Chapter 16 I Want To Be Roommates With You.

“Alright, this is the arrangement of your dormitories. It just so happens to be twelve now, so all of you have the entire afternoon and night to put your things in order.” As Xue Ying looked at the students displaying a variety of expressions after finding out about their roommates, she revealed a trace of complacency from being in total control.

“Obediently go to sleep after you finish putting your things in order because if you all rashly wander about before I make all the rules clear to you, you’ll have to pay the price!

“There are seniors outside the academic area who are waiting to lead the way. If your luck is good and you encounter one who’s talkative, then perhaps you’ll learn something useful. Alright, disperse now.” As soon as she finished speaking, the group of children who had been seated for who knows how long instantly grew lively. One after another, they went to look for their roommates who would “struggle” with them for the next four years.

“I’m your roommate from now on. Let me introduce myself again. I’m Xu Chen, and you can call me Big Sister Chen Chen.” The tomboy Xu Chen leapt up and arrived before Lin Li at the first possible moment. She stretched out her hand in a friendly manner, and the long-winded Qi Wei similarly approached and stood behind Lin Li.

“What’s…a…roommate?” Lin Li asked, stunning everyone for a long time with her question. Bai Xiaofei, however, had already grown slightly accustomed to her questions because he had encountered a person like her in the past – his Second Mother Xie in the Gorge of Heroes.

In the words of his fourth father, she was slightly stupid.

“A roommate is someone you’ll be with every single day in the future. You’ll also eat and sleep together.” Bai Xiaofei tried his best to make his explanation more direct, but he had never imagined he would get a reply that shocked everyone.

“Then…I want to be roommates with you.” Lin Li turned to gaze at Bai Xiaofei as she blinked her watery, clear eyes.

“Err…I can’t be your roommate.” Even though he really wanted to say yes, Bai Xiaofei didn’t have a choice. Let alone him, even Zhu Sisi and Xing Nan had to live separately.

“Why…?” Incapable of concealing the changes within her emotions, Lin Li instantly revealed a sense of loss on her face.

“Because the academy doesn’t allow it. I’m a male student, and you’re a female student. We must live separately.” Even though he was from the mountains, Bai Xiaofei still knew the basics that males and females were treated differently...

“But…you’ll tell me…many things,” Lin Li said, once more stunning both Xu Chen and Qi Wei who were standing by her side.

What’s going on?!

Didn’t the two of you just get to know each other?!

How’d he tell you many things?!

He bought you over with those previous reminders? How easy are you?!

“It’s fine. You can ask me anything you want to know, and I’ll tell you about it. And, you’ll be with Bai Xiaofei throughout the whole day.” Xu Chen hurriedly spoke out, as she was deeply afraid Lin Li would really fall into a trap if this continued.

Exactly, a trap. As far as Xu Chen was concerned, Bai Xiaofei, who was of the Illusion Stream, was a great trap – a heavenly trap!

“Is it really like that?” Lin Li seemed to have set her mind on Bai Xiaofei, so she didn’t even spare Xu Chen a glance and had instead pursued an answer from Bai Xiaofei. It seemed as if only his answer was capable of setting her mind at ease.

“Yes, Xu Chen didn’t deceive you,” Bai Xiaofei reassured Lin Li and suppressed the trace of dense joy in the bottom of his heart.

“Alright then…” 

After Bai Xiaofei convinced Lin Li, Xu Chen successfully took her away. Everyone else had already left in the meantime, causing only Bai Xiaofei to remain in the entire classroom.

“Three small groups, huh…” As he calmed the great waves that had arisen in the bottom of his heart due to Lin Li, Bai Xiaofei began to consider his situation.

There were a total of ten male students, and they were divided into three dormitories. Two dormitories were occupied by three people while one was occupied by four. Bai Xiaofei resided in the dormitory with four people, and the three people who were his roommates were Mo Ka’s group of three.

The three of them, however, didn’t have any intention of waiting for him. Coupled with their careful attitudes from before, Bai Xiaofei had already guessed their thoughts.


