Chapter 184: The Mad Gorilla That Grew Stronger the More Serious His Injuries Were

After howling in laughter, Yuan Kun used his actions to prove that he hadn’t been beaten senseless. His unreal speed grew and caught the Transformation Stream puppet master off guard with its sudden change. Yuan Kun grabbed him and raised him high above his head. Under everybody’s gazes, Yuan Kun tore the Transformation Stream puppet master into two. 

If there wasn’t a formation in place to ensure all deaths in the tournament were fake, what kind of sight would this be? The faint-hearted ones did not even dare to picture how that would appear. 

As for Yuan Kun, he seemed to be completely enjoying himself. After ripping the puppet master apart, he charged at his next target. The people around him no longer had any courage to stand their ground after witnessing what Yuan Kun had done. They immediately scattered everywhere.

Unfortunately, their speed was far slower than Yuan Kun’s. The same scene repeated itself, and soon, Yuan Kun eliminated his second target. Right this moment, the air controlling Energy Stream puppet master attacked, his target being Yuan Kun’s head.

Yuan Kun was prepared this time. He straightened his body and faced the attack head on even though he could have avoided it if he wanted to. Yet another terrifying wound was left on Yuan Kun’s chest, and even the bones inside his body were visible on the huge screen.

“This is so freaking exciting!” Yuan Kun howled in laughter and followed with an even more terrifying attack. He was now moving so fast the onlookers could only see a flash moving across the ring. 

An Onslaught Stream puppet master who was in the midst of retreat was knocked high up into the air. Before he fell back down to the ground, he transformed into a clump of white radiance that proceeded to leave the ring.

After dealing with his target, Yuan Kun looked at the Energy Stream puppet master as a savage smile appeared on his face. “Hold on, kid. It will be your turn soon.”

At this point, the onlookers finally understood one thing: Yuan Kun’s true strength came from his second puppet, which made him stronger the longer the battle persisted. His second puppet could transform any harm Yuan Kun suffered into a buff of strength and speed for himself. The more serious his injuries, the stronger the buff would be.

In short, this ability was no different than a delayed self-destruct. If he continued fighting in this manner, nobody would need to kill him. Yuan Kun would die from blood loss because of his own actions. Of course, his opponents would need to last that long to make use of this flaw.

“Focus fire on him!” The Energy Stream puppet master could no longer stay calm after seeing that Yuan Kun’s eyes were set on him. With his command, two Ranged Stream puppet masters from his side changed their targets and aimed at Yuan Kun. Unfortunately, they were too late. 

With Yuan Kun’s current speed, not even Moonedge could catch up to him, let alone the comparatively slower attacks of the Big Eyed Monster and the Energy Stream puppet master.

After taking two major attacks head on, Yuan Kun’s strength and speed both reached their peak. Before long, not a single person of the group that had surrounded him was left. With a sneer on his face, he charged at the remaining class 134 members.

“Shine! Duplicate!” In this crucial moment, the mirror user stepped forth and sent a beam of light that shot forth at an unreal speed to land on Yuan Kun. Immediately afterwards, the beam bounced back and landed on the mirror user. Under everyone’s confused gaze, the mirror user’s body started transforming, and in the blink of an eye, he had gained a body shape greatly resembling Yuan Kun.

The mirror user’s puppet was Mirror of Equality.

It was able to select one target and duplicate the target’s condition onto the user’s body. This duplication would persist as long as the user was battling his target. The moment the user switched his target, the duplication would be gone.

Immediately afterward, the two huge monsters clashed and created a rumbling sound of collision that assaulted the ears of everyone present.

“Kid, you fell for it. Duplicating my condition is not a smart choice.”

The mirror user had once used this ability during the first round. Therefore, Luo Han’s class had long been on guard against his ability. Their counter for this ability was Yuan Kun. 

Immediately after their collision, Yuan Kun stopped moving. On the other hand, an alarmed look appeared on the mirror user’s face. Yuan Kun wasn’t exactly in a seriously injured condition. His actual condition was complete exhaustion of life force.

Realizing this, the mirror user tried attacking his own classmates to get rid of his duplication of Yuan Kun. To his distress, he found that he could no longer do anything.

“Reverse!” At the same time, Luo Han, who had been still the whole time, waved the multicolored bracelet on her wrist. Then, a beam of light fell from the sky and landed on Yuan Kun. His fatal wounds started healing at an inconceivable speed. At the same time, the mirror user slowly transformed into a clump of dissipating white radiance. 

This was the ability of Luo Han’s bracelet, the Time Goddess’s Bracelet. It was able to reverse the condition of a target to a certain point in time. The more origin energy the user expended, the farther the reverse would be back in time. Luo Han had selected to reverse Yuan Kun’s condition to his condition right before he had received his second attack.

It would be wise to never look down on anyone. With everyone believing that Yuan Kun was a muscle-headed fool, 90% of his plan had already succeeded. If it wasn’t for everyone believing Yuan Kun was a fool, his class wouldn’t have been able to get rid of that mirror user so easily.

After eliminating the mirror user, Yuan Kun became a wolf that had jumped into a flock of sheep. The sinister smile he had on his face looked incredibly striking. And yet it was also at this moment that Yuan Kun’s smile froze. He was planning to start reaping the lives of the people here, yet he found himself unable to move.

Since the start of the match when Xiang Tao entered concealment, everyone had believed that Luo Han was his target. However, this wasn’t the case.

He had been standing still all along, waiting for this very moment. Regardless of how strong Luo Han was, she was but a mere Support Stream puppet master. Without any damage dealers on her side, it was only a matter of time before she was eliminated.

That was why Xiang Tao’s target had always been Yuan Kun. 

His dagger instantly sliced past Yuan Kun’s neck. Everything had happened so fast that Luo Han couldn’t even do anything in time. Yuan Kun turned into a clump of radiance. It slowly dissipated while everyone was still blanking out from the sudden change.

The true worth of an assassin was not his strength. Rather, it was his accurate decision-making skills and his grasp on timing his attack. This was also the main method of judging the level of an assassin. A good assassin would be able to do what Xiang Tao just did. 

With a single attack, the result of the battle was concluded. 

After putting his dagger away, Xiang Tao slowly walked towards class 121. His remaining classmates followed behind him.

“It’s time to end this match.” Xiang Tao smiled faintly before his body vanished and entered concealment once again. The Energy Stream puppet master of class 134 also moved. With this, the intensity of the match arrived at a new height.

“You’re right. It’s about time we end this.” Luo Han spoke nonchalantly as origin energy started pouring from her body. Then, she started hovering in the air. 

The sword-and-shield user, who had been tangled with the Onslaught Stream puppet master since the start of the match, suddenly erupted in strength and slashed his opponent into two with a single attack. At the same time, an origin energy undulation that was even stronger than Yuan Kun’s origin energy undulation roiled out of his body. 

Xiang Tao wasn’t the only one with a trump card!


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