Chapter 181: Ka Nong vs. Yan Suzi (1)

The tyrannical yet calm voice reverberated throughout the public square. The Savage Class members were the only ones to not be surprised by what was said. A judge, however, was still a judge. With his powerful mental acuity, he recovered shortly and loudly announced the start of the match. Immediately afterwards, Lin Li moved. The Divine Phoenix Feather Dress appeared on her, and she slowly walked forward, one step at a time.

Looking at Lin Li leisurely strolling towards them, the members of the opposing class all widened their eyes. They were already astonished by the fact that Lin Li had stepped onto the ring alone. What she did now caused them to be thoroughly dumbstruck.

Had her brain been damaged?

They were filled with doubt, but none of them stopped doing what they should do. No matter what, they had to face her seriously. It did not take long for them to experience what true despair was like. 

Ranged attacks were completely ineffective as the attacks couldn’t even get near Lin Li. Melee attacks were also ineffective, and the three puppet masters who had entered Lin Li’s melee range couldn’t even survive three breaths of time before Lin Li’s Thousand Star riddled their bodies with holes. Defense was also ineffective. Any Defense Stream students she approached suffered the same fate as the melee fighters.

Just like that, everyone watched in disbelief as Lin Li eliminated one opponent after another in an extremely one-sided manner. Only when the judge declared the end of the match did everyone remember a certain description of the Divine Phoenix Feather Dress: all in the same rank would be slaughtered as easily as stray dogs.

If during the first round everyone witnessed the extent of the Divine Phoenix Feather Dress’s power, then this match taught everyone how terrifying it was. Everyone looked at Lin Li in a new light. Although she did not speak much, she was a genius with both beauty and strength that even the heavens would envy.

The second match ended in a tyrannical fashion no one had expected, yet at the same time, it also felt as if this was how things should have been. The onlookers weren’t given much time to dwell in their astonishment, as immediately afterwards the third match started.

The third match had, in a sense, a completely different weight attached to it compared to the previous two matches. After all, this was a match between two Newcomer King classes.

Ka Nong vs. Yan Suzi!

If one only looked at the members of both classes, most people would be optimistic of the victory of Yan Suzi’s class. This was apparent from the odds the Babel Merchant House was paying for those betting on them. The bet on Ka Nong’s victory had the odds of 1:3.7 while the bet on Yan Suzi’s victory was only 1:0.2.

The difference of their odds was as wide as the sky and earth. Even so, a lot of people still bet on Yan Suzi’s victory. As far as they were concerned, this was a bet they would definitely win.

In truth, Ka Nong’s class was too imbalanced. There were fourteen students in their class, but they had nine martial artists including Ka Nong. The remaining five were comprised of two assassins and three supports. They had neither ranged attackers nor defenders.

On the other hand, Yan Suzi’s class had a lineup one could describe with the word “luxurious”. Although there were only thirteen students in the class – the fewest number of students among the top ten classes – Yan Suzi’s class had the highest number of Energy Stream puppet masters, five of them.

What did this signify? Simply put, if their opponent was lacking in terms of defense, the five Energy Stream puppet masters could defeat the entire opposing class by merely bombarding them. Apart from the five Energy Stream puppet masters, they also had four Defense Stream, two Support Stream, and two Ranged Stream puppet masters in their class.

Looking at their lineups alone, Ka Nong’s chance of victory seemed incredibly low. No trace of displeasure could be seen on his face, however. His face was completely filled with confidence. 

And just like that, the battle started and became heated in the very first moment. Among the new student classes, not a single class would charge forth in the way Ka Nong’s class did.

Their nine martial artists lined up in a single rank and charged at Yan Suzi in a straight line while their two assassins immediately entered concealment. The two supports weren’t idling either. They charged forth as well and followed close behind the nine martial artists.

Meanwhile, Yan Suzi’s class also moved. She once again activated the Flame Domain she had used to a spectacular effect during the first round, greatly increasing the temperature within the ring. 

Yan Suzi was not the only one who reacted. The four Energy Stream puppet masters in her class activated their respective powerful abilities as well. They respectively controlled earth, fire, smoke, and tiny needles that were quite similar to Lin Li’s Thousand Star. 

Almost immediately, the entire battlefield transformed into a playground for Energy Stream puppet masters. A terrifying tsunami of origin energy pressed towards Ka Nong and his classmates.

“Explosive Staff, explode!”

The flame-wielding Energy Stream puppet master was like a bomb manufacturer who created flames non-stop for Yan Suzi. Sounds of explosions filled the entire ring, and one could see two martial artists from Ka Nong’s class turning into clumps of slowly dissipating white radiance due to the bombardment. Despite the slight delay in their charge, Ka Nong’s class still managed to reach their opponents.

“Entrapment Duel!”

During the crucial moment, a Defense Stream puppet master from Yan Suzi’s class stepped forth. A huge shining circle appeared and covered him and three martial artists within it. At the same time, a thick layer of shining armor appeared on his body. It seemed as if he had no intention whatsoever to go on the offense. It was clear from how he was fighting that he was a Defensive Stream puppet master who focused on provocation.

True battle was unlike a game. Likewise, the so-called “provocation” here was unlike games where enemies were forced to attack a person. Rather, the enemies were merely locked together with the user of the skill. As long as the Defense Stream puppet master remained standing, the ones locked with him wouldn’t be able to attack someone else.

The other three Defense Stream puppet masters each blocked the path of a martial artist. They didn’t have abilities similar to provocation, but stopping their target’s advance was still doable. As a result, Ka Nong was the only one who had managed to get through the defensive line.

Once he got through, the abilities of the two Support Stream puppet masters landed on him. His entire body started shining, looking like a war god. It was also at this moment that the Ranged Stream puppet masters in Yan Suzi’s class moved. Their targets weren’t the two Support Stream puppet masters but were instead the martial artists being held down by the Defensive Stream puppet masters.

Ka Nong wasn’t their concern, as their aim was to clear their enemies from the ring in the shortest time possible. The ones in charge of dealing with Ka Nong were the five Energy Stream puppet masters. 

The smoke controller was the first to move, but he did not attack. Instead, he controlled the smoke and hid himself and the other four Energy Stream puppet masters within it, causing Ka Nong to lose sight of his target.

Meanwhile, the needle controller created more and more needles that shot straight at Ka Nong. However, the miserable scream they were waiting for didn’t sound. Instead, clanging sounds rang out without stop, confusing them all.

Hidden amid the thick smoke, Yan Suzi suddenly had a bad premonition. Without the slightest hesitation, she activated two skills in a row: “Resistance Circle! Explosive Staff, explode!”

Sounds of explosion rumbled out, giving her a sense of security. Unfortunately, the others failed to react as fast as she had.


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