Chapter 17 Clinging To The Rich!

“We each relied on our own abilities. Could it be that an Illusion Stream puppet master such as me should try to forcefully pass through the entrance instead of relying on illusions?” Even though Bai Xiaofei was afraid, he had no intention of admitting his mistakes.

“You relied on this dog?” Qin Lingyan’s tone carried a trace of disbelief as she lowered her head to look at Huskie, who was by his side.

According to her knowledge, there were many of the Illusion Stream who could transform themselves, but she really hadn’t heard of anyone who could turn false into genuine and openly deceive a group of people.

She found it even harder to believe that Bai Xiaofei had deceived Bai Ye, a fellow who possessed formidable strength and chased after her on a daily basis.

Before Bai Xiaofei could reply, Huskie barked twice with displeasure for being doubted.

“Huskie isn’t an ordinary dog, and you’ll understand in the future.” Bai Xiaofei smiled as he kept her guessing. “But Senior Sister, shouldn’t you fulfill your promise now?” 

Whether he died or not wasn’t important because filling his stomach was of utmost importance.

“I heard you invited Bai Ye as well? Did you obtain my permission?” Qin Lingyan’s expression grew increasingly unsightly because every single thing Bai Xiaofei had done could be said to have touched her bottom line.

“Why should I obtain your permission to invite others? You just need to pay for my food. Senior Bai Ye can take care of himself.” Bai Xiaofei revealed an expression that seemed as if what he said was a matter of course. He then glared back at Qin Lingyan. “I understand now. Senior Sister, you intend to shamelessly go back on your word, right? Actually, you don’t have to do this. If you don’t want to treat me to a meal, just tell me directly—”

“Bull – you’re speaking nonsense!” Qin Lingyan immediately interrupted Bai Xiaofei before he could finish speaking, as she couldn’t bear to hear any more of it. Mmm, she even swallowed half a word… “When have I, Qin Lingyan, gone back on my word? It’s only a meal, and I’m only afraid the academy will blame me when you die from being too full!” As she spoke, Qin Lingyan turned and left.

“Hey…Senior Sister Lingyan, where are you going!?” Bai Xiaofei asked, feigning ignorance. His voice was loud to the point it seemed he was afraid others wouldn’t be able to hear it.

“Cut the crap! Just follow me!” Qin Lingyan turned back to roll her eyes at Bai Xiaofei then continued walking forward by herself. From the beginning to the end, she controlled her speed to maintain a certain distance from Bai Xiaofei as if she was deeply afraid others would misunderstand.

But it played out exactly as she had feared. All along the way, Bai Xiaofei shouted Qin Lingyan left and right, and he cried out her name so much that all the students who were ceaselessly passing by turned to look at them.

At this moment, Qin Lingyan’s intestines could be said to have gone green with regret. She had originally thought it was only a joke and that at most she would only treat Bai Xiaofei to a meal, but now it seemed she had thought about it all too simply.

Bai Xiaofei wasn’t the type of person who passed by someone he could rely on and not cling to their leg!

So, no matter if Qin Lingyan was willing or not, Bai Xiaofei would temporarily be one of the topics of conversation whenever she was discussed in the future.

“Brother Bai!!!” Right when Qin Lingyan and Bai Xiaofei were about to enter the canteen area, Bai Ye’s voice sounded out from afar, and he flashed over like a wisp of smoke before Bai Xiaofei could reply. “Brother Bai, I’m not late, right?!” 

Even though Bai Ye was speaking to Bai Xiaofei, his eyes had secretly glanced at Qin Lingyan, and excitement was already written all over his face.

“Don’t worry. I would wait for you even if you were late. New students have to respect seniors, right?” Bai Xiaofei raised his brows and gave Bai Ye a gaze that said “you understand”.

“What are you saying? That sort of abnormal rule is only used on the newbies. You aren’t the same. You’re a friend of mine, Bai Ye’s. Just say my name if anyone bullies you, and I’ll protect you from here on out!” Bai Ye’s voice was extremely loud, and to a certain extent, he definitely wasn’t saying these words to Bai Xiaofei.

