intense stink wafted out. This was the Stinky Grass, a rather popular item that was very effective against canine-type beasts and transformations.

The instant the stink appeared, the werewolf, which looked incomparably vicious a moment ago, started howling miserably. His snot and tears started flowing while an intense dizziness assaulted his brain. One ought to know that even Master Rank puppet masters of other streams had once suffered under this attack, to speak nothing of the werewolf’s experience.

Shi Kui was well prepared for it. The trademark hammer of a Puppetsmith appeared within his hand. After pouring his origin energy into the hammer, it grew into the size of the werewolf’s head. Then, Shi Kui raised the hammer and activated the strength amplification effect of his gloves.

With a bang, the hammer slammed into the defenseless werewolf. He suffered the obvious consequence of having a hammer slammed onto his head. In less than twenty seconds of the start of the match, Shi Kui harvested his first point.

This sudden change caused everyone’s eyes to go wide with shock. Even Luo Xi was no exception.

What is this? Isn’t he here as a free point for his opponents?

The spectators were all astonished, yet the people fighting on the stage did not have the leisure to stay astonished. The controller attacked again, turning his ability that was supposed to be providing support to the werewolf into offense instead. Two vines reached Shi Kui and immediately twirled around his legs.

Shi Kui tried breaking free of the entanglement, but it was useless. The vines started twirling around his entire body, attempting to completely wrap him up. There was also still a hidden assassin somewhere. Since Shi Kui was still capable of some movement, he had no intention to subject himself to defeat.

In any case, it did not seem like Shi Kui would be able to come out victorious in this match. Indeed, it was pointless to continue struggling against the vines. Therefore, Shi Kui stopped his struggles and instead channeled his origin energy into his hammer.

With the origin energy washing over the hammer, the weapon grew uncontrollably, and in the blink of an eye, it became immense. Using his sole hand that could still move, Shi Kui pulled the hammer backwards. The veins popping out on his forehead made it clear that he was forcefully exerting himself.

Thanks to the amplification of his gloves, Shi Kui was still able to swing the hammer forward after pulling it backwards despite the fact it had grown massively. Finally, he released the hammer. 

The more mass, the stronger the inertia. Shi Kui could not calculate the exact momentum of this forward inertia, but he was sure that it was sufficient to turn the controller in front of him into mincemeat. 

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