Chapter 180: I Alone Am Enough!

They only had around half a day to rest. This was hardly a long rest period. In any case, only the Savage Class was resting during this given rest period. Everyone else spent the entire rest period anxiously preparing. 

When Bai Xiaofei and the rest entered the public square, the place was already filled with a crowd.

“Holy shit. Are we the participants or are they the participants? Why are the spectators all earlier than us?” Xing Nan lamented.

Beside him, Bai Xiaofei answered his question. “Have you never heard of the saying that the eunuch will be anxious before the emperor? Onlookers will always be more excited than the participants. After all, they won’t be afraid of things getting out of control.”

When they heard Bai Xiaofei, they were hit by realization, recalling their feelings when they were onlookers of other events.

That…seems to be the case?

“Who will be fighting in the first match?” Bai Xiaofei asked after settling down at the spot assigned to the participants, causing everyone to look over in disdain.

You haven’t been paying any attention at all! You don’t even know this?

“Zhao Ziyun’s class versus a class with no Newcomer King. If nothing unexpected happens, there will be no suspense to the result of this match,” Xue Ying answered calmly. 

Bai Xiaofei nodded in agreement. When opponents of similar cultivation ranks met, the existence of a top-notch combatant would make a huge difference. Zhao Ziyun alone was sufficient to send their opponent’s formation into chaos, and this was exactly what happened.

Under everyone’s gaze, the two classes walked to the ring prepared for the match at the middle of the public square. The ring was merely a part of the public square, but it was large enough to accommodate the two classes, which had nearly forty students. If the ring allocated for the match was too small, it would be unfair for puppet masters from the Ranged Stream.

After the judge announced the start of the match, the huge screen hovering above the public square started displaying the events occurring inside the ring. 

From Zhao Ziyun’s class, three people charged forward. The three consisted of two Transformation Stream puppet masters and Zhao Ziyun himself. Zhao Ziyun was the one who charged most aggressively, and as he charged, his spear flickered with a violet glow. At the same time, a Support Stream puppet master sent three rays of light towards him. The rays of light, which trailed behind Zhao Ziyun, made him look like a speeding ribbon.

At the exact same moment when the match started, two Assassin Stream puppet masters from Zhao Ziyun’s class instantly vanished, and three Ranged Stream puppet masters started firing suppressive fire on their opponent, providing Zhao Ziyun cover while he charged.

Bai Xiaofei had no interest in their battle tactic – only the abilities of Zhao Ziyun and his classmates. For now, he still couldn’t see what abilities the Support Stream puppet masters had. He was, however, able to understand what abilities the three Ranged Stream puppet masters used with a single glance.

One of them was a crossbow user with a high attack rate; the second was the user of an animate puppet, Ice Fairy, which attacked with ice arrows similar to how Energy Stream puppet masters would attack; and the third person was also an animate puppet user. His animate puppet was a pitch-black snake that attacked by shooting energy water snakes at its enemies with its mouth. The water snakes, once shot out, would twist around its enemies to limit their enemies’ movements.

Of course, the opposing class wasn’t an easy opponent either. They seemed to have seen the attack tactic coming, as they immediately countered with their own tactic.

The students of the Ranged Stream bombarded Zhao Ziyun’s approaching group of three. The others got into a battle formation. As they defended against the incoming bombardment from the opposing Ranged Stream puppet masters, they prepared to surround Zhao Ziyun’s group of three into their formation.

At this point, Bai Xiaofei sighed and shook his head. The battle had just started, yet the result was already clear. Although Zhao Ziyun’s opponents seemed to have used a conservative tactic, they had greatly underestimated Zhao Ziyun’s combat power.

When the ranged attacks landed on Zhao Ziyun, the two Transformation Stream puppet masters charging with him took turns to become his human shield. They blocked one attack after another with their abilities and bodies.

Occasionally, one or two attacks would reach Zhao Ziyun, but they would either be avoided or swept away by the spear he was holding. The attacks couldn’t even reach the barrier Zhao Ziyun had around himself.

Just like that, Zhao Ziyun and his spear pierced into his opponents’ formation at a terrifying speed. His opponents reacted almost instantaneously. Three Defense Stream puppet masters surrounded him in an attempt to slow him down. Four Onslaught Stream puppet masters charged Zhao Ziyun’s two companions, trying to deprive him of his help.

Unfortunately for them, the situation changed rapidly. First, it was Zhao Ziyun, who didn’t bother to spend any extra second on the three Defense Stream puppet masters near him. With a violet flash from his armor, a shockwave spread out around him and sent the three puppet masters flying away. This was the ability of his violet-grade armor puppet, Heavenjolt. 

Then, Zhao Ziyun charged into the group of Ranged and Support Stream puppet masters, and the slaughter commenced. Not a single person was a match for his spear. All of them were turned into a clump of white radiance that proceeded to dissipate. By the time the three Defense Stream puppet masters approached him again, all their Ranged and Support Stream puppet masters were already eliminated.

Off to the side, the four Onslaught Stream puppet masters who had planned to eliminate Zhao Ziyun’s two companions found that their task wasn’t that easy after all. The two Assassin Stream puppet masters of Zhao Ziyun’s class didn’t ambush their Ranged Stream puppet masters like they had expected. Rather, the two assassins had concealed themselves around the two Transformation Stream puppet masters all along.

Therefore, when the four Onslaught Stream puppet masters surrounded the two Transformation Stream puppet masters, half of them were immediately killed. The team of four was now a team of two.

The first match had started abruptly and ended abruptly. When Zhao Ziyun and his classmates stopped moving, everyone had a feeling that they had just gone through a dream, a dream that had abruptly ended. Everything had happened way too fast.

Are these even students of similar ranks? Is this not some senior students bullying the junior students instead? This was the thought of many people present. Not many first-year students could repeat this feat. 

As for Bai Xiaofei and the other Newcomer King classes, they felt differently.

They never moved their gaze away from Zhao Ziyun. He had a terrifying melee combat power, a spectacular reaction time, and a ruthless fighting method. The spear he held was like a part of his body. Many people made their own assessment of Zhao Ziyun, while Bai Xiaofei gained a clearer picture on Xue Ying’s appraisal of Zhao Ziyun’s strength.

If this guy had some other trump card, he would be a major hindrance for the Savage Class to become the champion. Unfortunately, it was clear for all to see that Zhao Ziyun hadn’t even tried his best during the match.

“First match, class 56 is victorious,” the judge announced, ending the first match. The second match was up next.

Under everyone’s watchful gaze, all the members of the Savage Class’s opposing class walked onto the ring. As for the Savage Class, only Lin Li walked up. That’s right. She was the only one to enter the ring.

The judge, who was normally silent, gulped and asked, “Your classmates won’t be joining?” There was doubt and astonishment in his voice.

“I alone am enough.” Lin Li’s serene declaration travelled out of the screen to enter everyone’s ears, instantly causing an uproar among the spectators. 

Those were very arrogant words!


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