Bai Xiaofei, however, didn’t care about it, and he instantly agreed. “Since Senior has spoken, I won’t take you to be an outsider. If there really comes a day that you don’t care about me, I’ll start complaining everywhere.” 

As soon as Bai Xiaofei finished speaking, Bai Ye turned to look at Bai Xiaofei, his face carrying a trace of astonishment. Then, a smidgen of regret appeared in the bottom of his heart.

Idiot! Why show off and act beyond your own means! What if this kid really causes trouble…

“Let’s go, senior; it’s time to eat. You can leave right now if you don’t want to eat.” Bai Xiaofei directly dropped a bomb as Bai Ye was hesitating, causing Bai Ye to grit his teeth and follow him in the end.

“Speak, where do you want to eat?!” Qin Lingyan’s cold voice was filled with a threatening tone that displayed the intent of killing him if he didn’t hurry up.

But Bai Xiaofei seemed as if he hadn’t heard it. His eyes carefully searched through all the restaurants in the area one by one. “That one!”

Bai Ye was beside Bai Xiaofei, and as he looked at the restaurant Bai Xiaofei pointed at, his heart went cold.

The Hundred Flavor House, the most expensive restaurant in the academy. This could be discerned from the terrifying amount of space it occupied and its gorgeous fixtures, and this was most likely the reason why Bai Xiaofei had selected it…

“Let’s go. It’s only a single meal!” Gritting her teeth, Qin Lingyan glared fiercely at Bai Xiaofei and was then the first to walk into the Hundred Flavor House.

Even though it was a restaurant, the Hundred Flavor House displayed its prices right there near the entrance, so it wasn’t very crowded. Besides some large-scale gatherings, people didn’t normally come here to just eat an ordinary meal.

If it was to treat someone to a meal, however, this place would be a restricted area because one would need to properly think it over before treating someone – even if one was a noble or a prince.

Under the guidance of a waiter, the three people and the dog were brought into a private room. Bai Xiaofei consciously sat at the corner, but Bai Ye wanted to sit by Qin Lingyan’s side. With a glare from her, however, he was forced to sit next to Bai Xiaofei.

“Senior, this won’t do.” Bai Xiaofei whispered to Bai Ye and told him of a method, his method. It wasn’t difficult to discern from Bai Ye’s changing expression that Bai Xiaofei’s method was absolutely shocking.

But in the end Bai Ye had agreed...

It was a last resort!

“What are you two talking about? Order the food! I’m extremely busy, so you better not delay me!” Qin Lingyan already had the urge to shed all pretenses because from the moment she saw Bai Xiaofei, she felt that he had been leading her by the nose.

“Senior Sister, don’t be angry. I’ll order immediately.” Bai Xiaofei lifted up the menu then abruptly paused. As if he had suddenly thought of it, he “thoughtlessly” asked, “Right...Senior Sister, my Huskie also hasn’t eaten in a long time. You wouldn’t mind if I bring him along, right?”

“You’ve already brought a person along, so bringing a dog won’t make a difference.” Qin Lingyan once more rolled her eyes at Bai Xiaofei. She then turned away because just looking at him made her feel uncomfortable.

After Qin Lingyan agreed, Huskie howled twice at Bai Xiaofei, looking as if he was asking a question.

“It’s fine, it’s fine. You can eat freely this time because someone is treating us to the meal.”

“Woof! Woof!” This time Huskie barked at Qin Lingyan, and his barks were filled with excitement.

“He said thank you.” Bai Xiaofei played the role of translator. In return, Qin Lingyan lightly laughed and rolled her eyes at him.

“I never imagined that you would actually understand ‘dog language’.” Qin Lingyan especially placed emphasis on the words “dog language”, and she felt as if she had finally made a comeback.

“I’ve finished ordering!” Grinning, Bai Xiaofei passed the menu to the waiter then suddenly looked at Bai Ye. “Senior, what happens if someone doesn’t have enough money to pay for the food here?”


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