Chapter 189: Eternal Friend and the Third Round’s Rules

When Fang Ye placed the badge down, he was not the only one whose heart was aching. A slight trace of remorse had appeared in Fang Guozheng’s heart as well.

“Ye’er…” Looking at Fang Ye, Fang Guozheng’s eyes slowly grew turbid.

“It’s still not too late to regret it now. So long as you give Fang Ye the right of inheritance to your clan, you will get your son back. We’re not interested in living off your clan anyway.” Bai Xiaofei chose an untimely moment to stand up and speak, causing the remorse of Fang Guozheng to vanish. That was obviously a request that could not be fulfilled. Otherwise, Fang Guozheng wouldn’t have come to Starnet Academy in the first place.

“What a realistic father. Let’s go, Fang Ye. There is nothing worth staying here for.” Bai Xiaofei started leaving, dragging the hesitating Fang Ye with him.

“Wait!” They had only taken a step when Fang Guozheng stood up and called out to them. An Amethyst Card he had prepared in advance appeared in his hand.

“Take this. It will be helpful for you,” Fang Guozheng said expectantly. As of this moment, he was a normal father.

“Thanks, but no thanks. A follower of me, Bai Xiaofei, would not need others’ charity. In any case, your family assets are worth only several tens of billions. How much money could there be in this Amethyst Card?” Bai Xiaofei sneered and rejected it on behalf of Fang Ye. 

From Wang Hang’s position, Wang Hang could see that as of this moment Fang Guozheng’s face rippled with emotions.

“But…” Fang Guozheng’s hand stayed outstretched. He seemingly wanted to say something but was hesitating to speak his mind.

“No buts. Trust me, a day will come when you regret your decision today. I only hope that your beloved younger sons will not come causing trouble for us when the time comes. We are after all not pretentious people,” Bai Xiaofei remarked sarcastically with his back to Fang Guozheng. Then, he left with Fang Ye. They opened the door to leave, causing Aunt Fang who was eavesdropping to stumble and nearly fall onto the room.

“Erm…I left something in the room. Where are you guys going? Why don’t you stay longer?” Aunt Fang said with a straight face, trying to hide the awkwardness she was feeling. The response she got was Bai Xiaofei’s contemptuous gaze.

“A woman like you will never have a good ending. Trust me. I, Bai Xiaofei, never say anything for no reason.”

Then, they left and were gone in the blink of an eye. Only a mournful Fang Guozheng and joyful Aunt Fang were left in the room.

“Honey, what happened? Are you feeling sad? If you really can’t take it, we can call Little Ye back. No matter what, he’s still family…” Aunt Yi continued her performance. In the past, whenever she “performed”, she would be greeted with Fang Guozheng’s smile. This time, she failed.

“I’m tired. I want to take a rest. Start packing. We will leave tomorrow,” Fang Guozheng said and turned, his figure desolate. He seemed to have suddenly aged considerably. 

Meanwhile, Fang Ye had collapsed emotionally after leaving. His tears streamed down without stopping as he silently crouched at the side of the road as if he had lost his mind.

“Are you not going to say anything to him?” Xue Ying whispered, her eyes filled with sympathy and sorrow.

“Do you think comforting words are useful for a situation like this?” Bai Xiaofei answered with a question. This directly stumped Xue Ying.

Only Wang Hang silently crouched beside Fang Ye. “This is not the Fang Ye I know. Have you forgotten what you said? Have you forgotten what you want to become? Big Brother Fei didn’t take this trip with you just to see you cry.”

Wang Hang knew very well what Fang Ye’s soft spot was, and what happened next proved that he was right. The moment he spoke, Fang Ye lifted his head.

“Big Brother Fei, I feel terrible.”

Bai Xiaofei’s heart soured when he saw the red eyes. Slowly, he walked towards Fang Ye and stretched out his hand.

“Let’s go drink some liquor. We will drink the best liquor available,” Bai Xiaofei said as he endured the sourness in his heart. His eyes slowly turned red as well. Although he had never experienced what Fang Ye had just experienced, he had seen way too many people cry alone. Although he had never felt the same, he could understand how these people felt. Bai Xiaofei had never even seen his birth parents. Comparatively, Fang Ye should be much luckier than him.

“Ok!” Fang Ye agreed even as he was sobbing.

That night Bai Xiaofei got so drunk he did not remember how much he drank. Fang Ye was also so drunk he did not remember what he said. This was also the very first time Wang Hang had spoken without any inhibitions. The three of them had drunk together, weeping bitter tears, forgetting all their troubles.

Xue Ying had borne witness to this as it was happening. 

Drinking the best liquor, with the best companion, to not leave until drunk and to drink and chat merrily and be sleepless all night... 

If one had a close friend like this in life, what else would one need?

The next day, all three of them were carried back by Mo Ka and the others. Xue Ying had called them over as the three were dead drunk. Nobody asked what happened. What they saw was sufficient to explain everything. Whatever happened, it was now in the past. From now on, Fang Ye would still be the same Fang Ye, a member of Savage Class.

While the three of them were sleeping, the format of the third round was announced. Everyone in the academy had been looking forward to this, and when the format was released, it drove everyone into a frenzy. They had been expecting that the format would be a novel one, but they had never expected it would have this much novelty.

The third match would be a continuous battle. The five remaining classes would be entering the ring in accordance to the order of their placing during the second round. There was no limit to the people they could send each time, the only limitation was that they couldn’t opt out of sending someone up.

The class to go onto the ring first would be the challenged party, while the next class to go onto the ring would be the challenger party. The class that won would stay on the ring to continue accepting challenges. This would continue until only one class remained.

The final class remaining would be the champion of this year’s New Student Tournament. The other classes would be ranked based on the points they got during the third round. One point would be given for every opponent a class defeated in the third round.

During the fight, nobody was allowed to use any recovery items. When everyone went through the rules, they had to admire Starnet Academy for putting so much thought into it.

All three rounds of the tournament had put all aspects of the new students’ skills to the test. This was especially true for the final round where strength was only one of the aspects being tested. Even more important than the test of strength was the test of the students’ ability to strategize.

For example, if Zhao Ziyun was the first to get up onto the ring, he would face an endless wave of challengers. It was certain that he would eventually be defeated. And after his defeat, his classmates would have a hard time surviving until the end of the round.

Likewise, this was the same for all other classes. Therefore, the order in which each class sent their members up would be the focal point of this round. Unfortunately, as of this moment, Bai Xiaofei was still dead drunk. If he knew about the format of the third round, he would probably laugh himself awake. Nothing suited him more than this format!


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