Chapter 174: Question and Answer

“Can I choose not to answer that?”

Revelation was still not giving Bai Xiaofei any hints. Therefore, Bai Xiaofei decided to drag this out so he could figure out their intentions. Since he had no idea what they wanted, he wouldn’t snitch on Xue Ying like an idiot.

“This is the only question you must answer.”

Jing Cheng declared, speaking with an extremely firm tone while looking at Bai Xiaofei with a sharp gaze. Bai Xiaofei frowned.

They definitely don’t have any good intentions.

“I learned them from my first father. My origin energy used to be sealed in the past. As I had no way to defend myself, he taught me some melee combat techniques. Of course, some of the techniques were taught by the others in the Gorge of Heroes. After all, I alone enjoyed all their attention.”

In a way, Bai Xiaofei was correct. Before he had revealed his true nature, he was indeed the darling of the Gorge of Heroes. Unfortunately, after he learned all he could from them, he transformed into the menace of the Gorge of Heroes, a menace everyone there wanted to get rid of.

Bai Xiaofei answered smoothly, yet they were clearly unhappy with his answer, especially Luo Xi.

“You are lying!”

Her frosty voice rang out. However, Bai Xiaofei was already prepared for this. As a matter of fact, she had only backed him up during the previous question so she could use that against him at this moment. In truth, she was only speaking empty words. If she was truly capable of telling lies apart, Bai Xiaofei wouldn’t have succeeded in fooling her when they first met. Her plan here had clearly failed. There was a reason Bai Xiaofei enjoyed a reputation as a cunning person.

“If you guys insist that I’m lying, there’s nothing I can do. Every single word I have spoken is the truth. I can’t answer any differently.”

Bai Xiaofei shrugged and replied fearlessly.

“Tell us what your first father’s name is.”

Chu Qingtian stood up and asked a smart question. Bai Xiaofei sank into a slight hesitation. He did not know if any of the people here knew his godfather. If none of them knew him, it would be fine. But if someone here knew him, Bai Xiaofei’s lie would be exposed. Although his first father was also an Onslaught Stream puppet master, he wasn’t exactly an expert in these complex melee combat techniques.

“He never told me what his previous name was. But he used Ye as his surname at the Gorge of Heroes. Everyone called him Boss Ye.”

With a simple spin, Bai Xiaofei dodged the main question. Even the name he gave was one he had randomly come out with to fool them. Everything Xue Ying had taught them was related to assassinations and Ye indeed sounded like the name of an assassin. Even though he was lying on Xue Ying’s behalf, the questions got him thinking as well.

Are these assassination techniques perhaps very special, techniques that not all Assassin Stream puppet masters will know?

If that’s the case, how had Big Sister Xue learned them? And why are they getting so agitated?

A series of questions appeared in Bai Xiaofei’s mind. He started frowning.

“You hesitated slightly before answering and now, you are frowning. Tell me. What’s in your mind?”

Once again, Jing Cheng spoke. He asked a simple question, yet everything he spoke was right on the mark.

“Vice Principal Jing, shall I assume that you are interrogating me? If that is the case, I’m not cooperating with you.”

This time, Bai Xiaofei spoke with no hesitation whatsoever. He glared at Jing Cheng, his face filled with pride.

“Do you know the consequences of that choice? Do you believe me if I tell you that…”

“Just do it if you want to kill me. I’m nothing but a newly advanced Master Rank Illusion Stream puppet master so I am definitely not your match. I won’t bother trying to dodge your attack. Just come at me.”

Bai Xiaofei interrupted Jing Cheng and stretched his neck out. He then stood there waiting. Jing Cheng was so furious his face flushed red.

“Fine. Let’s see if you truly don’t fear death!”

Jing Cheng lifted his hand, getting ready to slam his palm onto Bai Xiaofei’s head. Without a doubt, if his palm landed, Bai Xiaofei would instantly die.

The expected help did not come. Nobody tried to persuade Jing Cheng against it. The only thing coming was the wind from the descending palm.

“Actually, I am open to a proper talk. There is no need to get all serious.”

One second before the palm hit, Bai Xiaofei moved to the side and spoke. Jing Cheng missed and staggered slightly.

Holy shit! He is being serious!

Fear lingered in Bai Xiaofei’s heart when he saw that Jing Cheng was really trying to hit him. Fortunately, he had reacted in time.

“I was just curious about why you guys care so much about my melee combat. I had only fought somewhat ruthlessly. Am I supposed to stay my hand and allow my enemies to kill me instead?”

Ultimately, Bai Xiaofei decided to answer the question. Of course, he was still not speaking the truth. Enough time had passed for him to think of a way to deal with them.

“Of course it’s fine to attack ruthlessly. But your attack…”

Jing Cheng was interrupted again, this time by Lei Shan.

“Do you really not know what’s so special about your melee combat techniques?”

Lei Shan had finally spoken. Hearing his voice, Bai Xiaofei calmed down. At the very least, Lei Shan was a person he was familiar with.

“What difference does it make? My first father told me that in melee combat, one has to be immovable, accurate, and ruthless. As for the specifics, it depends on the individual. I had only learned something basic off others before supplementing what I learned with self-training and what you saw was the final product. Have I invented some divine combat method unknowingly?”

Bai Xiaofei asked with a face of innocence. Each word he spoke sounded extremely earnest. No matter how one looked at him, it did not look like he was telling a lie. The highest realm of lying was to first lie to oneself before lying to others. Bai Xiaofei had completely hypnotized himself into believing that his melee combat techniques were truly something he had created with his sheer talent. His answer sent everyone in the room into confusion.

Is he telling the truth? Is it really a coincidence? But this is too coincidental!

“Stinky brat. Answer my final question.”

Lei Shan calmed his mind and looked at Bai Xiaofei solemnly as if he was about to dig something out of Bai Xiaofei’s heart.

“Why did you join the Starnet Academy? Will a day come when you do something bad to the academy?”

The f*ck? Does this even qualify as a question?

Bai Xiaofei first grumbled inwardly before he nonchalantly answered. After all, he did not need to lie this time.

“The only reason I even joined Starnet Academy was because my master told me to do so. I didn’t even know what Starnet Academy was when I received the letter of recommendation from him. In fact, I was clueless about the entire continent back then.”

Bai Xiaofei paused slightly before proceeding to answer the second question.

“As for your second question, I can’t possibly answer a question concerning the future. If  Starnet Academy wants to hurt someone important to me, I will not stand by your side like an idiot. Of course, I can guarantee that if an outsider dares to do something that will threaten the academy, I will help the academy without thinking twice.”

This time, not a single word of his was a lie. This was precisely the type of person he was. He was one who had a clear separation of gratitude and grudge.

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