Chapter 183: Luo Han vs. Xiang Tao

As Yan Suzi charged at Ka Nong, the entire public square’s temperature shot up, and when the two met, it reached its peak. Unlike their previous clashes, Yan Suzi did not meet Ka Nong head on this time. Instead, a radiance as dazzling as the sun erupted from her body and instantly swallowed him.

Self-explosion! The terrifying sounds of the explosion reverberated throughout the public square while the explosion’s terrifying shockwaves threw the entire public square into chaos. At the edge of the ring, Yan Suzi’s classmates did their best to protect the final surviving Support Stream puppet master of their class. One by one, they turned into dissipating dots of white light.

People wouldn’t normally use an ability like self-explosion as a trump card. Therefore, Yan Suzi was simply exploiting the rules of the tournament by using self-explosion as her trump card. In any case, there were no real deaths in the tournament. Since that was the case, she might as well die.

Everyone felt as if their hearts stopped beating from the suspense. The result of the match would depend on whether Ka Nong could survive the explosion. 

Slowly, the smoke and dust faded away, revealing the ring before everyone. A huge crater was within it, and not a single person could be seen at the ring’s center.

In other words, the match’s only survivor was the Support Stream puppet master from Yan Suzi’s class. The third match ended with Yan Suzi’s victory!

“Beautifully done!”

It was unknown who started it, but soon, the entire public square erupted into an uproar. The crowd chanted Yan Suzi’s name without stop. As of this moment, she was the one and only focus of the entire Starnet Academy. As an Energy Stream puppet master, she did the impossible by defeating a martial artist with Innate Stone Skin.

The judge announced the result. Then, a curtain of light shone upon the ring and started repairing it. The curtain of light had appeared without anyone doing anything. This could only mean that the public square was in fact self-repairing.

A public square with its own consciousness?

Bai Xiaofei gulped at his realization.

An absolute majority of the new students had a reaction similar to Bai Xiaofei’s. Starnet Academy had once again surprised them with its power. Indeed, the academy would not have lasted this long on the continent for no reason.

“Next, the fourth match will start. Class 121 versus class 134!” the judge announced, and Luo Han and Xiang Tao led their respective classes and entered the ring. 

Slowly, the crowd calmed down from their previous excitement. If nothing unexpected happened, this match would be an epic fight as well. 

Bai Xiaofei, however, did not share this opinion. With the detailed information he had on both Luo Han and Xiang Tao, he already knew the match’s result. 

The battle started, and Xiang Tao immediately entered concealment. He was his class’s sole assassin. The rest of his class were comprised of puppet masters of the various streams, but only three of them had been committed to Bai Xiaofei’s memory.

The first person he remembered was a Ranged Stream puppet master who used an animate puppet called Big Eyed Beast. The second person was an Onslaught Stream puppet master good at using scythes. The third person was a Defense Stream puppet master who used a bizarre-looking mirror.

In comparison, Luo Han’s class had a much more interesting lineup. First was the Berserk Gorilla Yuan Kun. His berserk strength and unreal speed after transformation was still fresh in Bai Xiaofei’s mind.

Second was a Ranged Stream puppet master who was a rifle user like Fang Ye. The difference between them was that he instead used a light rifle. Although the damage of the rifle was much lower, it had a higher firing rate.

Third was a support Onslaught Stream puppet master who used a sword and shield and who was also extremely good in crowd control. Even now, Bai Xiaofei still had no idea what his name was. That was because when they had gathered during the first round, the guy had never spoken a single word to Bai Xiaofei.

And finally, last was a pair called Liu Xin and Liu Ming, both Transformation Stream puppet masters whose transformation form was an eagle. They weren’t particularly good in any aspects, and they were only special because they were capable of flight.

Their flight was different than Lin Li’s floating ability. Lin Li could hover but not move at high speed midair. This was not the case for Liu Xin and Liu Ming.

Normally, puppet masters would never select puppets with a flight ability as one of their first four puppets because it would be too big a waste. But because of this, the pair had the absolute air superiority among the lower-ranked puppet masters.

After Xiang Tao concealed himself, the battle started. From Luo Han’s side, Liu Xin and Liu Ming transformed and flew high into the air. The rest entered their respective positions and got into a formation. In the middle of the formation was Luo Han, the core of their class. 

When the Big Eyed Beast user saw class 121’s actions, he sneered. Then, the Big Eyed Beast on his head started splitting.

This was the ability of his second puppet, Multiplication. With this ability, he could create duplicate puppets with 60% of his puppet’s strength, and he could duplicate as many as his origin energy could support. His current limit was twelve. With this, he was the same as a mobile cannon.

Class 134 did not take long to finish their preparations. Three Onslaught Stream and two Transformation Stream puppet masters immediately summoned their puppets. After one of the Support Stream puppet masters buffed them, they charged straight at their opponents.

The Big Eyed Monster controller and a Ranged Stream puppet master started attacking. The twelve Big Eyed Monsters shot out energy beams without stop, simply blasting forward like a cannon, whereas the Range Stream puppet master attacked accurately like a sniper. The latter’s puppet was called Moonedge, a puppet with decent speed and power.

Meanwhile, Luo Han’s side finally started moving as well. Yuan Kun howled and instantly grew two times larger. The hairs on his body grew thicker as well. A Support Stream puppet master beside Luo Han raised his hand and sent three rays of light towards Yuan Kun. And at the next second, Yuan Kun charged out.

Yuan Kun faced the beams shot by the Big Eyed Monsters head on. Crackling sounds rang out without end as the beams landed on Yuan Kun’s body. However, he did not seem to care. With an excited smile on his face, he clashed with the opposing class’s vanguard charging his class.

The clash was completely head on. Yuan Kun’s combat style was to ignore all consequences and to exchange hits with his opponents. Although the Support Stream puppet master kept renewing the shield around him, the speed in which the shield was being renewed couldn’t keep up with the speed it was being destroyed.

Because of this, more and more wounds appeared on Yuan Kun’s body, but due to his crazy fighting style, his opponents weren’t any better off.

Of the five who charged his class, he stopped the advance of four of them. Each of them was riddled with wounds. The remaining one crossed over the defensive line, but his initial expectation of scattering class 121’s formation did not happen. Instead, the sword-and-shield user directly blocked him.

It was also at this moment that the sole Energy Stream puppet master of class 134 moved. An incorporeal energy, which he had spent an unknown amount of time forming, shot from his hand. It went across half the ring and accurately landed on Yuan Kun’s chest, sending Yuan Kun flying and leaving a terrifying looking wound on his chest. 

“Air control?” Bai Xiaofei stood up and cried out in alarm.

During the survival games, this person hadn’t done anything. Therefore, Bai Xiaofei knew nothing about him. In other words, this person was a variable nobody had seen coming.

“Haha. This feels so good!” Just as everyone grew nervous, Yuan Kun bounced off the ground and howled in laughter, half his body drenched in blood.

Has he gotten himself beaten senseless? thought everyone from the Savage Class whom Yuan Kun’s reaction had slightly stunned.


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