Chapter 185: Clean Victory!

On the battlefield, Luo Han was like a completely different person. The bashfulness that usually accompanied her was nowhere to be seen, replaced by an incomprehensible calm and conscientiousness. 

“Thistles and Thorns!” she softly shouted, and a circle of light spread out around her. In the blink of an eye, a silver-white energy shield appeared on each class 121 student.

Immediately afterwards, both parties that had attacked at the same time clashed. It was also at this moment that the sword-and-shield Onslaught Stream puppet master revealed his combat prowess, which did not conform to common sense.

Nobody could defend against the slash of his sword, and his shield blocked all other attacks launched at him. Nobody was able to deal any harm to him. 

This was the moment everyone realized one thing: there were two Master Rank puppet masters in class 121. Other than Luo Han, the other Master Rank was this sword-and-shield-wielding Onslaught Stream puppet master. 

Xiang Tao became anxious at this realization and immediately wiped the confidence that had originated from his previous victory, and he went berserk.

On the battlefield, five shadows appeared at the same time, and Xiang Tao started flickering nonstop amid the five shadows, harvesting the lives of class 121 students. Although his current fighting style was the same as an assassin, nobody could deny the fact that he was indeed very strong. In fact, he was so powerful that none of his targets could do anything against him.

Of course, this was partly because Luo Han and the sword-and-shield user were never his targets. Unfortunately, after killing five people in a row, Xiang Tao had no choice but to stop.

He had clearly killed off his targets without any resistance. Yet for some reason, numerous wounds had appeared on his body, soaking him in blood. By this point, the sword-and-shield user had already killed all Support Stream puppet masters of class 134 capable of healing. Therefore, Xiang Tao had no choice but to endure the wounds on his body.

“Thistles and Thorns Aura, an ability allowing those blessed to return 30% of the damage they received. You were able to kill five blessed people in a row. I do admire your perseverance,” said the sword-and-shield user as he walked towards Xiang Tao, his tone calm. “However, you are but an assassin. Even if only the two of us were left in the ring, I still have a way to exhaust you to death. This is your defeat.”

Right after he finished speaking, the sword-and-shield user raised his sword as he looked at Xiang Tao’s indignant face.

And thus the battle ended in a manner nobody had expected. The onlookers were at a loss as to how they should react to the match’s sudden end. The appearance of a new Master Rank would definitely greatly affect the New Student Tournament. The worst part was that even after this match nobody had any idea of the real extent of the sword-and-shield user’s strength.

Bai Xaiofei frowned when he thought of this. He had initially thought that the sword-and-shield user was merely a normal Onslaught Stream puppet master. But what happened during the match had toppled what he believed.

He had expected Luo Han’s class to be the victor of this match, but he had never expected them to win in such a manner. He had personally thought the victory of class 121 would rest on the teamwork of Yuan Kun and Luo Han.

“Next, we will proceed with the last match of the day.” Although the spectators were still stupefied, the judge did not spare any time waiting. His loud and clear announcement resounded through the public square, pulling everyone back from their thoughts. 

In the final match of the day, Hu Xian’er’s class would face Tai Shan’s class.

After witnessing the previous match, Bai Xiaofei no longer dared to make any conclusions ahead of time. He was not sure if Tai Shan’s class would also have a hidden trump card like the sword-and-shield user. If that was the case, the several billion Amethyst Coins worth of bet he had placed wouldn’t be so easy to win.

The spectators, however, did not share Bai Xiaofei’s thoughts. Their cheers sounded like a wave of a tsunami, replacing the previous stupefaction everyone was in. This cheer was directed towards a single person: Hu Xian’er, the holder of first place on the Blossom Ranking.

For the spectators the result of the match was no longer important. The only thing on their mind was Hu Xian’er, the transformed Hu Xian’er. If one had the chance to witness a fox-form Transformation Stream puppet master transforming once in their lifetime, one’s life would be worth it.

Therefore, while everyone focused their gazes on the screen showing Hu Xian’er, the battle began. The scene everyone looked forward to immediately appeared on the screen. With a violet radiance about her, Hu Xian’er instantly transformed into a half-fox.

The moment she transformed, a cheer so loud it could crush all previous cheers of this entire tournament erupted. Listening to the cries that sounded no different than the cries of animals, Bai Xiaofei heaved a long sigh.

Aiii, this beauty has brought me countless rivals in love!

However, Bai Xiaofei was obviously still unaware of the crisis he was in. Amid the spectator seats, at several corners that Bai Xiaofei couldn’t see, a few pairs of eyes were already shining with a bizarre radiance.

While everyone was reveling in the feeling of having witnessed Hu Xian’er’s transformation, one person from Tai Shan’s class had already been turned into a clump of white radiance. Let alone the spectators, even the participants in the ring itself couldn’t react. Hu Xian’er’s speed was too fast!

And while everyone was still in shock over the sudden death, two additional clumps of white radiance appeared. At the same time, all class 21 students charged forth and clashed with Tai Shan’s classmates.

“Landslide!” Sensing that the situation wasn’t going well for him, Tai Shan decisively revealed his main ability. As his origin energy spread out, the ground beneath him turned into an endless field of mud. The mud then rose into the air and slammed down towards the entire battlefield.

“Die, all of you!” With a howl, Tai Shan squeezed more origin energy from his body to the point he started bleeding from the seven apertures. The mud began to tighten, causing the people trapped within to feel a terrifying sense of suppression. One by one, they were each transformed into a clump of white radiance.

After doing all that, Tai Shan breathed heavily and knelt down on one knee. The attack he had launched not only looked imposing but had also massively exhausted his origin energy. A massive attack like this was quite a feat coming from a puppet master who had just entered the Master Rank.

Unfortunately for him, reality was cruel.

“This attack is decent. It’s a pity it’s too slow.” A voice filled with pride indifferently sounded. On the screen, Hu Xian’er could be seen gently waving her hand as she leisurely walked towards Tai Shan. On her way, one mud pillar after another was crushed to pieces by the wave of her hand.

When Tai Shan attacked earlier, Hu Xian’er had moved out of his attack range. Therefore, she had received zero damage from the attack.

“ is this possible?” Tai Shan opened his eyes wide in shock and disbelief.

How can someone dodge an attack like that?

“Sorry, I have to get rid of all hindrances for him,” she said then slowly raised her right hand.


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