Simply speaking, they intended to bully a “weakling” of the Illusion Stream such as him.

“I’ll go deal with them when I return. It’s time to go have a feast!” Bai Xiaofei struck the table as he stood up. Huskie, who had been lying on the table, leapt into Bai Xiaofei’s embrace at the first possible moment.

“Huskie, how about we bet a month’s worth of dog food? We’ll guess if that senior sister will be waiting outside for me?” Bai Xiaofei stroked Huskie’s head, and Huskie revealed a very human expression of contemplation. The puppet then shook his head resolutely.

According to Huskie’s experience, if he didn’t have a 100% certainty when betting with Bai Xiaofei, he would just be giving away dog food…

“Cheh. Look at your cowardly appearance. Don’t tell anyone that you’re my dog.” Bai Xiaofei heavily struck Huskie’s head, and Huskie let out a wave of arguing barks.

This dog isn’t cowardly! This is wisdom!

“Alright, alright. I know you’re the most intelligent dog, so stop barking and save your energy. Otherwise, what would happen if we die of hunger on the way over?” Bai Xiaofei said, moving easily between the classrooms in the commoner’s district. He had already familiarized himself with the layout when he was searching for the Savage Class.

In next to no time, Bai Xiaofei arrived at the place where the “kind helpful” seniors Xue Ying spoke of were waiting.

“Junior Brother, are you heading to your dormitory? I already have enough people, and we’ll head over right now, if you would like to join us.” A senior wearing a year-one uniform approached as soon as Bai Xiaofei made an appearance. The small sword on the senior’s chest represented the faculty he belonged to: the Sword of Assault.

“Junior Brother, Junior Brother, come over here. I’m giving out the Starnet Survival Handbook!” Another senior approached before Bai Xiaofei could answer, and the manner he tried to pull Bai Xiaofei away wasn’t inferior to a solicitor’s.

“Kid, you’ve already seized quite a few people from me today. Why don’t we compete in the combat arena?” The face of the senior who had first approached Bai Xiaofei sank instantly, and all the resentment he had accumulated throughout the day transformed into rage.

“Of course, but we, Gods Amongst Men, only accept group battles. Brother, why don’t you bring a few more students over? Or perhaps you don’t mind going against a group of us by yourself?” The provoked senior didn’t have the slightest intention of being afraid. As soon as the words “Gods Amongst Men” were spoken, the confidence of the senior before him weakened.

“Alright, remember to call over more people. I’m afraid you won’t have enough people if we fight a group battle.” A chilly voice resounded out just as the second senior was feeling complacent, and Bai Xiaofei couldn’t help but be delighted in his heart when he heard it. My lunch is assured!

“Big Sister Lingyan!”

The attitude of the senior from the Sword of Assault instantly changed when he saw Qin Lingyan walking over. He revealed extreme confidence, causing him to seem as if he was a different person from a second ago.

On the other hand, the senior who was originally very confident was aggrieved to the point his face went ashen.

It was almost impossible to go against Qin Lingyan among the year-one students because of her popularity. It was a problem to even find someone within the Gods Amongst Men who was willing to lend a hand.

“Big Sister Lingyan, it’s a joke. I was just joking with this brother. Everyone in the academy knows that the Sword of Assault possesses a stronger cohesive force. I still have to send the new students to their dorms, so I won’t continue being an eyesore for Big Sister Lingyan.” After he forced out a smile, the senior who had arrived second casually found a way to extricate himself from the awkward situation. He then fled.

With Qin Lingyan’s help, the other senior had counterattacked from a hopeless situation. He grinned ear to ear, and his gratitude towards Qin Lingyan was written on his face. “Thank you, Big Sister Lingyan!” 

“There’s nothing to thank me for. I’ll send this person to the dorms, and you go do what you have to do.” She dismissed the senior with a few simple words then turned her head to look at Bai Xiaofei.

“I heard that I had received you when you were passing through the entrance?!” The Qin Lingyan before his eyes was like a completely different person when compared to the previous her who was easy to talk to, and a strand of coldness instantly crawled up his neck.


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