Chapter 175: Advance!

After Bai Xiaofei spoke, Lei Shan sank into a long silence. The others had no intention to speak as well. Everyone was trying to recall everything Bai Xiaofei had done since he had entered the academy. Perhaps they were trying to look for a loophole in what he had said, or perhaps they were trying to confirm his innocence.

“Since you guys have already asked what you want, there is no point in staying here, right? Even if there is indeed an issue with my disciple, what can he actually do? He’s not even a Grandmaster Rank! Can he even harm the foundations of the academy?”

At a crucial moment like this, Revelation decided to stand out. He still had a conscience after all. His seemingly disrespectful words interrupted everyone from their thoughts.

“What? Are you guys not satisfied even after interrogating him like this? Do you perhaps want to hang and beat him for more information?”

Seeing that nobody replied, Revelation spoke again, clearly displeased. Although something did seem fishy about Bai Xiaofei, suspecting his disciple was no different than slapping Revelation in the face.

Since I’m at your place, I have to give you some respect. I will accept whatever beating you intend to give me. But there must be a limit to it, right? No matter what, I am still the master of the Revelation Pavilion! Do you really think I’m a pushover?

Inwardly, Revelation was as agitated as Bai Xiaofei. Just as he was about to erupt in anger, a smile appeared on Lei Shan’s face.

“This is no interrogation. We are only worried that this stinky brat might have gotten to know someone he shouldn’t. You are overreacting.”

Patting Revelation’s shoulder while smiling, Lei Shan broke out in cold sweat. He knew Revelation very well. If he really allowed Revelation to unleash his temper here, the academy might not be able to stay peaceful anymore.

“Those are smart words. I’m bringing him away then. You have to compensate him for the mental damage he had suffered here. Since even his first puppet is a blue-grade, you should know the kind of compensation you should give him.”

Revelation then turned to leave. When he walked by Bai Xiaofei, he made a signal with his eyes. With how smart Bai Xiaofei was, he immediately understood and followed behind Revelation. Of course, he did not forget to turn his head and bid the principal and vice-principals goodbye.

The instant he left the classroom, he was surrounded by his classmates. Very little of the conversation inside could be heard outside. They hadn’t been able to make anything out of the pieces and bits that they did manage to hear.

“I’m fine. Don’t worry. I’ll leave with my master first. Go along with your day. I’ll be back soon.”

Bai Xiaofei waved his hand and spoke in a relaxed manner, easing everyone’s heart. Subsequently, Lei Shan’s group of four walked out of the room. Everyone started behaving themselves and obediently greeted the four.

“Your class has performed well in the tournament. I will be looking forward to seeing what surprise you can bring me in the next round.”

Lei Shan said with a smile. Once again, he transformed back into the affable old grandpa.

“Let’s go. It has been a while since we have spoken properly. Let’s go and have a feast.”

Revelation snorted and spoke loudly. He then left with Bai Xiaofei without even bothering to look at Lei Shan and the others.

“Well, we won’t be staying here as well. Go along with your day, everyone.”Lei Shan told Xue Ying.

Revelation could show his anger in front of Lei Shan but not Xue Ying. After all, Xue Ying was Lei Shan’s employee. Sure enough, Xue Ying replied like how any other teacher would. She immediately answered with a yes and saw the four big shots off.

“Big Sister Xue, is Big Brother Fei really fine?”

Xing Nan stepped forward and asked. He was evidently still anxious. The others were all keyed up as well. Everyone fixed their eyes on Xue Ying. Only her answer could put their heart at ease.

“He has never let you guys down. So why is everyone losing confidence in him now?”

Xue Ying reprimanded them. She rarely spoke with a reprimanding tone like this, often reserving this tone for when she was training them. However, one couldn’t deny the fact that using this tone of voice was very effective at times like this. The moment she spoke, everyone sank into silence.

“Alright, move along, everyone. Rather than worrying about Big Brother Fei, we might as well train more. We still have a bitter battle ahead of us.”

Fang Ye took the lead and said. Everyone recovered their spirits when they heard him.

Fang Ye was correct. They were still incapable of helping Bai Xiaofei with his troubles. Rather than pointlessly worrying here, they might as well continue growing strong. With that, a day would come when they were finally strong enough to stand by Bai Xiaofei’s side.  While all this was happening, Revelation had arrived at a restaurant with Bai Xiaofei.

“It has been a long time since I have been to the Hundred Flavor House. I wonder if the food here still tastes the same.”

Revelation spoke while rubbing his hands. His current behaviour was completely unlike how a person of his status would behave.

“Master, if you don’t mind, I have a better suggestion. We will definitely be treated like gods when we’re there.”

Bai Xiaofei was following behind Revelation when he suddenly spoke. Revelation was somewhat stunned.

“True, you know this place better than me. Ok, I’ll listen to your suggestion. You can decide where to eat.”

Revelation smiled happily, intending to eat a huge feast at Bai Xiaofei’s expense. Little did he imagine that Bai Xiaofei had only made this suggestion so he could prevent Revelation from feasting at his expense. People would usually say that one would be craftier the older one became. But obviously, despite his age, Bai Xiaofei wasn’t doing that bad in terms of craftiness.

The two eventually arrived in front of a restaurant that did not look any worse than the Hundred Flavor House. Of course, this restaurant looked rather bleak since it was not located beside a main road like the Hundred Flavor House.

 Even so, this restaurant did have an impressive-looking signboard. This was the Thousand Aroma Restaurant!

“Ahhh, so it’s the Thousand Aroma Restaurant. Among the various restaurants of the continent, this restaurant is indeed a good one. But it isn’t doing very well in the Starnet Academy.”

Realization dawned on Revelation when he saw this restaurant as he started his lamentation. This was how the business world was. One only needed to lag once to always remain behind. Therefore, only a small number of merchants on the continent could truly be considered successful.

“You know someone here?”

While entering, Revelation asked thoughtfully.

“You will know soon, master.”

Right after Bai Xiaofei spoke, two waitresses appeared. Unlike the Hundred Flavor House, the Thousand Aroma Restaurant sourced its employees from outside the academy. Because of this, it lacked the academy-like vibe the other stores had, yet at the same time, there was a sense of professionalism to it.

“My apologies, customers. Our restaurant is under renovation and is not doing any business for now.”

The waitress apologized. When Revelation heard that, he frowned.

“Is Rui Mengqi here? Call her over. Tell her Bai Xiaofei is here.”

Although Bai Xiaofei was now a major stockholder of this branch of the Thousand Aroma Restaurant, he had never been here before. The only reason he even knew this restaurant’s location was because Fang Ye had told him. Therefore, apart from Lu Lingyun and Rui Mengqi, nobody here knew him. Bai Xiaofei had decided to look for Rui Mengqi instead of Lu Lingyun after some consideration. He wanted to find out what position Lu Lingyun had given Rui Mengqi.

“Manager Rui? She’s kind of busy right now…”

“Just pass on my words to her. Trust me. I’m not here to cause trouble.”

Bai Xiaofei said with a smile, immediately wrapping himself in a veil of mysteriousness with some simple words. Even Revelation was somewhat stunned when he saw this.

What is this kid trying to do?

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