Chapter 182: Ka Nong vs. Yan Suzi (2)

“Do you think I’m completely helpless against your ability?” Ka Nong coldly said. 

Then, the smoke controller started losing control over his smoke. The cloud of smoke faded away, and everyone got a clear look of what was happening. Ka Nong was holding the smoke controller up by his neck with one hand. The smoke controller’s flushed red face explained why he had lost control over the smoke.

“Die!” With a ruthless sneer on his face, Ka Nong slammed the smoke controller onto the ground. Accompanied by a loud crashing sound, the smoke controller turned into dots of white light.

This was the first Energy Stream puppet master from Yan Suzi’s class to be eliminated. It was only at this moment that everyone paid more attention to Ka Nong and noticed that not much of his clothing was left on him. The little amount of cloth left on him was riddled with holes and burnt marks. Evidently, the needle controller and Yan Suzi had not missed with their attacks. Despite that, Ka Nong was still fine.

“Innate Stone Skin?” Sitting among the Savage Class students, Xue Ying cried out by instinct. She then swallowed.

“Innate Stone Skin? What’s that?” Bai Xiaofei was lacking in theoretical knowledge, and doubt appeared in his eyes.

“Similar to Wu Chi’s Heavenly Origin Physique, the Innate Stone Skin is a unique body constitution. The Heavenly Origin Physique is extremely suitable for puppet masters while the Innate Stone Skin is a constitution that was tailor-made for martial artists.

“Those with this constitution will have a tolerance level that is five times greater than that of a regular martial artist. Moreover, depending on the grade of their Stone Skin, they will obtain a certain degree of immunity towards Energy Stream attacks. Based on what’s happening in the ring, it’s clear Ka Nong’s Stone Skin is at a grade that can give him more than 80% energy immunity.”

Xue Ying paused slightly then continued, “In short, the attacks of Energy Stream puppet masters of the same cultivation rank as Ka Nong won’t be able to deal damage to him.”

Many other people also noticed Ka Nong’s abnormality. A number of people who had placed their bet on Ka Nong’s victory were overjoyed to see this. From the current situation, it was clear that Ka Nong with his Innate Stone Skin was a perfect counter for Yan Suzi’s class.

This was not the end of the bad news for Yan Suzi’s class. After their two Ranged Stream puppet masters joined hands to kill one martial artist, the Assassin Stream puppet masters from Ka Nong’s class finally appeared. Both assassins made their move at the same time. They acted when the two Ranged Stream puppet masters were still reveling in the joy of having killed the martial artist, which was one of those moments where most people would be neglecting their defenses.

The consequence of their neglect was obvious. The two assassins succeeded in their ambush at nearly the same time. However, a black radiance immediately landed on both their heads. The origin energy within their bodies grew sluggish, foiling their plan to retreat after the ambush. Then, accompanied by a loud and dazzling explosion, the two assassins also died.

By this point both classes had suffered great damage. The one difference between them was the fact that Yan Suzi’s class still had a problem they couldn’t solve: they couldn’t kill Ka Nong!

Ka Nong would never allow Yan Suzi and the others to think of a countermeasure to deal with him. The elimination of his classmates did not even cause a ripple in his emotions. After all, in his original plan, his classmates were nothing but cannon fodder.

As far as he was concerned, he alone was the main character. This was something that would never change. He stopped moving and charged straight at the needle controller. 

His target cursed before summoning a transparent barrier around himself, encasing his own body. With this barrier, he faced Ka Nong’s destructive fist. This transparent barrier was in fact his second puppet, which was capable of protecting the user against one physical attack before teleporting the user to a random spot in the vicinity. 

After his target teleported away, Ka Nong snorted coldly. He changed his direction and instead charged the flame-controlling puppet master.

Throughout the exchange, Yan Suzi and the flame controller never stopped attacking. Unfortunately, Ka Nong wasn’t the slightest bit damaged despite taking all the attacks head on.

Ka Nong did the same as what he did to the smoke controller: grabbing the helpless flame controller, he slammed the puppet master onto the ground and turned him into dots of white light. He had eliminated one more opponent.

“If you don’t want all your classmates to experience what death is like, surrender. The moment you get me as your opponent, the conclusion is set in stone,” Ka Nong said as he dusted off his palms and looked at Yan Suzi with pride and confidence.

“The Innate Stone Skin is indeed the bane of Energy Stream puppet masters. I, however, am an exception to this rule.” As she looked at the arrogant Ka Nong, a trace of stubbornness crept onto her face.

The Flame Domain around her started closing into a single point, and in the blink of an eye, the entire Flame Domain gathered beneath Yan Suzi’s feet. The terrifying heat poured into her body. As the Flame Domain gathered within her body, her outer appearance started changing.

Her skin took on the color of flame while her long black hair gained a shade of red. Her clothing was reduced to ashes by the high temperature and was replaced by a fiery energy armor. At the same time, the temperature of the entire public square rose greatly. Yan Suzi’s classmates started retreating to the edge of the ring, leaving the center to Yan Suzi and Ka Nong.

They wouldn’t be of any help in the coming battle. If they stayed, the only thing that would happen was them getting hit by the shockwaves of Yan Suzi’s attacks.

“Although I need more time to fully display the power of this ability, its current form is already sufficient to deal with you,” she said, then charged straight at Ka Nong, leaving a fiery trail behind her path.

“Interesting.” Ka Nong laughed coldly. For the first time, a trace of seriousness appeared on his face. He faced Yan Suzi with his fists. 

The battle that followed was a visual enjoyment for the onlookers. Each time the two collided, the pair created an energy shockwave. Yan Suzi was like a human bomb – anything she touched would explode.

Moreover, with this ability, her physical body had improved so much that she could now face Ka Nong head on. Not only was she not disadvantaged in a battle of bare hands, she even slightly suppressed Ka Nong.

This completely changed the mood of the onlookers. Those who were previously elated were now anxious, and those who had been anxious were now elated. The other participants all swallowed as they witnessed the fight. They had expected that each of the participants must have had some hidden trump cards hidden, but this trump card was truly too explosive.

Slowly but surely, prudence replaced the confidence of all the participants. The participants were no longer so sure of their victory anymore. Within the ring, Yan Suzi and Ka Nong kept punching each other for over ten minutes. Eventually, when they collided once again, they separated, and they each stood at a different corner.

Ka Nong no longer looked as relaxed as before. Every part of his body that had been hit by Yan Suzi emanated a burnt smell.

“Are you out of energy? Your current form must have a limited duration to it, right?” Ka Nong laughed, attempting to cover the shock in his heart with laughter. Yan Suzi, however, was still as calm as ever even though Ka Nong was right.

“Winner takes all. It’s pointless to say anything else. If you can survive my next attack, victory will be yours.”

Yan Suzi once again charged at Ka Nong. Her speed was even faster than before!


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