Chapter 171: Second Stage, Relying on Fate!

After forcing Tai Shan to escape, Bai Xiaofei suggested a very shameless idea. Nevertheless, it did not take long for everyone to agree to it. After all, shameless ideas were often also the most effective method of dealing with things. To sum up Bai Xiaofei’s idea, it was to guard the portal.

After joining up with Wang Hang’s group of six, their group was now of considerable size and was comprised of students from three different classes. Therefore, Bai Xiaofei believed there was no need for them to search the entire locale for prey.

After all, based on the rules, even if only one person from a class survived, that class would be one of the top ten to advance to the next round. Therefore, they hid themselves within the man-made ruins constructed by Lin Li, and they waited silently for the fat lambs to arrive at the portal.

One fat lamb, two fat lambs, three fat after another, fat lambs arrived. Anyone would be in a momentary stun after a portal teleport. This momentary stun of perhaps only a half second or a second was already sufficient for Bai Xiaofei’s group to finish them.

The group was guarding the portal connecting the Earth and the Wood Realms, which was a busy portal. The larger groups that came through it were somewhat annoying to deal with and were their only trouble. But nevertheless, the groups weren’t able to cause too much trouble for them because, after all, there were several powerful individuals among Bai Xiaofei’s group.

Among those they had ambushed, a certain class had suffered the most miserable fate. This class had went through the portal one at a time, thus lining themselves up for death and getting themselves eliminated one by one.

As time passed, people from their own classes also started appearing from the portal, and there were a few times where Mo Ka nearly killed the wrong person with a slip of his hand. 

With the arrivals of their classmates, the ambush group grew larger in size. Eventually, Xu Chen’s and Fang Ye’s groups arrived as well. However, they didn’t seem to be doing so well.

To protect Xu Chen, Duan Yiyi and Zhu Nuo had been eliminated by Yan Suzi at the Fire Realm. As for Fang Ye’s group of four, Shi Kui and Wu Chi had been eliminated under Zhao Ziyun’s spear. Therefore, by the time the Savage Class fully regrouped, only eleven members were left. 

Hu Xian’er’s class 21 wasn’t any better off either. Because it was obvious Hu Xian’er was siding with Bai Xiaofei, the other Newcomer King classes attacked without hesitation whenever they saw her classmates. 

Despite this, their group, which was comprised of three classes, was without a doubt the strongest group within the five realms. On top of that, they also had Bai Xiaofei’s “brilliant” ideas to work with.

Time passed and the fat lambs reduced in number. At times they needed to wait for a long while only to have around one or two fat lambs come through the portal. From how miserable these people looked when they arrived, it was obvious they were being pursued in the other realm.

“Fang Ye, keep watch with You Xing and Li Luo. Everyone else, rest.” Bai Xiaofei picked one person from each class to keep watch. One of them was from the Ranged Stream, another was from the Assassin Stream, and the last was from the Onslaught Stream, who would also be in charge of suppression.

This lineup was sufficient to deal with many different circumstances that might arise, and no matter what happened, they wouldn’t be instantly finished off.

“No problem. Don’t worry and take your rest.” Fang Ye agreed and brought the other two guys along. 

It was quite rare that nobody resisted Bai Xiaofei’s commands. Everyone stayed where they were and started eating. Bai Kai once more showed off his cooking proficiency, conquering everyone present. 

There was a certain saying about how a man’s heart would always be tied to his stomach. Bai Kai wasn’t able to reap any love from the men here, but a strong bromance had still developed between them. This was especially true for the foodies of the Savage Class.

“Big Brother Fei, are we going to continue hiding here?” Mo Ka was now stuffed full, his lips covered with grease. Wu Chi and Shi Kui had both been defeated, so apart from Bai Xiaofei, Mo Ka was the only member of dorm 807 left. He had already thought of how he would make fun of those two after the round ended.

“What else can we do? Are we supposed to move somewhere else and deliver ourselves into someone else’s palm? You never know. At the opposite side of the portal, there could be a group waiting for us, as if we’re the fat lambs instead.” Bai Xiaofei’s sharp words immediately wounded Mo Ka.

“But Boss Bai, we can’t keep waiting forever, right? Very few people are coming here anymore. I reckon all the survivors have already grouped up. For the sake of the final quota, many people would stay in hiding,” said a coarse-looking guy. If it wasn’t for the age limit for enrolling into Starnet Academy, nobody would believe that he was only sixteen years old. Of course, one should not judge him based on his looks. He was a very important character among the group.

He was a top Proficient Rank puppet master of the Transformation Stream – known as the Berserk Gorilla, Yuan Kun. What he said caused Bai Xiaofei to look at him in a new light. Bai Xiaofei had initially judged Yuan Kun as someone who was all muscle and no brain based on how he looked.

“Don’t worry.” Bai Xiaofei smiled. The confidence with which he smiled eased the hearts of many people here. “There will definitely be others who are more anxious than us. So long as Tai Shan spreads the news of our gathering, the remaining Newcomer Kings won’t be able to stay calm.”

Suddenly, Luo Xi’s voice rang out within the illusionary realm, making a new announcement – one that drove Bai Xiaofei mad with joy.

“Fewer than fifty classes remain in the illusionary realm. We will therefore be entering the second stage. Based on the number of people remaining in each realm, two realms will be removed. The Wood and Water Realms have the lowest number of survivors, so they will be removed. The process will take an hour, and anyone who is still in the two realms after an hour will be removed along with them. Make haste, everyone!”

After the announcement, some were happy and some were sad. Bai Xiaofei stood up in excitement.

“Get to work! Keep persevering and victory will be in our grasps!” he said then returned to his position. 

The group continued to guard the portal, deciding to stay shameless till the end. The Earth Realm was linked to both the Wood and Water Realms, so after Luo Xi’s announcement, it was as if spring had arrived. Many people started heading to the Earth Realm, not knowing what awaited them on the other side of the portal.

This announcement had also driven the spectators mad. Among them, the most agitated ones weren’t the head teachers of the respective classes. Rather, it was the Babel Merchant House’s three vice presidents.

“Hey, this isn’t good, right? Isn’t this screwing with our plan?” said the uniformed guy in his twenties. Anxiety filled his face.

The bearded old man knocked on his walking cane and spoke sternly. “Don’t make any verdict before it reaches the end. Don’t look down on how enticing 100 million Amethyst Coins can be. I believe there is still hope for us.”

“Old Tong, stop lying to yourself. If the enticement of 100 million is really that huge, that Lin Li and Hu Xian’er would have been defeated when they were at the Wood Realm. From the fact they had given up such a good opportunity to eliminate them, it’s clear that nobody was trying their best. And with their current lineup, do you think anyone would still bother trying to face them?” 

The uniformed guy sneered before turning to look at Zhuang Ming. He then said, “Uncle Ming, this is your mistake. If you had instead increased the bounty to one billion, they wouldn’t be hesitating so much to go against the Savage Class.”

“What’s the point of playing the blame game now? Think of a new idea. It’s no longer possible to eliminate them in this round,” Zhuang Ming said coldly. He gripped the two metal balls in his palm so hard that cracking sounds could be heard. “I’m taking a trip to the Ethereal Pavilion. You two can continue watching.”

Zhuang Ming then stood up to leave. He was no longer interested in continuing to watch. After all, this round’s results were already clear.


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